HSA4012 (DC to 1MHz, 150Vp-p, 5.66Ap-p High Speed Bipolar Amplifier)

Brand: NF
Model Series: HSA Series

About Product

The NF HSA Series High Speed Bipolar Amplifiers have high speed, broad band (DC to max.10MHz) and the capability of supplying high voltage and high power. DC+ / DC- signal is variable continuously with wide output range of maximum 300Vp-p without switching. Furthermore, as Four-quadrant output is possible, source mode (providing a power to load from a power amplifier in coincidence of voltage polarity and current polarity as normal amplifier) and sink mode (sinking a power from load to power amplifier in reverse current) operation are available. Therefore, it is possible to drive smoothly a capacitive load and an inductive load like a piezo electric component, a solenoid and others. The HSA Series High Speed Bipolar Amplifiers are widely used in various applications.

Product Features

  • High speed, broad band and high slew rate
    • The frequency range is DC to max.10MHz and the maximum slew rate is 5000V/µs (HSA4101). A fast rise time pulse signal and a complicated waveform signal can be amplified with a high fidelity
  • High voltage output
    • Max output voltage is 300Vp-p (HSA4051 and HSA4052). Possible to drive piezo actuators and display devices by a big margin
  • Basic frequency response: 10MHz (HSA4101)
  • 4-quadrant operation (bipolar output)
  • Available for output plus/minus of voltage and current freely
  • Changing of plus/minus polarity continuously without switching
  • Possible to get a clean waveform of few overshoot and ringing
  • Low output impedance
    • Enable to get excellent response in capacitive and inductive load

Product Functions

  • Dual inputs function
    • Two inputs are provided. Input is A and B of dual inputs. One touch operation for addition and input change
  • DC bias function
    • Equipped with DC bias function enabling to add DC to the output
  • Function of output range shift
    • Equipped with the range shift function which is able to change output range
  • Excellent step response
    • The slew rate which is important when large amplitude output is required is maximum 5000V/µs (HSA4101). Reproduce a signal in high fidelity by good response for high speed repetitive and high speed transient phenomenon signal (See photo section)
  • Operation range of HSA Series (See photo section)
  • Equipped with DC offset adjustment function, protection circuit, monitor meter & monitor output, output ON/OFF switch and others

Product Application

  • Driving of piezo electronic devices
    • Example of a driving for piezo-electric devices which is used for piezo inverter, piezo actuator and etc. As the HSA Series have a very low output impedance, good step response is obtained against large capacitance of piezo-electric devices (See photo section)
  • Measurement of BH Curve for magnetized characteristics of magnetic materials
    • Example of magnetized devices for B-H curve measuring of high frequency magnetic materials. As the HSA Series have a flat and a wide frequency response and a high stability against inductive loads, high repeatability data is obtained with no influence of loads (See photo section)
  • High frequency ripple test of capacitors
    • Example of a withstand ripple test for electric capacitors using a switching power supply. The HSA Series have not only bias function but also a stable operation against large capacitor loads.  It is not caused a difference between a maximum charge current and a maximum discharge current for stable operation against large capacitor loads and symmetry of operation area (See photo section)
  • Test of display devices
    • Example of vibration test for flat display panels of FED, EL, LCD and etc. This test is required with a high voltage and a high speed rise time for capacitive load. A wide output voltage range and a high slew rate of 5000V/µs of the HSA Series are useful for this application (See photo section)
  • Power amplifier of signal generator
    • The HSA Series are suitable for a power amplifier of signal generators. It is possible to provide a stable power against inductive and capacitive loads with wide frequency range, high output voltage and low output impedance (See photo section)
  • Driving for ultrasonic motor
  • Testing for semiconductor devices
  • Chemical electronics
  • Research of IC card
  • Bioelectronics

Standard Accessories

  1. 1m BNC-BNC Signal Cable, 2pcs
  2. Fuse
  3. Operation Manual
  4. Power Cable

Product Options

  • None

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