SC-7205A (230MHz x 2 Channels (Channel A-B) Universal Counter with RS232 Interface)

Brand: Iwatsu
Model Series: SC Series

About Product

The Iwatsu SC Series Universal Counters are ideally new lineups of high performance universal counters that transcend their class.

Product Features

  • Enables frequency measurements for two independent channels
  • Pulse width measurements and time interval measurements greatly broaden the scope of single-gate measurement
  • Auto-trigger function that eradicates the need for setting the trigger level. Manual setup is of course possible
  • Input signal peak voltage measurements make it easy to confirm the waveform amplitude
  • High stability clock oscillator option
  • The digit display greatly increased to accommodate a maximum of 12 digits/sec (SC-7215A, SC-7217A)
  • A maximumof 3GHz and the digit display greatly increased to accommodate a maximum of 12 digits/sec (SC-7217A)

Product Functions

  • Enabling various measurements such as frequency measurement, pulse width measurement and time interval measurements
  • Auto-trigger function enables the need for setting the trigger level

Product Application

  • Frequency and time interval measurements for various general purposes in use

Standard Accessories

  1. RS232 Interface (SC-7205A)
  2. LAN, USB and DIO Interfaces (SC-7215A, SC-7217A)
  3. Operation Manual
  4. Power Cable

Product Options

  1. SC-701: GPIB Interface for SC-7205A
  2. SC-702: DIO Interface for SC-7205A
  3. SC-703A: High Stability Oscillator (0.1ppm/Year) for SC-7205A
  4. SC-525: RS232-USB Converter for SC-7205A
  5. SC-709: Rear Input for SC-7215A
  6. SC-710: Rear Input for SC-7217A
  7. SC-711: GPIB Interface for SC-7215A, SC-7217A
  8. SC-713: USB Host Interface for SC-7215A, SC-7217A
  9. SC-714: RS-232 Interface for SC-7215A, SC-7217A
  10. SC-715: OCXO (High Stability Oscillator, 20ppb) for SC-7215A, SC-7217A
  11. SC-716: OCXO (High Stability Oscillator, 5ppb) for SC-7215A, SC-7217A

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