LA19-13-04 (300kHz to 6GHz, Dynamic Range 118dB Vector Network Analyzer with Full S-Parameter Measurement)

Model Series: LA19-13-04 Series

About Product

The Vector Network Analyzer, VNA, is a form of RF network analyzer widely used for RF design applications. The LA LA19-13-04 Vector Network Analyzer is a USB controlled, computer-driven VNA suitable for measuring a wide range of devices from 0.3MHz to 6GHz.  LA19-13-04 uses a four receiver architecture allowing support for 8 error terms calibration techniques as well as traditional 12 error terms correction.  In addition to internal bias-Ts for biasing active devices, the internal couplers can be bypassed to test, for example, high power devices. The instrument is housed in a small, lightweight package making it very portable. The control software provides a wide range of features including memory functions, data compare (compares measured data with reference data loaded from disk), network de-embedding, limit lines, time domain and reference plane extension.  Measuring parameters include S11, S22, S21, S12, P1dB gain compression measurement, AM to PM conversion measurement and a signal generator function able to operate in CW or frequency sweep modes.  Demo Kit – SOLT is also an essential tool for vector network analyzing and is a must. See Demo Kit – SOLT from photo section.

Product Features

  • Wide measurement frequency range: 300kHz to 6GHz
  • Dynamic range: 118dB
  • Measurement resolution: 10Hz
  • Fast speed of 190μs per frequency point for all 4 S-parameters measurement
  • Full S-parameter test set including S11, S22, S21, S12
  • P1dB gain compression measurement, AM to PM conversion measurement
  • A four receiver architecture allowing support for 8 error terms calibration techniques in addition to traditional 12 error terms correction
  • Trace noise of 0.005dB rms at its maximum operating bandwidth of 140kHz
  • Built-in signal generator (300kHz – 6GHz)
  • Precision PC3.5 calibration kits are available as optional accessories
  • Verification device: The DW97194 Iss.4 is an insertable verification device with PC3.5 connectors
  • Flexible architecture and outstanding value

Product Functions

  • Measurement enhancement includes averaging, smoothing and de-embedding. The latter is particularly useful when evaluating devices mounted on test jigs, requiring interfacing networks to be removed from the measurements
  • Wide dynamic range covers many applications
  • Hanning and Kaiser Bessel filtering on time domain measurements
  • Utilities provided include power at the 1dB gain compression point and AM to PM conversion

Product Application

  • RF design applications
  • RF performance of radio frequency (RF) and microwave devices to be characterized in terms of network scattering parameters, or S parameters such as S11, S22, S21, S12

Standard Accessories

  1. Operating Software in a CD ROM (or USB Memory Stick)
  2. User Manual
  3. Carry Case
  4. Universal Power Supply
  5. Power Cable

Product Options

  1. Calibration Kit: Female (DW97157), Male (DW97158)
  2. DW97194 Iss.4: Verification Device
  3. VcableSet1: Set of Two Economy Flexible Test Cable, N (Male) to PC3.5 (Male)
  4. VcableSet2: Set of Two Precision Flexible Test Cable, N (Male) to PC3.5 (Male)
  5. TSpan1: Torque Spanner, Suitable for PC3.5 and SMA Connectors
  6. VNA Calibration Certificate for LA19-13-04

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