10kV Analog Curve Tracer (10kV Analog Curve Tracer)

Brand: Iwatsu
Model Series: CS Series

About Product

The Iwatsu 10kV Analog Curve Tracer is the newest curve tracers which can support from the maximum peak 10kV/100mA.  Best suited for the measurement of high voltage diodes and thyristors.


Product Features

  • Display screen: 4″ Color TFT LCD display
  • The best solution to properly measure semiconductors such as IGBTs, MOSFETs, Transistors and Diodes from small to large quantities
  • The setting result is displayed in the setup display area under CONFIGURATION key sets. A proper connection is selected for device measurements (See photo section)
  • The applied voltage and current are monitored in signal waveforms on Wave mode (See photo section)
    • Actual pulse signal waveforms applied on a device at the measurement point can be monitored on the time axis as with oscilloscope Wave mode without extra probing
    • By confirming the waveform, appropriate pulse width and measurement timing can be decided
    • This function also helps confirming the abnormality caused by heat such as a oscillation
  • Versatile interfaces: LAN and USB are provided as standard

Product Functions

  • Best suited for the measurement of high voltage diodes and thyristors

Product Application

  • Best suited for the measurement of high voltage diodes and thyristors

Standard Accessories

  1. Operation Manual
  2. Power Cable

Product Options


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