VOAC-7523H (5½ Digits, Dual Display, Isolate 2-channel Input Dual Function, 0.1µV, 509999, ACV 300kHz Digital Multimeter)

Brand: Iwatsu
Model Series: VOAC Series

About Product

The Iwatsu VOAC Series Digital Multimeters all show and work for various DMM measurement functions and the tool as a must.

Product Features

  • Display screen: 4.3” high resolution Color LED large display monitor (VOAC-7602 Series) (See photo section)
  • Display digits
    • 6½ Digits (VOAC-7602 Series)
    • 5½ Digits (VOAC-7500H Series)
    • 4½ Digits ((VOAC-22 Series)
  • Accurate sampling rates now possible with the Bulk mode greatly enhancing to improved analysis accuracy (VOAC-7602 Series)
  • User-friendly operability for VOAC-7602 Series
    • Illuminated when necessary and arrow keys functions and 4.3-inch LED large display all make VOAC-7602 so user-friendly in operation (See photo section)
  • Connectivity
    • USB Interface (VOAC-7602 Series)
    • RS232 Interface (VOAC-7500H Series)


Product Functions

  • Isolate 2-channel input (VOAC-7520H, VOAC-7523H)
    • If the CH-A and CH-B input is from an insulated VOAC7523H or 7520H, the electrical potential for different circuits can be measured simultaneously (See photo section)
  • Dual channels (VOAC-7520H, VOAC-7523H)
    • Simultaneous measurements and simultaneous display which conventionally require two oscilloscopes can now be performed simultaneously with only a single unit to greatly improve efficiency (See photo section)
  • Dual display / Dual function for VOAC-7500H Series (See photo section)
  • Accurate Root-Mean-Square (VOAC-7500H Series)
    • Accurate root-mean-square values for AC voltage and AC current can be measured. Root-mean-square values for direct current can also be measured (DC+AC) V, (DC+AC) A
  • Trend graphs using the interface (VOAC-7500H Series)
    • Data can be loaded into Excel and other spreadsheet software when connected to a PC with the interface. This enables trend graphs to be easily made (See photo section)
  • New displays that make even better use of the judgment function (VOAC-7602 Series)
    • A larger screen for enhanced legibility
      • It is now possible to see the screen from a distance. Highly-acclaimed for enabling adjustment work to be carried out more easily and speedily (See photo section)
    • Unique needle meters
      • Pseudo analog-like fluctuations are displayed digitally (See photo section)
    • Judgement function
      • In addition to the convenience of making estimated judgments, it is now possible to use combinations of the judgment function in a wide range of ways. The color of the needle changes when the reading exceeds the judgment standards (See photo section)
  • Various new functions of VOAC-7602 Series are equipped including trend chart and histogram chart displays and enhanced analysis accuracy through 30k sampling/s, which exceeds expectations from normal DMMs (See photo section)
  • A myriad of analysis display combinations without the use of PC (VOAC-7602 Series)
    • The primary display consists of several displays, including the numerical display, the trend charts, the histogram charts and the arc scale meter, and a secondary display to provide a wealth of information related to each of the primary displays is also available. A wide range of screen combinations can therefore be selected in alignment with measurement requirements (See photo section)
  • Accurate sampling rate with Bulk mode increases analysis accuracy (VOAC-7602 Series)
    • A dedicated acquisition mode was added to enable 30k sampling/s (DCV, DCI, 2WΩ and 4WΩ with 5½ digit displays). This has greatly improved the time resolution to load data and is useful for transferring data across to other new DMM applications. The Bulk mode is a mode that concentrates only on acquiring measurement data. Accurate sampling rates up to a maximum of 30k sampling/s are guaranteed when the display of measurement data on the screen is switched off during data acquisition. The measurement data is stored in bulk in the log memory, and can be used for displaying trends and histograms with the use of the offline browser function. Data can also be saved onto USB memories (See photo section)
  • Logging is possible for long periods of time with long memory (VOAC-7602 Series)
    • Equipped with a data size equivalent to 100k points of data to supports extended logging periods. Example: Logging exceeding one full day is possible at a sampling speed of one per second (See photo section)
  • Offline browser function equipped with a powerful cursor (VOAC-7602 Series)
    • Offline histogram chart display useful for measurement yields
      • The data loaded into the log memory is displayed in a histogram so that the yields can be easily measured with the cursor. This function is conventionally carried out through PC analyses, but allowing judgment to be performed where the work is being carried out drastically improves work efficiency (See photo section)
    • Offline trend charts for displaying the time-based fluctuations in measurements
      • In addition to an oscilloscope-like display, it is possible to recalculate the statistics within the range of the cursor to acquire statistical data within required ranges. It is also possible to perform this while copying the screens into the USB memory, which is very useful for improving work efficiency even further (See photo section)
    • Vastly upgraded judgment function
      • The VOAC-7602 Series is capable of performing high-grade analyses based on the results of LIMIT judgment. The main feature here is the simple operations. The unit answers the questions that trouble operators, such as the number of defects occurring and the Date & Time of Occurrence (See photo section)

Product Application

  • Multifarious featuring characteristics enable the Iwatsu VOAC Series for various general purposes in use

Standard Accessories

  1. USB Interface (VOAC-7602 Series)
  2. RS232 Interface (VOAC-7500H Series)
  3. Alignment Screwdriver (VOAC-7500H Series)
  4. Test Leads
  5. Fuse
  6. Operation Manual (CD-ROM)
  7. Power Cable

Product Options

  1. SC-361: LAN/RS232 Interface for VOAC-7602 Series
  2. SC-362: DIO Interface for VOAC-7602 Series
  3. SC-363: GPIB Interface for VOAC-7602 Series
  4. SC-351: LAN Interface for VOAC-7500H Series
  5. SC-352: DIO Interface for VOAC-7500H Series
  6. SC-353: GPIB Interface for VOAC-7500H Series
  7. SC-354: D/A Converter Interface for VOAC-7500H Series
  8. SC-525: RS232-USB Converter for VOAC-7500H Series
  9. SC-020: Test Lead Set (Red x 1 ,Black x 1) for VOAC-7500H Series
  10. SC-023: Alligator Clip for SC-020, 600Vrms, CAT II/10A for VOAC-7500H Series and VOAC-22 Series
  11. SC-026: Arrow Clip for SC-020, AC30V/DC60V 3A for VOAC-7500H Series and VOAC-22 Series
  12. SC-028: Clamp-on Current Probe, DC +/- 180A Max, AC130Arms Max (40Hz – 1kHz) for VOAC-7500H Series and VOAC-22 Series
  13. SC-0107: Sheath-type Thermocouple (Type K) -200° to +800° for VOAC-7500H Series and VOAC-22 Series
  14. SC-0116: Surface Thermocouple (Type K) 0° to +500°  for VOAC-7500H Series for VOAC-22 Series
  15. Kelvin-M Type 4-Wire Kelvin Test Clips for VOAC-7500H Series
  16. POMONA 1286: Banana Plug (In Connection to Thermocouple) for VOAC-7500H Series
  17. SC-003: High Voltage Probe for All VOAC Series

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