LA19-13-02 (3MHz to 3GHz, Dynamic Range 80dB Vector Network Analyzer with Full S-Parameter Measurement)

Model Series: LA19-13-02 Series

About Product

The Vector Network Analyzer, VNA, is a form of RF network analyzer widely used for RF design applications. The LA LA19-13-02 Vector Network Analyzer is a PC-driven VNA suitable for measuring a wide range of devices from 3MHz to 3GHz with 100Hz resolution. It’s full S-parameter test set on S11, S22, S21, S12 includes bias-Ts for biasing active devices. It is housed in a small lightweight package making it very portable. The user interface control software provides many useful features including memory function, limit lines, de-embedding, time domain and reference plane extension. Also, utilities such as measurement of power at the 1dB gain compression point and AM to PM conversion factor add to the instrument. Unique features include OSL calibration that does not require a precision load and importing of data files into memory traces for live comparison with measurements. Demo Kit – SOLT is also an essential tool for vector network analyzing and is a must. See Demo Kit – SOLT from photo section.

Product Features

  • Wide measurement frequency range: 3MHz to 3GHz
  • Resolution: 100Hz
  • Dynamic range: 80dB
  • Full S-parameter test set including S11, S22, S21, S12
  • De-embedding capability
  • Time domain facility
  • P1dB and AM-PM measurements
  • Light weight and small footprint
  • Low cost and affordable

Product Functions

  • Easy to follow user interface based on familiar Windows® form (See photo section)
    • Wide selection of sweep points: From 51 to 1024 with 100Hz resolution. -20dBm to 0dBm test level
    • Measurements can be saved in several formats to support most simulators
    • Low trace noise: Typically 0.001dBrms
    • Calibration and status can be easily saved and recalled
    • Multiple markers including delta, fixed, peak/min find modes provide precise readouts. Drag any marker using the mouse or dial in a precise frequency
    • 4 display channels/2 traces per channel allow all S-parameters to be displayed
    • Limit lines are easy to setup and support up to 4 segments
    • User-defined color scheme for the graphics display to suit individual preferences
    • Memory facility includes vector math functions
    • Time domain facility can be used for fault finding
  • Measurement enhancement includes averaging, smoothing, reference plane extension and de-embedding. The latter is particularly useful when evaluating devices mounted on test jigs, requiring interfacing networks to be removed from the measurements (See photo section)
  • Easy calibration using low cost calibration kit (See photo section)
    • By using the calibration data provided with each economy calibration kit, the need for an expensive precision load is removed without loss of accuracy
    • Setting up the calibration is easy and can be completed in very little time
  • Utilities provided include power at the 1dB gain compression point and AM to PM conversion. These help to characterize active devices such as amplifiers easily. In addition to these, a further utility allows the instrument to be configured as a simple synthesized signal source (See photo section)

Product Application

  • RF design applications
  • RF performance of radio frequency (RF) and microwave devices to be characterized in terms of network scattering parameters, or S parameters such as S11, S22, S21, S12

Standard Accessories

  1. Serial Cable, 1 pc
  2. 1 x Male Economy Calibration Kit or 1 x Female Economy Calibration Kit
  3. CD ROM with UI Software
  4. User Manual
  5. Calibration Certificate
  6. Power Cable

Product Options

  1. Calibration Kit: Female (DW96635), Male (DW96634)
  2. Adaptor Kit: Equal Electrical Length Set (DW96636)
  3. VNA Calibration Certificate for LA19-13-02 Plus Both Cal Kits

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