6250 (Two-input Phase Angle Voltmeter)

Brand: Xitron
Model Series: 6250 Series

About Product

The XiTRON 6250 Phase Angle Voltmeter comes pre-configured for most LVDT/RVDT tests. This means that the 6250 can be used by anyone who wants to access results more quickly, more accurate and more reliably with low cost of ownership including maintenance and calibration. The 6250 is a high performance PAV that is specifically designed for use in critical manufacturing and test environments, measuring DC/AC phase sensitive voltage and current measurements, including harmonic data. Various versatile interfaces including GPIB, RS232 and General Printer Interface and the XiTRON XView Utility Software are all provided as standard accessories.

Product Features

  • Wide bandwidth: 1Hz to 100kHz
  • 05% basic amplitude accuracy
  • 05° basic phase accuracy
  • Voltage range: 10mV to 1000Vpk full scale (max 10Vrms for 50Ω input)
  • Total & individual harmonic analysis
  • Frequency measurements
    • Accuracy: 100ppm
    • Resolution: 1ppm resolution
  • 4-line scrollable (50 lines total) display and 101 element nullmeter
  • Separate amplitude and frequency scaling and phase offset on all outputs
  • Front panel configuration lockout for dedicated production and QC test applications
  • Can be configured to emulate older analog PAVs that exist in the market
  • Versatile connectivity: GPIB, RS232 and General Printer interfaces are provided as standard
  • XiTRON XView Utility Software is provided as standard

Product Functions

  • Phase sensitive or frequency selective voltage, current power and impedance measurements
  • Frequency response and distortion analysis
  • XiTRON XView Utility Software
    • While all XiTRON precision test equipment is designed to be used in a completely stand-alone manner, there are times when external tools can aid or enhance the operation of an instrument. The XiTRON XView software tools and drivers are designed to help easily configure an instrument from a single screen, or are used to view a complete set of measurements in a single screen. Other XView tools are designed for data collection where results can be recorded in an Excel-compatible file for post-processing, insertion into reports, or simply for archival purposes.  The XiTRON XView Utility Software is provided as standard for 6250 Series

Product Application

  • LVDT/RVDT testing
  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Synchro/Resolver industry
  • Accelerometer/Gyroscope industry
  • Transformer industry
  • Maintenance servicing
  • Calibration laboratory

Standard Accessories

  1. GPIB Interface
  2. RS-232 Interface
  3. General Printer Interface
  4. CD for XiTRON XView Utility Software and Operation Manual
  5. Power Cable

Product Options

  1. 822-AIO: 12 Channel Analog Output, 16-channel Digital Output
  2. RE: Rack Adapter Kit
  3. MO6250: Additional 6250 Operation Manual

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