P-83 (Cut-off Frequency 0.1Hz to 1.6kHz, Roll off 48dB/Oct Plug-in Filter Unit)

Brand: NF
Model Series: MS-500 Series

About Product

The NF MS-500 Series Measurement System is suitable for pre-processing analog signals and is designed for use in automated measurement applications. The MS-500 Series consist of a multi-channel system configured of ultra-thin plug-in units housed in a standard rack. In configuration, the MS-500 Series are composed of a mainframe which includes a power supply, a control unit and various combinations of filters, amplifiers and other functional plug-in units. Up to 16 channels can be accommodated, and GPIB control is also possible. Two types of control unit are available, the P-41 Control Unit and P-42A GPIB Unit. When using the P-41 Control Unit, one group of functional plug-in units can be controlled simultaneously using the MS-521 and MS-523 and two groups can be controlled simultaneously using the MS-525. The P-42A GPIB Unit is used to enable GPIB control of the system, with the outputs of the various functional plug-in units being transmitted after A/D conversion over the GPIB bus.  It also provides such functions as control of the functional plug-in unit analog multiplexer.  Connections between functional plug-in units may be made, including such connections as amplifier-to-filter and filter-to-amplifier by means of cascade buttons at the rear panel of MS-500 Series provided with such feature. This capability enables connections without the requirement of making external interconnections.

Product Features

  • MS-521/MS-523/MS-525 Mainframe Measuring System
    • The MS-521/523/525 is the mainframe unit with built-in power supply used to house the MS-500 Series plug-in units
    • Up to 16 channels are available
      • 4-channel (MS-521)
      • 8-channel (MS-523)
      • 16-channel (MS-525)
    • P-42A GPIB Unit is applicable (MS-523 and MS-525)
  • Rear panel centralized outputs provided as standard
    • A rear panel grouping of all channel outputs is provided as standard feature to facilitate system interconnections
  • MS-500 Series standard bus line
    • To enable simultaneous control of a number of plug-in units, the MS-500 Series standard bus line may be used by either the MS-523 or MS-525 mainframes
  • P-81/P-82/P-83/P-84 Plug-in Filter Unit
    • Cut-off frequency range
      • 1Hz to 1.6kHz (P-81 and P-83)
      • 1Hz to 16kHz (P-82 and P-84)
    • Roll off
      • 24dB/Oct (P-81 and P-82)
      • 48dB/Oct (P-83 and P-84)
    • Output Voltage: ±10V
    • CMRR: 60dB or greater (DC to 1kHz)
    • Four modes: Lowpass (Maximum Flatness and Phase-Linear), Highpass and THRU
    • 16 selectable points for high resolution control of cut-off frequency
    • Cascade mode enables simple cascade connection to neighboring units
    • Input ground line is floatable, enabling the elimination of induced noise caused by ground loops
  • P-85 Plug-in Filter Unit
    • Wide cut-off frequency range: 1Hz to 119.9kHz
    • Roll off: 48dB/Oct
    • Output Voltage: ±10V
    • CMRR: 60dB or greater (DC to 1kHz)
    • Four filter modes: Lowpass (ML, PL), Highpass and THRU
    • High resolution: 3-digits
  • P-86/P-87 Plug-in Filter Unit
    • Cut-off frequency range
      • 1Hz to 119kHz (P-86)
      • 1Hz to 20kHz (P-87)
    • Sharp roll off: 135dB/Oct
    • Output voltage: ±10V
    • CMRR: 60dB or greater (DC to 1kHz)
    • Filter mode
      • Lowpass (P-86)
      • Highpass (P-87)
    • The combination of P-86 and P-87 configures a bandpass filter
  • P-61 Plug-in Differential Amplifier Unit
    • Input type: Balanced differential input
    • High gain: 1 to 1000
    • Gain accuracy: ±0.2% at 400Hz (no load, 25°C)
    • High CMRR: 120dB or greater (at DC to 120Hz)
    • DC offset: ±2µV/°C (Input-referred value)
    • Frequency response: ±0.1dB (at DC to 10kHz) & +0.5 to -3dB (at DC to 100kHz)
  • P-62A/P-64A Plug-in Isolation Amplifier Unit
    • High withstanding voltage
      • ±1000V DC continuous, ±1500Vrms (1 minute, 48 to 62Hz) (P-62A)
      • ±1000V DC continuous, ±2000Vrms (1 minute, 48 to 62Hz) (P-64A)
    • IMRR: 150dB or more (DC to 60Hz)
    • Input type: Single-ended
    • Input Impedance
      • 1MΩ // 50pF (P-62A)
      • 1MΩ // 60pF (P-64A)
    • Wide bandwidth enabling excellent frequency response and transfer characteristics
      • DC to 100kHz (-3dB) (P-62A)
      • DC to 1MHz (+1dB, -3dB) (P-64A)
    • Filter (P-64A)
      • Lowpass: 100kHz, 1kHz, 10kHz
      • Highpass: 10kHz, 1kHz, 100kHz
  • P-42A Plug-in GPIB Unit
    • Available for MS-523 and MS-525 Mainframes
    • A maximum of 16 channels may be controlled by using this unit
    • Built-in multiplexer
    • GPIB function: SH1, AH1, T6, L4, SR1, RL2, PP0, DC1, DT1, C0
    • Multiplexer output
    • Status monitor

Product Functions

  • A measurement system is made through various functional plug-in units

Product Application

  • Pre-processing analog signals
  • Use in automated measurement applications

Standard Accessories

  1. Pin Connector
  2. Fuse
  3. Operation Manual
  4. Power Cable

Product Options

  • None

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