REX4731 (Current Output Amplifier)

Brand: NF
Model Series: RX-REX Series

About Product

The NF RX & REX Series Protective Relay Tester physically includes a protective relay tester and current output amplifier which are suitably used for testing of protective relays in electric power systems. The RX & REX Series are perfect test equipment and solution for power facilities.

Product Features

  • Output capacity modes
    • Outputs single-phase voltage 100VA and single-phase current 180VA (RX4717K)
    • Outputs three-phase voltage 100VA (RX4718)
    • Three-phase current (180VA per phase), two-phase current (360VA for first phase, 180VA for second phase) and single-phase current 540VA (REX4723)
  • Output frequencies of 50Hz, 60Hz and 10Hz to 200Hz, using external synchronization or line synchronization (selectable) (RX4717K, RX4718 and REX4723)
  • Auto setting of 1LG, 2LS, three-phase batch, three-phase balanced and phase switching functions (RX4718)
  • Can be easily combined with RX4718 for local testing (REX4723)
  • Current booster for increasing output capacity up to 450VA for supporting mechanical relay test (REX4731)
  • External controller for RX4717K, RX4718 and REX4723 (REX4741)
  • Easily configurable with computer-based local and stand-alone relay test systems (REX4741)
  • Versatile interfaces are provided as standard
    • GPIB interface (REX4741)
    • GPIB & RS232 interfaces (RX4717K, RX4718 and REX4723)
  • Text in panel representation of the product, display of setting and instruction manual
    • English: RX4717K and RX4718
    • Japanese: REX4723, REX4731 and REX4741

Product Functions

  • Equipped with counter function, output selector, auto sweep function, memory function, DC output for testing, master/slave function (RX4717K, RX4718 and REX4723)
  • Boosting the output current capacity up to 450VA (REX4731)
  • Control functions for local tests, output selector, time counter, dummy circuit breaker, and response input selector(REX4741)

Product Application

  • Testing of protective relays in electric power system
  • Perfect test equipment and solution for power facilities

Standard Accessories

  1. GPIB Interface (RX4717K, RX4718, REX4723 and REX4741)
  2. RS232 Interface (RX4717K, RX4718 and REX4723)
  3. English Instruction Manual (RX4717K and RX4718)
  4. Japanese Instruction Manual (REX4723, REX4731 and REX4741)
  5. Power Cable

Product Options

  • None

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