LPA05A (40Vpk-pk@3A, 80Vpk-pk@<500kHz, DC to 1MHz Laboratory Power Amplifier)

Brand: N4L
Model Series: LPA05 Series

About Product

The N4L LPA05 Series Laboratory Power Amplifiers provide wide bandwidth signal amplification at up to 8A peak, extending the range of industrial and laboratory applications. Designed originally for use with the PSM range Phase Sensitive Multimeters/Frequency Response Analyzers, the LPA05 Series can be used anywhere where there is a need to boost a signal either in voltage or current up to 1MHz. They combine DC accuracy with wide bandwidth to faithfully reproduce complex waveforms, driving loads that may be capacitive, inductive or resistive. Optionally, the DC component can be eliminated with AC coupling, or can be reduced with AC + (DC) coupling. To limit high frequency noise, the input bandwidth can be reduced with a linear phase, 2nd order, lowpass filter for low frequency applications. A common application for the laboratory power amplifiers is in situations where is a requirement for impedance measurement of a device under high voltage bias or high current bias conditions. In these applications the combination of N4L PSM1700, PSM1735 or PSM3750 Phase Sensitive Multimeter (Frequency Response Analyzer) + LPA05 Series Laboratory Power Amplifier + HF Current Shunt form a high power impedance measurement system.

N4L URL : http://www.newtons4th.com/products/laboratory-power-amplifiers/lpa05/

Product Features

 DC and AC wide bandwidths
 Switch selectable coupling options: AC, AC+DC or AC with reduced DC
 Fixed x10 gain
 High slew rate
 Isolated BNC or 4mm touch-proof output sockets
 Isolated from ground to prevent earth loops
 Stable into any load
 Robust metal enclosure

Product Functions

 Signal amplification
 High frequency and high current testing of very low impedance loads are definite functional advantages

Product Application

 Educational laboratory
 Vocational institute
 Combine N4L PSM1700/PSM1735/PSM3750 (FRA) + LPA05 Series + HF Shunt for impedance analysis and measurement
 Manufacturing industry

Standard Accessories

A. Electrical Connection I/O Interfaces: Input: BNC; Output: BNC, 4mm Safety
B. Soft Carry Case
C. Operation Manual
D. Power Cable

Product Options

A. TA107: DC to 100kHz, 5pA to 500nA, 10MVolts per Amp Gain Transimpedance Amplifier (For High Impedance Measurement)
B. TT-HV 250 High Voltage Probe (Passive): 2.5kVpk – 100:1
C. HF010m: 10mΩ, 20Arms, 1MHz Current Shunt (Supplied with Safety BNC to BNC Connector)
D. HF100m: 100mΩ, 6Arms, 1MHz Current Shunt (Supplied with Safety BNC to BNC Connector)
E. HF470m: 470mΩ, 3Arms, 1MHz Current Shunt (Supplied with Safety BNC to BNC Connector)
F. HF01A: 1Ω, 1Arms, 1MHz Current Shunt (Supplied with Safety BNC to BNC Connector)

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