2000IN (DC Voltage and Current Calibrator with T5 and RS232 Interface)

Brand: Xitron
Model Series: 2000 Series

About Product

These versatile and portable instruments, XiTRON 2000 Series DC Voltage and Current Calibrators, bring laboratory accuracy to process control applications. Current loop (4mA-20mA) indicators, controllers and recorders can be calibrated with accuracy measured in ppm rather than percentages. Thermocouple simulation allows the fine tuning of any measurement or control loop. Compact and economical, the 2000 Series provide the right combination of accuracy and flexibility for most temperature measurement/simulation applications. These portable, precision units address a wide cross-section of calibration requirements. In note, only one of RS232 Interface or the optional GPIB Interface may be fitted. The XiTRON XView Utility Software is provided as standard accessory.

Product Features

  • Fully bi-polar DC Voltage and Current capability
    • Voltage: ±22V, 10ppm accuracy
    • Current: ±22mA, 40ppm accuracy
  • DC resolution down to 10nV or 10pA
  • Temperature simulation with 0.01° resolution, 0.03° – 0.06° accuracy (2000MN)
  • Temperature measurement with 0.1° – 0.2° accuracy (2000MN)
  • Auto cold junction compensation (2000MN)
  • NIMH battery (8 hours typical)/line operation
  • RS232 interface and XiTRON XView Utility Software are provided as standard accessories

Product Functions

  • Temperature measurement is automatically compensated for the cold junction temperature
  • The 2000 Series will compute current or voltage output using an equation derived from two data This allows the user to enter a temperature, pressure or flow level
  • The 2000 Series will output the appropriate current or voltage signal
  • The highly versatile 2000MN adds temperature measurement and automatic cold junction compensation to the impressive list of features. It allows the user to read or source in ºC or ºF for B, E, J, K, N, R, S and T thermocouples
  • XiTRON XView Utility Software
    • While all XiTRON precision test equipment is designed to be used in a completely stand-alone manner, there are times when external tools can aid or enhance the operation of an instrument. The XiTRON XView software tools and drivers are designed to help easily configure an instrument from a single screen, or are used to view a complete set of measurements in a single screen. Other XView tools are designed for data collection where results can be recorded in an Excel-compatible file for post-processing, insertion into reports, or simply for archival purposes. The XiTRON XView Utility Software is provided as standard for 2000 Series

Product Application

  • DC calibration
  • Calibration and testing laboratory
  • Consumer products industry
  • Medical laboratory
  • Automotive industry
  • Process control
  • Aerospace military
  • Data acquisition system
  • 4mA-20mA loops indication
  • Engine control calibration
  • Engineering & test laboratory
  • Industrial controllers
  • Instrument maintenance & repair

Standard Accessories

  1. RS232 Interface
  2. T5: Universal Free-Standing Charging Adapter
  3. CD for XiTRON XView Utility Software and Operation Manual
  4. Power Cable

Product Options

  1. 822-2000-IE-BAT: IEEE-488 Interface
  2. 892-GPIB IEEE-488 ADAPTER: IEEE-488 Adapter
  3. MEM: 10-step Output Level Memory
  4. T5: Universal Free-Standing Charging Adapter
  5. 822-CC: Canvas Carrying Case with Charger and Lead Pocket
  6. SP48: 48″ Long Low Thermal EMF Shielded Lead Set (Spade Terminals)
  7. PL36: 36″ Long Low Thermal EMF Red and Black Lead Set (Plugs)
  8. SG2000: Service Guide w/Schematics, Theory of Operation & Calibration Procedure
  9. RA: Single Instrument Rack Adapter Kit
  10. RB: Three Instrument Rack Adapter Kit
  11. RC: Two Instrument Rack Adapter Kit
  12. 822-2000I OPT NB: No Internal Battery Option for 2000I, at Time of O (Typically Used in ATE Applications)
  13. 822-2000M OPT NB: No Internal Battery Option for 2000M, at Time of O (Typically Used in ATE Applications)
  14. UG2000: Additional Operating Manual Set
  15. BAT0001: Battery, Sealed Lead Acid, 3.4AHr
  16. BAT0002: Battery, NiMH, 4.2AHr

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