2574R (Four Tube Ballast Analyzer)

Brand: Xitron
Model Series: 257xR Series

About Product

Ballast test systems based on the XiTRON 257xR Series Ballast Analyzers are now in use by most of the world’s major electronic ballast manufacturers. These test systems have been adopted by these manufacturers because of their greatly enhanced capabilities and reduced maintenance over previous systems. The 257xR Series Ballast Analyzers are the most accurate, fastest and ideal system for ballast and tube testing and are very simple to configure because they have been specifically designed for ballast testing. This considerably reduces any delays and costs in introducing new ballast test systems or implementing an increase in production volume. The 2571R, 2572R and 2573R models are similar to the 2574R, but with measurement capability for tube A (2571R), tubes A and B (2572R), tubes A, B, and C (2573R). Whereas, the 2574R has measurement capabilities for A, B, C and D. Line measurements are available for all four inputs in all models. The 257xR Series are high performance test equipment for testing ballasts and tubes. Within the analyzers, voltage and current signals are converted to digital data using DSP chips where the signals are sampled automatically and periodically as the A to D converters scale and sample data. The 257xR Series analyze both the electrical power being delivered to and returned from single-tube ballasts, multi-tube ballasts and multiple single- and multi-tube ballasts. With the 2574R, up to four tubes and four ballasts can be tested in a fraction of a second for every key parameter, including peak inrush, striking and light efficiency (when used with a light monitor). With a capacity of 2,000 measurements per second on each of up to 30 signals, the only limitation to testing throughput is the speed of your production line. The analysis can be performed one at a time or in automatic succession. The rear panel provides the needed connections required for a wide variety of ballast testing and systems interfacing. The 2574R can be used in standalone or computer controlled environments. It allows the user to simultaneously measure all pins on all tubes, independent output measurements, 12 voltages and 12 currents (i.e. independent tube V and I measurement, independent filament V and I, for each tube that is configured). Continuous sampling at up to 2MS/s ensures that even the shortest transient events are measured. The 2574R displays results in numeric and graphic waveform formats. Results include voltage, current and power, harmonics and plots of measured results versus time. Various versatile interfaces including GPIB and General Printer Interfaces and the XiTRON XView Utility Software are provided as standard accessories.

Product Features

  • Available in 1, 2, 3, or 4 lamp configurations (2571R, 2572R, 2573R, and 2574R)
  • Displays all relevant ballast measurements on a single screen
  • Displays ballast input or output harmonics in bar-graph format. IEC61000-3-2 (Class C) results are also available with a pass/fail indication
  • Test summary screen can display up to 3 pass/fail faults
  • Data logging of many ballast measurements over periods from seconds to days. Results may be obtained either graphically (via front panel or printout) or numerically (via IEEE488 or RS232 interface) with 200 point time resolution
  • Fully automatic ballast startup and tube striking detection and data logging. Results may be obtained either graphically (via front panel or printout) or numerically (via IEEE488 or RS232 interface) with down to 1ms time resolution
  • Automatic selection of resistive loads to simulate real tubes
  • Fully automatic test sequencing and complete comparison of measurements against limits, including the selection of different XiTRON 1500 Series Load Modules and engagement of XiTRON 1500 Series Line Switch Modules
  • Ability to operate up to 7 additional 2574R instruments for parallel ballast testing, controlled via one front panel, IEEE488 and RS232 interface
  • IEEE488 or RS232 controls of up to 4 external AC sources. Allows single user interface
  • High-speed operation with ballast input measured in ½ cycle periods and ballast outputs measured in 512µs periods
  • Completely tests a ballast in less than 100ms
  • Wide bandwidth, ballast output frequencies of up to 2MHz can be accurately measured (harmonics up to 450kHz)
  • Uninterrupted coverage of ballast input and output signals, sampled with 12bit and at high speed (up to 2M sample/sec), ensures accurate peak detection for inrush currents and striking voltages
  • All pins on each tube are measured for voltage and current, ensuring the ballast is fully tested
  • Very low capacitive burden, ensuring that the ballast is tested in normal conditions
  • Supports magnetic, instant/rapid start, HID < 5kVpk, compact, high frequency, and hybrid ballasts, plus LED inverters
  • HID Version to 5kVpk
  • Built-in printer interface enables a comprehensive test report to be printed in a semi-automatic test environment, or for recording results in an engineering environment
  • XiTRON XView Utility Software is provided as standard

Product Functions

  • Completely test a ballast within 100ms
  • Fully automatic ballast start-up and tube striking detection
  • Results displayed graphically or numerically with down to 1ms time resolution
  • XiTRON XView Utility Software
    • While all XiTRON precision test equipment is designed to be used in a completely stand-alone manner, there are times when external tools can aid or enhance the operation of an instrument. The XiTRON XView software tools and drivers are designed to help easily configure an instrument from a single screen, or are used to view a complete set of measurements in a single screen. Other XView tools are designed for data collection where results can be recorded in an Excel-compatible file for post-processing, insertion into reports, or simply for archival purposes. The XiTRON XView Software is provided as standard for 257xR Series

Product Application

  • Ballast testing for various types of ballasts including those of magnetic, electronic/hybrid, sodium, HID, compact fluorescent and CCFL
  • LED inverters testing
  • Consumer products industry
  • Automated production testing of ballast and tube
  • Engineering and testing laboratory
  • Instrument maintenance and repair
  • Light output verification
  • Peak power and consumption measurements
  • Product compliance testing

Standard Accessories

  1. GPIB Interface
  2. Parallel Printer Interface
  3. CD for XiTRON XView Software and Operation Manual
  4. Power Cable

Product Options

  1. 822-2574/R OPT M: Increased Voltage Accuracy (Improved Accuracy up to 1.5kVpk Limit)
  2. 822-2574/R OPT HI: Removes Spark Gaps (Increases Input to 4.5kVpk)
  3. 822-257XR-HID: HID Ballast Option, 4.5kVpk Input, Includes XC Current Option (6Apk per Pin, 12Apk Total) X= 1, 2, 3 OR 4 Ballast Output Connection
  4. 822-2574/R OPT. HID: 257XR Option HID (1, 2, 3 & 4 Channel)
  5. 822-2574/R OPT HL: Increases Line Current Capability to 40Apk (1, 2, 3 & 4 Channel)
  6. 822-2574/R OPT LC: Low Current Load Capability (0.75Apk per Pin) (1, 2, 3 & 4 Channel)
  7. 822-2574/R OPT XC: Very High Current Load Capability (6Apk per Pin) (1, 2, 3 & 4 Channel)
  8. 892-2574/R OPT F: Decrease to 2MHz -3dB Bandwidth, Reduced Accuracy above 100kHz (1, 2, 3 & 4 Channel)
  9. 892-2574/R OPT 2X: Extra High Current Load Capability (12Apk per Pin) (1, 2, 3 & 4 Channel)
  10. 892-2574/R OPT 1MEG INPUT IMP: 892-257xR Option 1MEG Input Impedance Upgrade, Per Channel Cost (Requires a Calibration Cost As Well If Not Performed as Part of a Repair) (1, 2, 3 & 4 Channel)
  11. PCA0088: 2574R Rear Panel PCA
  12. CBL0067: 2 Pin, Molex to Flying Leads, 7″ Each

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