2801 (1-channel Advanced Power Analyzer)

Brand: Xitron
Model Series: 280x Series

About Product

With an extended measurement range from micro-amps to hundreds of amps and millivolts to kilovolts, the XiTRON 280x Series Power Analyzers are the ideal power analyzers for standby power or Energy Star testing. Power and amplitude measurements with an accuracy of <0.1% are automatically synchronized to the fundamental frequency. Peak, RMS, rectified and DC measurements of voltage, current and power are provided including continuous, inrush, startup and history modes plus an integration mode for W-Hr, A-Hr, VA-Hr, as well as integrated average power (channels can be operated synchronously or independently on the 2802). The 2801 and 2802 also provide waveform peak and glitch capture modes. In addition to the numerical results 280x Series capture waveforms with true 512-point precision. Results and waveforms can be displayed, read via the communication ports or sent directly at full resolution to a USB printer. Various versatile interfaces including GPIB, USB and RS232 and the XiTRON XView Utility Software are provided as standard accessories.

Product Features

  • Highest performance-to-cost ratio in the industry
  • Frequency range: DC and 20mHz to 200kHz
  • 2000V peak and 150A peak measurable internally (external CT capable)
  • Two channels for independent or synchronous measurements, including input/output efficiency and loss (2802)
  • Base accuracy <0.08%. Current and voltage accuracies specified to less than 1mArms and 1Vrms respectively (<0.2%)
  • Measures and displays volts, current, power, frequency, harmonics (to the 100th), THD, PF, CF, K-Factor, Triplens, inrush, distortion, glitches, and much more
  • Integrated line switch and inrush waveforms
  • DC charge and discharge measurements
  • Source or load measurements with wiring loss and voltage burden compensation
  • Graphics display shows numerical results, waveforms, bar graphs, startup & history charts with zoom & scroll features
  • 16-bit A/D converters at 235ksps and 12 user-configurable digital I/O
  • Communication interfaces include GPIB (IEEE488), RS232, USB (host and device), Digital I/O
  • XiTRON XView Utility Software is provided as standard
  • Suitable for AC, DC, 1-phase 3-wire and independent measurements (2801, 2802)
  • Suitable for AC, DC, 1-phase 3-wire, 2-phase 3-wire, 3-phase 3-wire, In/Out synchronous and independent measurements (2802)

Product Functions

  • Graphical charts and numeric results screens shows measurement results display (See photo section)
  • XiTRON XView Utility Software
    • While all XiTRON precision test equipment is designed to be used in a completely stand-alone manner, there are times when external tools can aid or enhance the operation of an instrument. The XiTRON XView software tools and drivers are designed to help easily configure an instrument from a single screen, or are used to view a complete set of measurements in a single screen. Other XView tools are designed for data collection where results can be recorded in an Excel-compatible file for post-processing, insertion into reports, or simply for archival purposes. The XiTRON XView Utility Software is provided as standard for 280x Series

Product Application

  • Standby power or Energy Star testing
  • Troubleshooting: Fast measurement and display for system troubleshooting
  • Service function: Measure for power quality before use
  • Appliance test and development
  • Power supply testing
  • Charging and discharging measurements for charger

Standard Accessories

  1. GPIB (IEEE488) Interface
  2. RS232 Interface
  3. USB (Host and Device) Interface
  4. Digital I/O Interface
  5. 280X OPT ON: Power ON Option (At Time of Order)
  6. External Power Supply
  7. 5mm 12VDC Output Plug
  8. A Three-prong IEC320 AC Inlet Receptacle
  9. CD for XiTRON XView Utility Software and Operation Manual
  10. A Three-prong AC Power Cable

Product Options

  1. SVCC-MIL-2801: Post Data Calibration for 2801 (At Time of Order)
  2. SVCC-MIL-2802: Post Data Calibration for 2802 (At Time of Order)
  3. 892-2801 OPT ON: Power ON Option for 2801 (After Original Sale)
  4. 892-2802 OPT ON: Power ON Option for 2802 (After Original Sale)
  5. 892-2801 OPT LOG: Data Logging for 2801
  6. 892-2802 OPT LOG: Data Logging for 2802
  7. 892-280X CABLE IEC: Connection Cable, 4ft, IEC 5-15
  8. 892-280X CABLE NEMA 6-20 P/R: Connection Cable, 4ft, NEMA 6-20
  9. 892-280X CABLE NEMA L6-20: Connection Cable, 10ft, NEMA L6-20
  10. 280x CABLE WAGO: Connection Cable, 6ft, WAGO
  11. T5: Universal Free-Standing Charging Adapter
  12. 892-HC-7: Hard Carrying Case – Pelican Type
  13. 892-GPIB IEEE-488 ADAPTER: IEEE-488 Adapter
  14. 892-RB-255X: Rack Adapter
  15. 892-RB-255X-BLK: Rack Adapter (Black)
  16. 892-RB-255XFL: Rack Adapter – Flush Mount (Black)
  17. PCA0150: Main Board Assembly
  18. PCA0151: Analog Assembly
  19. X-VIEW SSL Test Software: Solid State Lighting Software for Testing to User-defined Limits
  20. LS-STD: Standard Connection Kit (4 Each 1m Test Leads and Large Alligator Clips 4mm, 20A (2 Red and 2 Black) Plus Black Nylon Zippered Bag. (2 Kits Required for 2802)

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