HSA4012 (DC to 1MHz, 150Vp-p, 5.66Ap-p High Speed Bipolar Amplifier)

型号系列: HSA [系列]


The NF HSA Series High Speed Bipolar Amplifiers have high speed, broad band (DC to max.10MHz) and the capability of supplying high voltage and high power. DC+ / DC- signal is variable continuously with wide output range of maximum 300Vp-p without switching. Furthermore, as Four-quadrant output is possible, source mode (providing a power to load from a power amplifier in coincidence of voltage polarity and current polarity as normal amplifier) and sink mode (sinking a power from load to power amplifier in reverse current) operation are available. Therefore, it is possible to drive smoothly a capacitive load and an inductive load like a piezo electric component, a solenoid and others. The HSA Series High Speed Bipolar Amplifiers are widely used in various applications.


  • High speed, broad band and high slew rate
    • The frequency range is DC to max.10MHz and the maximum slew rate is 5000V/µs (HSA4101). A fast rise time pulse signal and a complicated waveform signal can be amplified with a high fidelity
  • High voltage output
    • Max output voltage is 300Vp-p (HSA4051 and HSA4052). Possible to drive piezo actuators and display devices by a big margin
  • Basic frequency response: 10MHz (HSA4101)
  • 4-quadrant operation (bipolar output)
  • Available for output plus/minus of voltage and current freely
  • Changing of plus/minus polarity continuously without switching
  • Possible to get a clean waveform of few overshoot and ringing
  • Low output impedance
    • Enable to get excellent response in capacitive and inductive load


  • Dual inputs function
    • Two inputs are provided. Input is A and B of dual inputs. One touch operation for addition and input change
  • DC bias function
    • Equipped with DC bias function enabling to add DC to the output
  • Function of output range shift
    • Equipped with the range shift function which is able to change output range
  • Excellent step response
    • The slew rate which is important when large amplitude output is required is maximum 5000V/µs (HSA4101). Reproduce a signal in high fidelity by good response for high speed repetitive and high speed transient phenomenon signal (See photo section)
  • Operation range of HSA Series (See photo section)
  • Equipped with DC offset adjustment function, protection circuit, monitor meter & monitor output, output ON/OFF switch and others


  • Driving of piezo electronic devices
    • Example of a driving for piezo-electric devices which is used for piezo inverter, piezo actuator and etc. As the HSA Series have a very low output impedance, good step response is obtained against large capacitance of piezo-electric devices (See photo section)
  • Measurement of BH Curve for magnetized characteristics of magnetic materials
    • Example of magnetized devices for B-H curve measuring of high frequency magnetic materials. As the HSA Series have a flat and a wide frequency response and a high stability against inductive loads, high repeatability data is obtained with no influence of loads (See photo section)
  • High frequency ripple test of capacitors
    • Example of a withstand ripple test for electric capacitors using a switching power supply. The HSA Series have not only bias function but also a stable operation against large capacitor loads.  It is not caused a difference between a maximum charge current and a maximum discharge current for stable operation against large capacitor loads and symmetry of operation area (See photo section)
  • Test of display devices
    • Example of vibration test for flat display panels of FED, EL, LCD and etc. This test is required with a high voltage and a high speed rise time for capacitive load. A wide output voltage range and a high slew rate of 5000V/µs of the HSA Series are useful for this application (See photo section)
  • Power amplifier of signal generator
    • The HSA Series are suitable for a power amplifier of signal generators. It is possible to provide a stable power against inductive and capacitive loads with wide frequency range, high output voltage and low output impedance (See photo section)
  • Driving for ultrasonic motor
  • Testing for semiconductor devices
  • Chemical electronics
  • Research of IC card
  • Bioelectronics


  1. 1m BNC-BNC Signal Cable, 2pcs
  2. Fuse
  3. Operation Manual
  4. Power Cable


  • None





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