SG-4105 (10mHz to 15MHz, 1-channel Function Generator)

Brand: Iwatsu
Model Series: SG-4100 Series

About Product

The Iwatsu SG-4100 Series Function Generators are ideal tools for waveform generation.

Product Features

  • Wide oscillation bandwidth from 10mHz to 15MHz (SG-4105)
  • High accuracy (50ppm: SG-4105, SG-4104) and high stability waveform output by employing DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer) system
  • Waveform amplitude resolution:  12 bit
  • Max 20Vp-p (output terminal open)
  • 0.0% to 100.0% duty control/ up to 65,536 Burst waveforms
  • Offset control +10V to -10V (output terminal open)
  • Waveform outputs are connected continuously when vary the frequency
  • Linear/Log sweep function
  • Simultaneous display of the frequency and output voltage
  • Provides small-amplitude on large-offset

Product Functions

  • Pulse Motor Control (PMC) option (SG-506 for SG-4105) is best suited forevaluating the pulsemotor control. Pulse motor acceleration or braking controls need to be reviewed not only by position control but also under loaded condition. The PMC option simplifies the evaluation. Pulse outputs in open collector (50V) are output from rear panel with PMC option. Common motor driver circuit connected with PMC (See photo section)
  • Boost amplifier option (SG-300) is a useful drive amp that boosts signal generator output at 1MHz full power band. The SG-300 is an amplifier for converting function generator output. This amplifier can be used for a wide range of purposes, including the development of inverters and other mechatronic equipment. The amplifier has a low impedance output which enables it to be used with low power loss even driving low impedance loads. It also supports amplitude modulation only at the positive side or only at the negative side, which enables zero level adjustment (See photo section)

Product Application

  • Waveform generation for various general purposes in use
  • Pulse motor control for pulse motor acceleration or braking controls
  • Boost amplification for inverters and mechatronic equipment

Standard Accessories

  1. Operation Manual
  2. Power Cable

Product Options

  1. SG-506: Pulse Motor Control (PMC). Factory Option of SG-4105
  2. SG-300: DC – 1MHz, 48Vp-p (Open), 24Vp-p (50phm), 240mA (50ohm) Boost Amplifier
  3. SC-525: RS232-USB Converter, Around 85cm Long

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