XDM3051 (5½ Digits, DCV 1kV, ACVrms 750V, DCA 10A, ACArms 10A, 4-inch High Resolution LCD Display Bench-type Digital Multimeter)

Brand: Owon
Model Series: XDM Series

About Product

The OWON XDM3051 Bench-type Digital Multimeter works for various DMM measurement functions and the tool as a must.

Product Features

  • Display screen: 4”480 x 320 pixels high resolution LCD color display
  • Display digits: 5½digits
  • Fast reading rates, 150 readings/s, greatly enhances to improved data measurement efficiency
  • True RMS AC voltage and current measurement
  • Datalogger mode
    • Logging duration: 5ms
    • Logging length: 1Mpts
  • Dual line display supported
  • Versatile interfaces: USB, RS232, LAN and Ext Trigger Input provided as standard and optional WiFi

Product Functions

  • Functional measurement of DC voltage, DC current, AC voltage, AC current, 2- / 4-wire resistance, capacitance, continuity, diode, frequency, period and temperature (multi-thermocouple and thermal resistance supported)
  • Miscellaneous and valued-added functions include bar chart, column chart, trend chart, maximum value, minimum value, average value, standard deviation, relative value, dB/dBm and Pass / Fail
  • The change trend analysis accessible via special chart mode
  • Temperature sensors under 2 categories supported
    • Thermocouple (ITS-90 conversion between B / E / J / K / N / R / S / T type)
    • Thermal resistance (RTD sensor conversion between Pt100 and Pt385 type)
  • Datalogger function: During recording the measurement value, possible to set the logging duration (min. 5ms) and length, then get access to chart or table result (See photo section)
  • Diode testing and measurement
  • SCPI supported for remote control and data sharing via LAN, USB, RS232 and optional WiFi

Product Application

  • Multifarious featuring characteristics enable the XDM3051 Series for various general purposes in use

Standard Accessories

  1. USB Interface
  2. RS232 Interface
  3. LAN Interface
  4. External Trigger Input
  5. USB Cable
  6. Multimeter Test Lead
  7. Alligator Clip
  8. CDRom
  9. Fuse
  10. Operation Manual
  11. Power Cable

Product Options

  1. WiFi Module

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