FRA5022 (0.1mHz to100kHz, 2-channel, Slim Case (2U) Optimal for Rack Systems Frequency Response Analyzer)

Brand: NF
Model Series: FRA5022 Series

About Product

A Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA) measures the gain and phase response characteristics with respect to frequency of the device or system under test by applying a frequency swept sine wave to it and examining its response signal, featuring wide dynamic range realizes high precise measurement and also ultra-low frequency measurement. The NF FRA5022 Frequency Response Analyzer is a FRA for measurement frequencies of 0.1mHz to 100kHz. With a slim, space-efficient case design and simple operation for ease of use, it is well suited for production lines.  From stability evaluation for servo systems and switching power supplies to fuel cell current impedance measurement, the FRA5022 can be used for a number of different situations in a wide variety of fields, ranging from electronic to mechanics and electrochemical circuits/materials. The FRA5022 Frequency Response Analyzer will be your choice. Experience first-hand just how excellent the low cost, functions and operability it is.

Product Features

  • Display screen: 5″ Color TFT LCD display allows for displaying measurement result graphs (Bode plots), multiple values and so forth
  • Frequency range: 1mHz to 100kHz
  • The FRA5022 covers the frequency range best suited for electrochemical measurement and mechanical servo analysis, allowing for support of a wide range of applications
  • Gain accuracy: ±0.05 dB
  • Phase accuracy: ±0.3°
  • Dynamic range: 120dB
  • Auto ranging and a high resolution A/D converter secure a wider dynamic range. Measurement is secured even if a drastic change occurs during measurement
  • Isolation is achieved as oscillator output 2-channel and analysis inputs are isolated from the cabinet by 250Vrms. In this way, the instrument can be protected from damage by an erroneous signal connection
  • Shortened measurement time of ultra-low frequencies
  • Quick switching of settings is available
  • Slim case optimal for a rack system as the space-efficient case, with a height of only 88 mm (2U), makes it perfect for installation in a rack system
  • Versatile interfaces: GPIB and USB are provided as standard
  • Data display software for loading measurement data onto a PC and displaying graphs is included as standard. Besides display in graphs, measurement data can also be saved in CSV format

Product Functions

  • Digital Fourier Transform and self-calibration function always achieve highly accurate measurements
  • Multiple pre-settings can be switched with “one touch”. This stresses the importance of ease of use in production lines
  • 2-channel synchronized sampling shortens the measurement time for ultra-low frequency ranges in electrochemical fields
  • Acting as a FRA servo analyzer by consistently providing high-quality measurements with excellent accuracy and functions upon the stability of servo systems

Product Application

  • Ideal for gain and phase response characteristics measurement
  • Loop characteristics of switching power supplies
    • Evaluate the dynamic stability (gain margin, phase margin) of a switching power supply. Since the signal source and measured terminal are mutually isolated, unrestricted connection is made possible, even with portions having overlapping direct current. The effect of a phase correction circuit can be measured clearly (See photo section)
  • Servo response for magnetic and optical disks
    • Measure transfer functions of servo systems which control the pick-ups of magnetic and optical disks, and measure open loop response in a normal operating status. It can also measure the phase of a high gain area in a stabilized condition because of its higher noise eliminating capacity, with measurement in a dynamic range of more than 140dB, by using the auto ranging operation at every measuring frequency (See photo section)
  • Resonance characteristics of piezo-electric components
    • Measure the electric resonance of piezo-electric components such as those used for piezo-electric actuators. The frequency response analyzer can provide high frequency resolution of a specified frequency range, which differs from FFTs, and then detailed characteristics near the resonance point can be known because of high phase accuracy ±0.3°. By combination with the power amplifier, a large amplitude response can also be measured, not only the small amplitude response (See photo section)
  • AC impedance of fuel cells
    • Measure the AC impedance of fuel cells with an electronic load. Since the frequency response analyzer is not affected by direct current, impedance can be measured accurately with any output current from the fuel cell. Furthermore, measurement at a very low frequency 0.1mHz (almost DC) can be done. Moreover, it can be developed into a system which calculates the parameters (parasitic resistance, reactive resistance, double layer capacity) of an equivalent circuit from the results of measurement (See photo section)

Standard Accessories

  1. GPIB Interface
  2. USB Interface
  3. 1 pcs CDROM (Data Display Software, LabView Driver, Sample Program)
  4. Instruction Manual
  5. Power Cable

Product Options

  1. 5055: Signal Injector Probe
  2. PA-001-0370: Shunt Register
  3. PA-001-0419: High Withstand Voltage Clip Set (3pcs Pair)
  4. PA-001-0420: High Withstand Voltage Alligator Clip Cable Set (Small, 3pcs Pair)
  5. PA-001-0421: High Withstand Voltage Alligator Clip Cable Set (Large, 3pcs Pair)
  6. PA-001-0422: Alligator Clip Cable Set (Large, 3pcs Pair)
  7. PA-001-1838: Test Fixture Adapter (1Ω)
  8. PA-001-1839: Test Fixture Adapter (100Ω)
  9. PA-001-1840: High Power Impedance Measuring Adapter (1Ω)
  10. PA-001-1841: High Power Impedance Measuring Adapter (100Ω)
  11. PC-001-4503: High Withstand Voltage BNC Adapter (T-branch)
  12. PC-002-3347: High Withstand Voltage BNC Cable
  13. PC-001-0364: High Withstand Voltage Plug-Receptacle BNC Cable
  14. PC-007-1490: Kelvin Clip for Impedance Measuring Adapter
  15. PC-007-1922: Loop Gain Measuring Adapter Clip Cable

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