SLM3505 (5Hz to 5MHz, 300Vpk Selective Level Meter)

Brand: N4L
Model Series: SLM3505 Series

About Product

The N4L SLM3505 Selective Level Meter is designed to provide a single instrument solution for the electric utility system protection engineer and relay/communications technician responsible for the alignment and maintenance of Power Line Carrier, Audio Tone and FSK Communications Systems. This multifunction instrument replaces all 4 existing Power Line Carrier Instruments in one for a fraction of the cost, all in a compact lightweight package. It is important to note that the requirement for a separate signal generator is no longer the case as the SLM3505 integrates the signal generator into the same chassis as the selective level meter. The SLM3505 is termed as a portable Field Power Line Communications Analysis instrument featuring color display and USB memory stick interface for data transfer and it also includes VSWR, oscilloscope and impedance (LCR) modes.


Product Features

 Display screen: 5.7” full color VGA high brightness backlight
 Frequency range: 5Hz to 5MHz
 Low and high level generators
 Selectable inputs up to 300Vpk
 Dual frequency SLM mode
 Mains / 12 Volt DC / internal battery operation
 Data storage: Internal 1GB flash or external USB pen port
 Internal battery: Re-chargeable Lithium-Ion. Approx. 2 hours operation
 Supplied complete with rugged flight case
 Versatile interfaces: LAN, USB, RS232 are provided as standard

Product Functions

 Single and dual frequency Selective Level Meter
 Frequency Response Analyzer
 Impedance Analyzer (LCR measurements)
 VSWR Meter
 Signal Generator
 Oscilloscope

Product Application

 Power line carrier alignment & maintenance
 Line trap alignment & test
–  The SLM3505 Impedance Analyzer provides the impedance versus frequency plot directly on the display. A technician can therefore view a curve representing the resonant frequency and adjust a trap and tuning pack while viewing the changes in a real time environment, without having to adjust the meter. Since the SLM3505 is a true LCR Meter with the ability to zero out cable impedance, test lead length and separation is no longer a concern. Now the technician can attach long leads to a mounted trap and perform testing while still on the ground, by simply zeroing the capacitance in the leads
 Line tuner alignment & test
–  The SLM3505 provides a single instrument solution for adjusting a Tuner’s Series inductor and Impedance Matching transformer for minimum reflected power. The SLM3505 achieves this either with a conventional directional coupler technique or by an innovative impedance comparison technique that achieves the same measurement results without the need for any additional hardware. Using either technique in VSWR mode, a single screen displays the frequency under test, the forward power level, the reflected power level and the % reflected power
 PLC transmitter & receiver test & set-up
–  The SLM3505’s wide frequency range (5Hz to 5MHz) is ideal for setting transmitters and receivers on Power Line Carrier, Audio Tone or Analog Baseband Microwave systems. Unlike many conventional selective level meters, the SLM3505 scans the required frequency range then centres automatically on the largest peak or two largest peaks. The high level output provides up to 2 watts into 50 Ohms for Power Line Carrier applications, while the low level output is ideal for work on audio tone and microwave systems. For the Power Line Carrier user, a high level, high impedance input capable of up to 300V peak can handle any standard transmitter output in the field today without the need for an external attenuator
 Audio tone protective relay channel test & set-up
 FSK telemetry testing
 Data and event recording
–  Many of the SLM3505’s test functions will provide the technician invaluable information that can be used for future reference in verifying the state in which the equipment was tested and aligned. An internal 1 Gigabyte of storage, external USB memory stick compatibility and an RJ45 input connection for laptop connectivity provides the user a versatile solution for storing and retrieving field data

Standard Accessories

A. LAN Interface
B. USB Interface
C. RS232 Interface
D. SLM3505 Hard Flight Case
E. Software: CommView2 Scripting Software
F. Documentation: UKAS ISO17025 Certificate, Calibration Certificate, User Manual, Communication Manual
G. Power Cable

Product Options

A. SLM3505 Option F: High Accuracy Calibration & Certification (Option F < ± 2ppm)
B. BAL01 PLCC Balanced Output: Balanced Output Module for PLCC Testing with the SLM3505
C. Directional Coupler 50Ω: 50Ω, 10kHz (10W) to 500kHz (100W)
D. Directional Coupler 75Ω: 75Ω, 10kHz (10W) to 500kHz (100W)
E. SLM Cable Set: 2 x BNC to Alligator Clip (2m), 2 x BNC to Pin Tip (2m), 2 x BNC to BNC (2m), 3 x 4mm Plug to Pin Tip (2m), 3 x 4mm Plug to Alligator Clip (2m)
F. USB to 9-pin RS232: USB to 9-pin RS232 Serial Converter

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