PSM3750-3C (3-channel, 10µHz to 50MHz, Isolated Inputs 500Vpk, Isolated AC+ DC, Basic Gain Accuracy 0.02dB, Basic Phase Accuracy 0.025° Frequency Response Analyzer)

Brand: N4L
Model Series: PSM3750 Series

About Product

Utilizing the latest DSP and FPGA technology to optimize the use of innovative analogue hardware, many measurements functions can be derived with great precision from the basic elements of true RMS voltage on two measurement channels plus the phase angle between them. It is from this fundamental relationship between independent voltages and their relative phase angle that the model “PSM” was derived and this is also the key to the unique combination of performance versatility and value provided by the PSM range. The N4L PSM3750 Series Frequency Response Analyzers are built to provide a solution for high voltage, high accuracy, isolated gain and phase measurement. When combining with an Impedance Analysis Interface 2 (IAI2), a high accuracy impedance analyzer is formed in which the PSM3750 Series are able to provide impedance analysis up to 50MHz. Additional features include an oscilloscope, power analyzer, harmonic analyzer and vector voltmeter functions.


Product Features

 Frequency range: DC, 10µHz to 50MHz
 Leading wideband accuracy: Basic 0.01dB with class leading high frequency performance
 Leading phase accuracy: 0.025°
 High voltage floating inputs: Galvanically isolated fully floating inputs for 500Vpk range
 Fully isolated generator: Enables direct connection to feedback loops with no need for isolation transformers
 Loop response analysis
 Impedance measurement with IAI2 (Option)
 Versatility: Frequency Response Analyzer, Impedance Analyzer, Vector Voltmeter / Phase Angle Voltmeter, LCR Meter, Harmonic Analyzer, RMS Voltmeter, Oscilloscope
 Versatile interfaces: LAN, GPIB, USB, RS232 are all provided as standard

Product Functions

 Frequency response analysis
–  The PSM3750 Series offer a complete solution for high frequency, high accuracy frequency response measurements. Featuring a unique 10Vrms output, 500Vpk isolated generator and 500Vpk isolated inputs the PSM3750 is an innovative step forward in frequency response measurement. The PSM3750 Series also offer market leading gain and phase accuracy (0.01dB, 0.025deg) for an isolated input frequency response analyzer
 Impedance analysis with IAI2 (Option)
–  When combined with the optional IAI2 Impedance Analysis Interface, the PSM3750 Series provide an accurate solution for LCR measurements, using a true 4-wire Kelvin technique without the need for external shunts. The IAI2 has a bandwidth up to 50MHz, with a wide measurement range this technology builds on years of expertise N4L have gained in the impedance measurement field (See photo section)
 Isolation for high voltage feedback loop analysis
–  The PSM3750 features a 500Vpk isolated generator; this enables the engineer to connect directly to the feedback loop with no need for an injection transformer. This has been made possible through the development of a truly isolated generator card providing DC & 10µHz up to 50MHz injection bandwidth. In most cases there will be no requirement for attenuators due to the presence of 500Vpk isolated inputs, making feedback analysis simple, fast and flexible
 PSMComm2 Software (Option)
–  The optional PSMComm2 enables the user to perform multiple sweeps during development and compare the sweeps on one single plot. PSMComm2 also includes a database function in which the user can store their projects and organize large amounts of data in a manageable, structured format (See photo section)

Product Application

 Power supply gain and phase analysis
 Power supply feedback loop analysis
 Electro-mechanical control loop analysis
 Electronic filter design and test
 Speaker and amplifier test
 Mechanical vibration analysis
 Electrochemical materials analysis
 Current transformer testing
 Phase meter calibration
 Component testing
 Sweep frequency response analysis of wound components
 Electrochemistry
 Circuit impedance analysis
 Resonance testing
 Power profile testing
 SMPS standby analysis
 Distortion analysis
 PFC testing
 LVDT testing
 Battery research and design
 Electrochemical fuel cell research and design

Standard Accessories

A. LAN Interface
B. GPIB Interface
C. USB Interface
D. RS232 Interface
E. RS232 Cable
F. Probe: 4pcs (PSM3750-2C), 6pcs (PSM3750-3C)
G. Connection Cable: Output Leads
H. Software: CommVIEW
I. Documentation: User Manual, Calibration Certificate
J. Power Cable

Product Options

A. PSMcomm2-PC Software: PSM Functions + Graphs, Tables, Save and Print
B. LCR Active Head Kelvin Lead Set: LCR Active Head Kelvin Test Leads
C. IAI2 Impedance Analyzer Interface + Kelvin Lead Set: DC to 50MHz
D. IAI2 Rack Mounting Brackets: 19″ Rack Mounting Brackets for IAI2 Instrument
E. Standard Injection Transformer: 10Hz to 200kHz
F. HF Injection Transformer: 500Hz to 35MHz
G. HV Injection Transformer: 5Hz to 15MHz-600V Cat II Isolation
H. Low Frequency Injection Module: DC to 100kHz
I. BATT470m Package-100V: 100V DC Rated EIS Impedance Measurement Shunt + 2 x ESF10m Filters
J. BATT470m Package-200V: 200V DC Rated EIS Impedance Measurement Shunt + 2 x ESF10m Filters
K. USB to 9-Pin RS232 Serial Converter: USB to 9-Pin RS232 Serial Converter
L. PSMsoft-PC Software: LabView Executable with PSM + Nyquist and Simulation
M. FRA Dataplot PC Software: FRA Control/Mulitgraph + DB Storage and 5-Sheet o/p
N. PSM/PPA Soft Carry Case: PSM/PPA Soft Carry Case
O. Spare User Manual: Spare User Manual
P. TT-HV 250 High Voltage Probe (Passive): 2.5kVpk, 100:1
Q. HF010m: 10mΩ, 20Arms, 1MHz Current Shunt (Supplied with Safety BNC to BNC Connector)
R. HF100m: 100mΩ, 6Arms, 1MHz Current Shunt (Supplied with Safety BNC to BNC Connector)
S. HF470m: 470mΩ, 3Arms, 1MHz Current Shunt (Supplied with Safety BNC to BNC Connector)
T. HF01A: 1Ω, 1Arms, 1MHz Current Shunt (Supplied with Safety BNC to BNC Connector)

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