SE-6011 (Isolation Unit, Sending Side)

Brand: Iwatsu
Model Series: SE-6000 Series

About Product

With featuring characteristics on high voltage, strong magnetic fields, floating and long distances, the Iwatsu SE-6000 Series Isolation Probe performs waveform measurements with high resolutions and in safe manner under high voltage environment in systems that isolate output terminals through optical insulation.

Product Features

  • Contributes to the safety for the high voltage environment tests
  • Increases measurement quality with differential probes
  • Measures noise resistance very effectively
  • Supports wide range of objects such as lightning surge and charging tests
  • Measures distant points (switches, transportation equipment)
  • Analyzes failure factors when multiple abnormal operations happened at the distantplaces (the isolation unit can be set at each place, up to 4 sets in total)

Product Functions

  • SE-6011 functions in input signal’s amplification and A/D conversion at the Sending Side
  • SE-6000 functions in D/A conversion and signal amplification and output to further equipment in use at the Receiver Side

Product Application

  • Ultra-high voltage measurement
    • Performs ultrahigh voltage measurement in safe manner (See photo section)
  • Wind-power generation
    • Isolation unit can be set at a distant place, which is useful for a long time monitoring of an inverter and an UPS power supply (See photo section)
  • High-speed train
    • Performs simultaneous measurement at multiple distant points (See photo section)
  • High-voltage transformer
    • Performs ultrahigh voltage measurement in safe manner (See photo section)

Standard Accessories

  1. Li-ion Battery, 1 pcs
  2. Operation Manual
  3. Power Cable

Product Options

  1. NH-2054: Li-ion Battery
  2. CH-5050A: Battery Charger (2-Bay Type)
  3. SE-605: Optical Fiber Cable, 3m
  4. SE-606: Optical Fiber Cable, 10m
  5. SE-607: Optical Fiber Cable, 50m
  6. Optical Fiber Cable (200m Long): Custom Order

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