CS-3200 (3,000V/400A (HC Mode Pulse) Semiconductor Curve Tracer)

Brand: Iwatsu
Model Series: CS Series

About Product

The Iwatsu CS Series Semiconductor Curve Tracers are the newest curve tracers which can support from the maximum peak 3,000V/400A to 15,000V/8,000A. They can be used not only for characteristics measurement of high-voltage or high-current power devices such as the latest IGBT and power MOSFET but also for characteristics measurement of various semiconductor devices such as transistors, diode, and LEDs, as well as capacitance measurement of devices for power electronics such as SiC and GaN (option CS-603A/CS-605A). The measurement results can be saved in the memory or sent to the PC through the USB port and LAN interfaces which are provided as standard.

Video Demo URL : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDAR6FYDSgs

Video Demo URL : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xePz6aowJxk

Video Demo URL : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mb09b-_K8BI

Product Features

  • Display screen: 8.4″ Color TFT LCD display
  • The best solution to properly measure semiconductors such as IGBTs, MOSFETs, Transistors and Diodes from small to large quantities
  • The setting result is displayed in the setup display area under CONFIGURATION key sets. A proper connection is selected for device measurements (See photo section)
  • The applied voltage and current are monitored in signal waveforms on WAVEmode (See photo section)
    • Actual pulse signal waveforms applied on a device at the measurement point can be monitored on the time axis as with oscilloscope Wave mode without extra probing
    • By confirming the waveform, appropriate pulse width and measurement timing can be decided
    • This function also helps confirming the abnormality caused by heat such as a oscillation
  • Capacitance measurement of device such as SiC and GaN can be made possible (Option CS-603A/CS-605A)
  • Capacitance measurement on Wafer & on Chip (Probe Station with option CS-603A/CS-605A)
  • Versatile interfaces: LAN and USB are provided as standard

Product Functions

  • Functional display of measured waveforms characteristics on power electronic components or devices (See photo section)
  • With option CS-603A (3kV) or CS-605A (5kV), capacitance measurement of devices for power electronics such as SiC and GaN can be done.
    • Automatic measurement on capacitances at 3kV (CS-603A)/5kV (CS-605A) with sweep
    • Test adaptors for curve tracer can be used for various device package types
    • Measurement parameters include:
      • Cies, Ciss (Input capacitance)
      • Coss (Output capacitance)
      • Cres, Crss (Reverse transfer capacitance)
      • Ct (Capacitance between terminals)
      • Cgs, Cge/Cgd, Ccg/Cds, Cce (Calculated)
      • Rg (Gate resistance)
    • System up with Probe Station for capacitance measurement on Wafer & on Chip
    • High and low temperature test in chamber with external interlock function
  • Full detailed automation with PC
    • Semiconductor parameter measurement software CS-810 (Option)
      • The CS-810 Software performs auto measurement through remote controlling with curve tracer main unit. The CS-810 can execute stress test which is hard to do using traditional curve tracers and can measure temperature characteristics of devices while controlling a hotplate or a thermostatic chamber (See photo section)
    • USB memory
      • Graphic images: Data and setup conditions
      • Formats: TIFF, BMP, PNG (black or white color of background, color or monochrome)
      • Waveform data: Text (CSV) and in binary
    • Remote control tool
      • In case that security policy restricts use of USB, the remote control tool for PC is provided
    • Ethernet
      • Provided as standard
  • Sweep including number of points to, sweeping speed, resolution and the DOWN/UP sweep can be set at your needs. As the CUSTOM sweep performs sweeping in high speed and high resolution measurement (See photo section)
  • Limit-sweep function (Option CS-800)
    • This function puts limits on current and voltage through usual sweep measurement for device protection purpose and stopping the sweep at the target (See photo section)
  • Vth-hFE auto search function (Option CS-800)
    • This function automatically finds the Vth-hFE with the setting of conditions. There will be no need for complicated operations anymore
  • Constant function with CS-800 (Option)
    • Bias constant voltage or constant current. With combination of semiconductor parameter measurement software CS-810, the curve tracer supports auto Stress test
  • Hotplates, fixtures, thermostatic chambers that support establishment of automatic temperature measurement system (Option CS-810)
    • Temperature characteristics measurement as CS-810 automatically measures temperature characteristics, controlling the scanner system and hotplates (See photo section)
  • CS-810 is an optional software application that controls curve tracers, scanners, hotplates performing measurement and thereby automates the measurement. This makes improvement great in work efficiency
    • Automates:  Measurement → Recording → Improvements in efficiency to replace task that was traditionally performed manually (See photo section)
    • Switches automatically multiple-semiconductor modules and discrete devices to be targeted when you perform measurement
    • Hotplates are also remote-controllable, so automatic measurement of 6 in 1 module can be performed too
  • Output window (See photo section)
  • Waveform comparison as to the comparison between the waveforms and Judgment functions with reference curve (See photo section)

Product Application

  • Characteristic measurement of high-voltage or high-current power devices such as IGBT and power MOSFET and semiconductor devices such as transistors, diode, and LEDs
  • Capacitance measurement of devices for power electronics such as SiC and GaN (Option CS-603A/CS-605A)
  • Capacitance measurement on Wafer & on Chip (Probe Station with option CS-603A/CS-605A)
  • Measurement of static characteristics (leakage current, saturation voltage, VF, Vth, etc.) (See photo section)
  • The measurement function for the transfer characteristics (Vge-Ic/Vge-Vce) and circuit modules
  • Measurement of devices
    • Multiple devices measurement and recordings can be performed in a short time. Operators just need to input sample name according to the device replacements and connection changes to repeat the same measurements. Judgments (Pass/Fail) at conditions given will be shown for each measurement and images and waveforms data also will be stored automatically (See photo section)
  • Evaluation of semiconductor temperature characteristics measurement
    • CS-810 controls hotplates too. Even measurement that takes a long time such as per temperature can also be performed automatically (See photo section)
  • Stress test
    • A wide variety of parameters can be incorporated in stress test. The CS-810 Software supports long-time reliability tests. While the software monitors the voltage and the current via curve traces, differences of those traces are logged. Auto measurement of a wide variety of parameters is available for the stress test as illustrated below. The biasing will stop in excess of the limit value which is set for current or voltage as a lower and upper limit. The CS-810 Software measures Ic or Vce (Interval: 10s to 2h) keeping a certain voltage or current (10s to 1,000h) (See photo section)
  • Wafer measurement as devices on wafers can be measured by connecting a prober system (See photo section)

Standard Accessories

  1. CS-301 Fixture S: Comes with CS-3100
  2. CS-302 Fixture M: Comes with CS-3200, CS-3300
  3. CS-303 Fixture M: Comes with CS-5100, CS-5200, CS-5300
  4. CS-304 Fixture M: Comes with CS-5400
  5. Patch-panel for Fixture M: Comes with All Units except CS-3100
  6. CS-500 Test Adaptor: Comes with CS-3100, CS-3200, CS-3300, CS-5100, CS-5200, CS-5300, CS-5400
  7. CS-005 Standard Set of Leads: Comes with All Units except CS-3100
  8. CS-006 20cm Cable for High Current (a set of two): Comes with CS-5400
  9. CS-007 30cm Cable for High Current (a set of two): Comes with CS-10400, CS-10800, CS-12800, CS-15800
  10. LAN Interface
  11. USB Interface
  12. Operation Manual
  13. Power Cable

Product Options

  1. CS-305: Fixture L with Dimension 630mm (W) x 520mm (H) x 530mm (D)
  2. CS-307: Fixture L with Dimension 500mm (W) x 520mm (H) x 520mm (D)
  3. CS-307H: Fixture L for CS-5400
  4. CS-306: Probe Station Connector Leads for CS-3xxx and CS-5xxx (Except CS-5400)
  5. CS-308: CS-5400 Probe Station Connector Leads
  6. CS-501A: TO Type Adapter
  7. CS-502: Axial Adapter
  8. CS-503: TO-263-3 (D2PAK) Type Adapter
  9. CS-504: TO-252-3 Type Adapter
  10. CS-505: TO-263-7 Type Adapter
  11. CS-506: TO-252-5 Type Adapter
  12. CS-507: SC-70-3/SOT-323-3 Type Adapter
  13. CS-508: SMD Chip Adapter
  14. CS-509: SC-59A/SOT-23-3 Type Adapter
  15. CS-510: SC-62/SOT-89 Type Adapter
  16. CS-603A: 3kV High Voltage C-V Measurement System
  17. CS-605A: 5kV High Voltage C-V Measurement System
  18. CS-701: Switch Control Unit
  19. CS-702: LV Relay Unit 300V/30A
  20. CS-703: HV Relay Unit 5kV/0.5A(Max. Peak Current)
  21. CS-704: HC Relay Unit 2kV/7.5A(Max. Peak Current)/1,500A(Max. Peak Pulse Current)
  22. CS-705: HV/HC Switch Unit 5,000V/1,000A
  23. CS-706: Extension Unit5kV/1000A(Max. Peak Pulse Current)
  24. CS-707: Gate/Short Unit, 5kV/7.5(Max. Peak Current)/15A(Max. Peak Pulse Current)
  25. CS-708: HV-HC Relay Unit5kV/7.5A(Max. Peak Current)/1,500A(Max. Peak Pulse Current) 2Ch
  26. CS-709: HV-HC Relay Unit5kV/7.5A(Max. Peak Current)/1,500A(Max. Peak Pulse Current) 4Ch
  27. CS-710: HV-HC Switch Unit5kV/1,500A(Max. Peak Pulse Current)
  28. CS-800: Semiconductor Parameter Search Program
  29. CS-810: Semiconductor Parameter Measurement Application Program
  30. CTJ1050: Fixture with Hotplate Function (Heater Surface 5kV Insulating, Max. Temperature 200°C, Interlock Function)
  31. PA3020: Hotplate (Dimension of Plate Portion: 200mm x 200mm)
  32. PA3040: Hotplate (Dimension of Plate Portion: 200mm x 400mm)
  33. MT-600L: Instrument Cart

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