LI-575 (0.5Hz to 200kHz, 100nV Full-scale Synchrotrack Lock-in Amplifier with Completely Free from Harmonic Influences)

型號系列: LI-575 (系列)


Lock-in Amplifier is used for detecting and measuring AC signal’s amplitude or phase buried in noise as high sensitive AC Voltmeter with noise immunity. For the DSP lock-in amplifier, NF has taken full advantage of the sophisticated computation capacities of digital signal processors, while significantly improving the speed for setting and response during measurement, the stability of output and the compatibility of data with computers, at the same time as pursuing operability and lower cost. NF has full confidence in its experience and know-how in lock-in amplifiers. The NF LI-575 Synchrotrack Lock-in Amplifier is thus designed and used by many customers like in the fields of physics and science including spectroscopic analysis.


  • Completely free from harmonic influences
  • Wide frequency range: 5Hz to 200kHz
  • Sensitivity: 100nV to 500mV
  • Dynamic reserve:60dB
  • Time constant: 25ms to 125s, 6dB/Oct or 12dB/Oct
  • Input mode: Ground line may be switch-floated
  • DC output: Acosφ, Asinφ, A, φ, NOISE
  • Phase measurements easily performed
  • Built-in noise measuring mode, equivalent of 0.1Hz to 100Hz


  • Phase measurement can easily be done without phase adjustment
  • Built-in noise measuring mode from 0.1Hz to 100Hz


  • Phase measurement
  • Detecting and measuring AC signal’s amplitude or phase buried in noise
  • Spectroscopic analysis


  1. Operation Manual
  2. Power Cable


  • None





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