IT8912E (300W, 500V/15A, Measurement Resolution 10mV/0.01mA, 1-Ch LED Programmable DC Electronic Load)

Brand: ITECH
Model Series: IT8912E Series

About Product

The ITECH IT8912E Series LED Programmable DC Electronic Load is a single channel high accuracy LED programmable DC electronic load with high resolution and accuracy, multiple modes of operation and powerful programming function. The IT8912E Series is composed of 1 model with high measurement resolution 10mV/0.01mA in max, CV/CC//CR/CP/CC+CV/CR-LED modes, List mode, remote sensing function, short-circuit simulation, battery discharge test function, dynamic mode, adjustable current rising/falling speed 0.0001A/µs – 1.5A/µs in max, the highest 50kHz testing speed of voltage and current and easy operation with display access keys, all providing the greatest test convenience for complex tests and solution easily and rapidly. The especial CR-LED mode supports LED driver test and provides programmable parameters for LED output measurement. The IT8912E Series is valuable high performance product; it is strong, smart and reliable high accuracy programmable DC electronic load which is widely used in R&D, production and quality control testing lines and maintenance center in favorite for LED power driver test and multi-purpose power testing solution and application.

Product Features

  • Display screen: Highlight VFD display
  • Maximum load power of single channel 300W, load voltage 500V and load current 15A
  • 6 modes of operation: CV, CC, CR, CP, CC+CV and CR-LED
  • CV mode
    • Range: 0-500V
      • Resolution: 10mV
      • Accuracy: ± (0.05% + 0.05%FS)
  • CC mode
    • Range: 0-3A
      • Resolution: 1mA
      • Accuracy: ± (0.05% + 0.1%FS)
    • Range: 0-15A
      • Resolution: 1mA
      • Accuracy: ± (0.05% + 0.05%FS)
  • CR mode
    • Range: 3Ω-300Ω for 0-100V/0-15A
      • Resolution: 16 bit
      • Accuracy: 2% + 0.01S
      • Note: S is the resistance readback range and known as 1/[1/R+(1/R)*0.2%+0.01],1/[1/R-(1/R)*0.2%-0.01]
    • Range: 8Ω-7.5kΩ for 0-500V/0-3A
      • Resolution: 16 bit
      • Accuracy: 2% + 0.001S
      • Note: S is the resistance readback range and known as 1/[1/R+(1/R)*0.2%+0.001],1/[1/R-(1/R)*0.2%-0.001]
  • CP mode
    • Range: 300W
      • Resolution: 100mW
      • Accuracy: 2% + 0.2%FS
  • CR-LED mode
    • Range: Vo-L
      • Option
        • Vo: 0-100V
        • Io: 0-15A
        • Coef: 01-1
        • Rd: 08Ω-30Ω
    • Range: Vo-H
      • Option
        • Vo: 0-500V
        • Io: 0-3A
        • Coef: 01-1
        • Rd: 8Ω-1600Ω
  • High measurement resolution in load ratings
    • Power: 10mW
    • Voltage: 10mV
    • Current: 01mA in max
  • High measurement accuracy in load ratings
    • Power: ± (2% + 0.2%FS)
    • Voltage: ± (0.025% + 0.025%FS)
    • Current: ± (0.05% + 0.05%FS)
  • Convenient data entry via knob or numerical key pad
  • With rotary coding switch to make an easy operation
  • Dynamic mode: Up to 20kHz
  • Voltage and current measurement speed for up to 50kHz
  • Adjustable current rising/falling speed 0.0001A/µs – 1.5A/µs in max
  • CC + CV mode as perfect for simulation of LED parameters characteristics
  • Unique CR-LED mode with perfect PWM-LED driver test solution
  • Adjustable frequency, duty ratio PWM dimming output (frequency: 20Hz-2kHz)
  • Easy programmable parameter setting, applicable for simulating LED lights with different characteristics
  • Voltage rising speed test
  • Support output terminal at the rear panel
  • Short circuit simulation and measure short-circuit current peak value
  • List mode
  • Remote sense function
  • Current monitoring function
  • Battery discharge test function
  • OCP and OPP test functions
  • Automatic test function
  • Dynamic test function
  • Protection function: OVP, OCP, OTP, OPP, input reverse polarity protection
  • Self-test system
  • Intelligent fan control
  • Built-in Buzzer for warning
  • Memory capacity: 100 groups, for save and recall
  • Provide free remote control software (IT9000-PV8900) with strong function saving secondary development time
  • Versatile interface: RS232, USB and GPIB and external 0-10V analog control interfaces come as standard

Product Functions

  • Up to 50kHz high speed for voltage and current measurements
  • Dynamic mode as up to 20kHz in continuous transient operation: The transient test allows switching between two different load values. The function is used to test the dynamic characteristic of power supply (See photo section)
  • CV + CC mode: Traditional CR or CV mode can only test stable operating points and cannot actually stimulate LED of different characteristics.  For CV+CC operating mode, if it is CV mode at startup, LED driver IC or concatenated current-limiting resistor should be used.  When the output current exceeds the rated value and reaches constant current interval, CC mode will be triggered for directly driving LED.  This CV+CC mode can be used for various LED configuration modes, contributing to the flexibility of system design as well as protection for LED driver source
  • CR-LED function: Unique LED mode can provide LED driver test and can be used in LED power simulation.  The LED constant power output waveform usually has large current ripple.  This is because of the ripple, traditional CR mode can’t simulate the actual characteristic of LED driver, its testing current and voltage will shake.  Based on traditional CR mode, CR-LED mode adds the setting item of diode break-over voltage.  Only when the input voltage is above the set value, will the DC load start to work.  Thus, the IT8912E Series can simulate the actual characteristic of LED light (See photo section)
  • OCP & OPP tests: OCP and OPP test functions are particularly suitable for over-circuit and over-power point tests of products such as lithium battery protection module and power module.  Through built-in OCP and OPP functions, the user can set such parameters as the initial current, cutoff current, step current, lasting time of each step current and the voltage drop value for judgment of protection of built-in OCP program for test.  This will finally help users to automatically obtain over-current or over-power protection point and to judge if it is within the scope.  The user can use it for design validation and production line system to save test time and improve test efficiency (See photo section)
  • List mode:  Not limited to just switching between two levels, the List mode helps you generate more complex sequences of input changes with several different levels (See photo section)
  • Adjustable rising/falling speed of current by List mode: List mode allows you to generate a complex current sequence.  Moreover, the mode change can be synchronized with an internal or external signal, to accomplish dynamic and precise test.  The List function can make many kinds of complex sequences, to meet complicated test requirements.  The slope range is 0.0001A/µs – 1.5A/µs in max (See photo section)
  • Voltage rising/falling time test: The IT8912E Series provides unique measurement function to test voltage rising/falling time.  It can calculate the time from one voltage to another voltage without the need of oscilloscope
  • Current monitoring function: The IT8912E Series allow the users to monitor actual current through I-monitor terminal.  Users could connect an oscilloscope to observe the actual current.  It will generate at 0-10V analog signal to represent to 0-100% rated current of the front panel
  • Support Living and Latch modes: The IT8912E Series supports with loading voltage setting and it offers two kinds of load modes.  Choosing Living means working goes after status.  When choosing Latch, it means work load point latch with loading status.  It can meet different test requirements (See photo section)
  • PWM dimming test: By regulating the duty ratio of PWM, the dimming test of LED lights can be performed
  • Battery discharge test function: The IT8912E Series tests the battery capability in CC mode.  Make a program to set the stop conditions.  There are three stop conditions can be chosen:  stop voltage, stop capacity and stop timer.  The discharge process of electronic load is terminated if the system checks the battery reaches the specified value or under an insecurity state.  In testing procedure, the battery voltage, discharge current, discharge time and discharged capability will display on the front panel (See photo section)
  • Remote sense: When working in CC, CV, CP and CR mode, if the electronic load consumes a very large current, it will cause a voltage drop in the leads between the connected device and terminals of the electronic load. In order to ensure testing accuracy, the electronic load provides a pair of remote sensing terminals in the rear panel where users can sense the output terminal voltage of the connected device.  Users should set the electronic load in REMOTE SENSE mode before using this function.  By eliminating the effect of the voltage drop in the load leads, remote sensing provides greater accuracy by allowing the electronic load to regulate directly at the source’s output terminals
  • VISA, USBTMC and SCPI communication protocol supported

Product Application

  • Automotive electronics test solution
  • Solar and photovoltaic inverter test solution
  • LED lighting and driver test solution
  • Battery test solution such as discharging test for battery
  • Charger and wireless charger test solutions
  • Power supply test solution
  • Performance testing of multi-channel communication source of AC-DC power supply and DC-DC power supply
  • Stability and aging test for switch of car door

Standard Accessories

  1. RS232 Interface
  2. GPIB Interface
  3. USB Interface
  4. External 0-10V Analog Control Interface
  5. USB Cable
  6. Test Report
  7. CD (Operation Manual & Communication Protocol Manual)
  8. Power Cable

Product Options

  1. IT-E151: 19” Rack Mount Kit
  2. IT-E301/30A:  30A Red & Black Testing Wires 200cm x 2

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