SY-8218 (10Hz to 10MHz B-H Analyzer with the SY-951 Measurement Pod)

Brand: Iwatsu
Model Series: SY-8210 Series

About Product

The Iwatsu SY-8210 Series B-H Analyzers are best suited for measuring the magnetic properties of soft magnetic materials such as silicon-steel plates, ferrites and amorphous materials.

Product Features

  • Display screen:  8.4″ Color TFT LCD display with SVGA 800×600 Pixels
  • Wide measurement frequency for materials analysis which used in high frequencies
    • SY-8218:  SINE from 10Hz to 10MHz, Pulse at Duty 50:50 from 10Hz to 1MHz
    • SY-8219:  SINE from 10Hz to 1MHz, Pulse at Duty 50:50 from 10Hz to 1MHz
  • 16 times of acquisition data (comparing with former Iwatsu models)
    • Acquisition data at 8,192 points/cycle perform precise measurement on parameters such as Hc (coercive force), Br (residual flux density) and other parameters
  • Pulse excitation function
    • Both SINE (Sinusoidal) and Pulse (at Duty 50:50, 1MHz, max) excitations areavailable as a standard function
  • Digitizer: 16 bits (8,192 points/cycle)
  • Magnetic flux density signal detection: Voltage detection at induced voltage detection coil. Maximum signal detection voltage at ±200V
  • Wide temperature range scanner system with Auto vehicle standard AEC-Q200 Grade0 compatible, temperature range of -55ºC to +180ºC and 4pcs samples (SY-330)
  • Automatic temperature scanner system for temperature range of -30°C to +150°C and maximum 20/41pcs samples (SY-320A/SY-321A)
  • DC – 3MHz, Voltage ±150V max, Current ±6A max bipolar power amplifier (SY-5001)
  • DC – 3MHz, Voltage ±75V max, Current ±6A max bipolar power amplifier (SY-5002)
  • DC – 10MHz, Voltage ±71V max, Current ±1A max bipolar power amplifier (HSA4101-IW)
  • Sample dimension for Single Sheet Test System (SY-956)
    • Length: 36mm min
    • Width: 35mm max
    • Thickness:  3mm max
  • DC bias current 30A max, AC ripple current ±6A max for DC-Bias Test System (SY-960/961/962)
  • Various types of soft magnetic materials to be tested (See photo section)

Product Functions

  • Full automatic test for sample parameters (effective magnetic length, effective cross section, number of turns of windings, etc.) and test conditions (frequency, maximum field strength (Hm), maximum flux density (Bm), maximum induced voltage (V2m), maximum exciting current (I1m) inputs enable obtaining B-H hysteresis curve and magnetic properties in value automatically
  • Precise test in higher frequency
    • Complete and full automated functional B-H test will be conducted by B-H Analyzer, Power Amplifier, Temperature Scanner System, Single Sheet Test System, DC-Bias Test System and Remote Control Software (See photo section)
    • B-H measurement by SY-8218 and SY-8219 mainframes (See photo section)
    • Wideband and high power amplification by HSA4101IW, HSA-4014IW and IE-1125B Power Amplifiers (See photo section)
    • SY-320A and SY-321A Temperature Scanner System and spare parts (See photo section)
    • Automatic test can be performed such as property test vs. frequency by SY-810 Remote Control Software (See photo section)
    • Continuous test function: Time-tendency property test can be performed at continuous excitation by SY-811 (See photo section)
    • Full automatic accurate test for single sheet shape samples such as silicon-steel sheets by SY-956 (See photo section)
    • Automatic test on power inductor properties with DC biasing by SY-960/961/962 DC-Bias Test System. Test example on chip inductor for Chopper excitation (See photo section)

Product Application

  • Precise automatic core loss measurement in higher frequency
    • Iwatsu’s B-H analyzers hiring CROSS-POWER method (IEC62044-3) enable precise and highly accurate measurement embedded minimized phase error integration on frequency spectrum with current detecting resisters and compensation on detecting circuit with full compensation on amplitude and phase characteristics (See photo section)
  • Power inductor property test upon chopper excitation on chip inductor (See photo section). The optional SY-960/961/962 DC-Bias Test System is required

Standard Accessories

  1. Cord Strap
  2. POD Cover
  3. 10kHz AC Coupler (SY-504)
  4. Power Amplifier Cable (BNC-BNC)
  5. OSC Cable (BNC-SMA)
  6. Standard Sample (TYPE A)
  7. Instruction Manual (CD)
  8. User’s Guide
  9. Power Cable

Product Options

  1. SY-5001: DC – 3MHz, ±150V/±6A Bipolar Power Amplifier
  2. SY-5002: DC – 3MHz, ±75V/±6A Bipolar Power Amplifier
  3. HSA4101-IW: DC – 10MHz, ±71V/±1A, 50VA Bipolar Power Amplifier
  4. SY-320A: -30°Cto +150°C Constant Temperature Chamber Scanner System for 20pcs Samples
  5. SY-321A:-30°Cto +150°C Constant Temperature Chamber Scanner System for 41pcs Samples
  6. SY-330: -55ºC to +180ºC  Wide Temperature Range Scanner System with Auto Vehicle Standard AEC-Q200 Grade0 Compatible for 4pcs Samples
  7. SY-931: 10A Max, 1MHz Max DC Biasing Source
  8. SY-960: DC Bias Tester
  9. SY-961: DC Bias Source
  10. SY-962: AC Blocker
  11. SY-509: USB-GPIB Converter:
  12. SY-510: Turntable for SY-320A, 20 Samples
  13. SY-511: Turntable for SY-321A, 41 Samples
  14. SY-512: Spare Contact Pin (4pcs/Set) for SY-321A/320A
  15. SY-513: Troid shape case
  16. SY-514: LF AC Coupler
  17. SY-810: Data Collection Software (w/ SY-509 USB-GPIB Converter and Bulkhead Adaptor)
  18. SY-811: Continuous Test Function Software
  19. SY-911: Connection Cable (SY-8218/SY-8219 to IE-1125B)
  20. SY-956: Single Sheet Test System
  21. MT-600L: Equipment Wagon

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