2503AH-1Ch (1-channel High Performance Power Analyzer)

Brand: Xitron
Model Series: 2503AH Series

About Product

The XiTRON 2503AH Series High Performance Power Analyzers measure power, voltage and current up to 500kHz with premier precision. Available parameters include V, A, W, Power Factor, Crest Factor, K Factor, THD, Harmonics, Phase, VA, VAR, W.Hr, Triplens, Impedance, Inrush, Mean-Peak Values and Efficiency Loss. The 2503AH Series High Performance Power Analyzers have set the standard for production testing. Independent channel control and unparalleled flexibility and speed have made the 2503AH-3Ch the instrument of choice in 3-phase power analysis. The 2503AH-1Ch/2503AH-2Ch offers cost effective solutions for single or two-phase applications such as power supply and appliance testing. Various versatile interfaces such as GPIB, RS232 and Parallel Printer Interfaces and the XiTRON XView Utility Software are all provided as standard accessories.

Product Features

  • 18-bit A/D resolution, 500kHz sampling speed provides 0.05% basic accuracy
  • Ultrafast FFT’s per channel produce measurements in 10ms
  • 3000V Peak, 50 Amp Peak measurable with internal shunt and optional internal Hall Effect CTs
  • Pre-configured for ballast, motor, power supply and appliance tests
  • Real-time, ultra-fast, harmonic analysis
  • Application specific configurations
  • External CT and PT capability ratio: 000001-1000000 to 1, for A/V, A/A or V/V
  • Frequency measurement: 500µHz to 170kHz, 0.01% of reading
  • Measurement period: User defined from 1ms to 27.8 hours
  • Watt, VA & VAR accuracy highest of V* Amp error or Amp* V error yields max error for either Watts, VA or VAR
  • Accumulation accuracy WHr, VAHr, AHr up to 9999.9 GWHr/GVAHr
  • Timing Accuracy: 01% + 10ms, start/stop error
  • Two 32MHz Digital Signal Processors for each channel
  • IEC61000-3-3 Flicker Analysis capability (with Option F)
  • Full stand-alone compliance with IEC1000-3-2 Harmonics and IEC1000-3-3 Flicker testing requirements
  • XiTRON XView Software is provided as standard
  • 2pcs RS232 Interface, GPIB Interface and Parallel Printer Interface are provided as standard

Product Functions

  • Basic operation involves defining (configuring) test parameters for UUT and reading the results
  • Pre-programmed QUICK START configurations, which are based on factory defaults
  • Multiple configurations can be set at one time to provide a full analysis of test equipment. The dual and three channels allow to setup a number of applications or read multiple outputs on a complex device
  • Use the setup menus, such as the standard and advanced, to adapt the analyzer to product’s specialized needs. The IEC1000-3-2 and IEC1000-3-3 setups help configure the instrument for measurements in accordance with these standards
  • XiTRON XView Utility Software
    • While all XiTRON precision test equipment is designed to be used in a completely stand-alone manner, there are times when external tools can aid or enhance the operation of an instrument. The XiTRON XView software tools and drivers are designed to help easily configure an instrument from a single screen, or are used to view a complete set of measurements in a single screen. Other XView tools are designed for data collection where results can be recorded in an Excel-compatible file for post-processing, insertion into reports, or simply for archival purposes. The XiTRON XView Utility Software is provided as standard for 2503AH Series

Product Application

  • Troubleshooting: Fast measurement and display for system troubleshooting
  • Predictive maintenance: Test to avoid power quality problems before malfunctions occur
  • Service function: Measure for power quality before use
  • Long-term analysis: Recording function to help find out hidden and intermittent malfunctions
  • Load analysis: Check quality of electric systems before adding loads
  • Energy evaluation: Evaluate energy consumption before installation of energy-saving facilities
  • Motor lighting
  • Power conversion
  • Appliance test and development
  • Power supply testing

Standard Accessories

  1. GPIB Interface
  2. 2pcs of RS-232 Interface
  3. Parallel Printer Interface
  4. CD for XiTRON XView Utility Software and Operation Manual
  5. Power Cable

Product Options

  1. SVCC-MIL-2501H: Post Data Calibration for 2503AH-1CH (At Time of Order)
  2. SVCC-MIL-2502H: Post Data Calibration for 2503AH-2CH (At Time of Order)
  3. SVCC-MIL-2503H: Post Data Calibration for 2503AH-3CH (At Time of Order)
  4. F: IEC61000-3-3 Flicker Analysis Capability
  5. 822-AIO: 12 Channel Analog Output, 16 Channel Digital Output
  6. 822-HE-1CH: Add 150A Peak Internal Hall Effect Current Transducer for 2503AH-1CH
  7. 822-HE-2CH: Add 150A Peak Internal Hall Effect Current Transducer for 2503AH-2CH
  8. 822-HE-3CH: Add 150A Peak Internal Hall Effect Current Transducer for 2503AH-3CH
  9. 892-GPIB IEEE-488 ADAPTER: IEEE-488 Adapter
  10. RE: 19″ Rack Adapter Kit
  11. PCA0006: 2503AH Input Assembly
  12. PWS0016: DC to DC Converter for Service/Support Only

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