IT8211 (150W, 60V/30A, Measurement Resolution 1mV/1mA, 1-Ch High Accuracy DC Electronic Load)

型號系列: IT8200 (系列)


The ITECH IT8200 Series DC Electronic Load is single channel, economical, high accuracy digital-control DC electronic load with the highest cost/performance ratio and small size. The IT8200 Series is composed of 1 model, namely IT8211. The IT8211 has high measurement resolution 1mV/1mA in max, CV/CC//CR modes, short-circuit simulation, testing function, easy operation and display access keys, all providing the greatest test convenience for complex tests and solution easily and rapidly. The IT8211 is a valuable high performance product; it is strong, smart, small-sized and reliable DC electronic load which is widely used in production testing lines and maintenance center in favorite for multi-purpose power testing solution and application.


  • Display screen: Highlight LED display
  • Maximum load power of single channel up to 150W, load voltage 60V and load current 30A
  • 3 modes of operation: CV, CC, CR
  • CV mode
    • Range: 0-60V
      • Resolution: 10mV
      • Accuracy: 05% + 0.1%FS
  • CC mode
    • Range: 0-3A
      • Resolution: 1mA
      • Accuracy: 1% + 0.1%FS
    • Range: 0-30A
      • Resolution: 10mA
      • Accuracy: 1% + 0.15%FS
  • CR mode
    • Range: < 100Ω
      • Resolution: 01Ω
      • Accuracy: 1% + 0.8%FS
    • Range: < 4kΩ
      • Resolution: 1Ω
      • Accuracy: 1% + 0.8%FS
  • High measurement resolution in load ratings
    • Power: 10mW in max
    • Voltage: 1mV in max
    • Current: 1mA in max
  • High measurement accuracy in load ratings
    • Power: 1% + 1%FS
    • Voltage: 05% + 0.1%FS
    • Current: 1% + 0.1%FS in max
  • Short circuit simulation
  • Convenient data entry via knob and rapidly rotary encoder input
  • Switchable between the high/low current range: 3A/30A
  • Memory capacity: 160 groups, for save and recall
  • The smallest size among similar products


  • Wider load range: Under the same load power range, the IT8200 Series has wider load voltage/current ranges


  • Automotive electronics test solution
  • Solar and photovoltaic inverter test solution
  • LED lighting and driver test solution
  • Battery test solution
  • Power supply test solution


  1. Calibration Report
  2. CD (Operation Manual & Communication Protocol Manual)
  3. Power Cable


  1. IT-E152: 19” Rack Mount Kit


IT8200 Series Catalog



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