KP3000GS (3kVA AC, 3kW DC Programmable AC/DC Power Source)

Brand: NF
Model Series: KP3000 Series

About Product

The NF KP3000GS Programmable AC/DC Power Source is a multifunction power source, with three output modes, AC, DC, and AC+DC for wide applications. High degree of output control ensures constant high stability for various types of loads. Various functions enable improved testing efficiency and automation as well as increased operability. For production lines manufacturing household electrical appliances in ever larger sizes, for mixed lines composed of both AC and DC equipment, and for testing of DC-DC converters, this unit provides 3kVA/3kW power at affordable price.

Product Features

  • Stable output
    • Low distortion, low noise, and stable output are achieved. This power source can supply stable power to various types of loads such as inductive and capacitive loads for low power-factor loads such as equipment with large-capacity noise filters and large power output transformers. Also, with its high-quality waveform output, this unit can be used as an AC stabilized power source for precision measurements such as the power consumption and standby power of electronic equipment (See photo section)
  • Operation mode: AC, AC+DC, DC
    • Various types of output
    • With AC 3kVA, full-power 3kW output is also available for DC. The capacity is not reduced in DC mode. Since the AC+DC mode is also available, this power source can be used for a variety of applications. A high S/N ratio is achieved in each mode.  Use of the current limiter function in DC mode enables the high performance use of the unit as a DC power source.  In AC+DC mode, simulations can be performed in which the DC component is generated temporarily such as a sudden change in voltage
    • AC output configurations
      • AC output voltage 100V range: 0V to 155.0V (Resolution 0.1V and Maximum Output Current 30A)
      • AC output voltage 200V range: 0V to 310.0V (Resolution 0.1V and Maximum Output Current 15A)
      • Output frequency range: AC: 40Hz to 550Hz (Resolution 0.1Hz)
      • Output frequency range: AC+DC:  1Hz to 550Hz (Resolution 0.1Hz)
    • DC output range
      • 100V range: -220V to +220V (Resolution 0.1V and Maximum Output Current 30A)
      • 200V range: -440V to +440V (Resolution 0.1V and Maximum Output Current 15A)
  • Versatile interfaces: RS232, USB, GPIBare all provided as standard
  • External control I/O
    • Control input: Output on/off, sequence control, memory recall (Basic setting memory, sequence, simulation)
    • Status output: Power on/off, output on/off, protection operation, limiter operation, output range, step synchronization of sequence and simulation
  • Signal source:  INT, VCA, SYNC, EXT, ADD

Product Functions

  • Variable current limiter function
    • Output current limiting can be set with positive and negative peak values and effective value. After the activation of the limiter, the output can be automatically restored or turned off after a set time. This function is effective for limiting the rush current of motors, large- capacity capacitors and protecting against abnormal current caused when prototype operations fail
  • Remote sensing
    • Switches the voltage detection point used for measurement and output voltage correction to either output terminal or sensing input terminal. Output is corrected by using this together with AGC and Auto Cal
  • AGC (Automatic Gain Control)
    • This function performs continuous correction to ensure equality between the RMS values of the detection point voltage and the output voltage setting value. Even if the load fluctuates, correction is performed automatically to maintain the same value as the setting value
  • Auto Cal (Auto Calibration)
    • Each time Auto Cal is turned on, this function measures the detection point voltage and performs correction to ensure that the output voltage RMS value is equal to the voltage setting value
  • Output waveform
    • In addition to sine waves, clipped sine waves and arbitrary waves can be output. A power source test is supported that can simulate a fault in a commercial line. A clipped sine wave can be set with a crest factor or clipping ratio. An arbitrary wave can be easily created by using the optional control software and can be saved for reuse in the main unit memory through an external interface or in USB memory (See photo section)
  • Measurement function
    • Abundant measurement functions comparable to those of a wattmeter are provided. Three measurement values can be selected for enlarged display to improve working efficiency in production lines
    • Measurement items
      • Voltage (RMS value, average DC value, peak value), current (RMS value, average DC value, peak value, peak hold value), power (active power, apparent power, reactive power), load power factor, crest factor, sync frequency, harmonic current (up to 40th order), CO2 emissions
  • Sequence function
    • Programming of various test patterns such as test repetition, combinations of complex test conditions and long-term testing enable automated test sequences. Power source tests for each destination can be performed efficiently. When purchased with the optional control software, this power source can be freely programmed with very long and complex output patterns
      • Number of steps: 255 (in 1 sequence)
      • Setting items: Step time, output range, AC/DC mode, DC voltage, AC voltage, frequency, waveform, start phase, stop phase, phase angle, step termination, jump count
      • Sequence control: Start, stop, hold, resume, branch 1, branch 2
      • Number of memories: 5 (Non-volatile)
  • Simulation function
    • The KP3000GS simulates a problem in the power AC line such as blackout, voltage rise, voltage drop, abrupt phase changes, or abrupt frequency change, thereby enabling all types of AC line simulation such as prototype evaluation and product inspection. When purchased with the optional control software, the KP3000GS can be easily programmed with various test conditions
      • Number of steps: 6 (Initial, Normal 1, Trans 1, Abnormal, Trans 2, Normal 2)
      • Setting items: Step time, output range, AC Voltage, frequency, start phase, stop phase, trigger output
      • Waveform: Sine wave
      • Number of memories: 5 (Non-volatile)
  • Control software (Option)
    • The control software enables basic parameter settings, data logging, arbitrary wave editing/transfer and sequence editing/ control. It supports automation of measurement data analysis in product development and of various tests in production lines (See photo section)
      • Sequence: Edit, execute and save a series of output variation pattern
      • Arbitrary waveform: Create and edit waveforms
      • Logging: Read and save measured values

Product Application

  • As a power source for production lines
    • High stability for various types of loads such as inductive and capacitive loads, low- distortion and low-noise output, and a design for ease of operability and maintainability make this power source ideal for various types of production lines. Since the 3kVA output capacity adapts to almost all household electrical products, the KP3000GS can flexibly support mixed production lines for various products from small to large sizes. With sequence and simulation functions tailored to the line requirements, the KP3000GS powerfully supports improved production line efficiency and automation
  • As a built-in power source for Automated Test Equipment (ATE)
    • For use as a built-in power source for ATE systems, KP3000GS is equipped USB, RS232 and GPIB interfaces for external control input and output. External control with analog signals, contacts and status output is possible.  Also, external control of output range, voltage, frequency, etc. is supported.  In addition, the sequence function in the main unit enables high speed control that is not available with control software applications. The KP3000GS is also equipped with a current that protects the equipment being tested in the event of emergencies to always maintain a stable supply of power.  The unit is ideal for use as a built-in power source for various types of ATE systems for R&D and in production lines

Standard Accessories

  1. RS232 Interface
  2. USB Interface
  3. GPIB Interface
  4. Instruction Manual
  5. Power Cable

Product Options

  1. PA-001-2052: Control Software
  2. DP008: Remote Controller

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