PA900 (Power Analyzer Mainframe with 4-channel Capability)

Brand: Vitrek
Model Series: PA900 Series

About Product

The Vitrek PA900 Series Precision Multi-channel Harmonic Power Analyzer is actually three power analyzers in a single chassis with a single user interface. These are called Virtual Power Analyzers (VPA) or Channels. Channels may be configured in any one (or none) of the 3 VPAs. Each VPA may be configured for up to all channels installed and is independently configured for multi-channel wiring configuration, signal filtering, default measurement coupling, display results smoothing and significant digits, VA/VAR combine method and efficiency grouping. The Vitrek PA900 Series boasts an impressive array of precision power measurement capabilities, yet its color touchscreen user interface is refreshingly easy to use. The accuracy of the PA900 Series is truly world class-surpassing rival instruments costing triple the price. When it comes to speed and bandwidth, it tops the charts with 100 full precision readings per second and measurement bandwidths sufficient to handle 5MHz waveforms. For tackling tough power factor, low phase angle and high crest factor loads, it is certainly unbeatable. Offering full performance for crest factors as high as 30:1, the PA900 Series Precision Multi-channel Harmonic Power Analyzer places the advantage of superior power measurement capability.

Product Features

  • Most advanced power measurement platform with an unprecedented range of capabilities
  • Screen display: 7” 800 x 480 pixel (approx. 0.0075” resolution) 18bpp color LCD with a high resolution pressure sensing touch panel
  • Modular design for up to 4 Power Measurement Channel Cards in any combination of 3 different Channel Card types
  • Up to 500 harmonics at 400Hz meets Airbus avionics power measurement criteria. Bar graph also features fingertip selectable numeric amplitude and phase data
  • Up to 3 different Virtual Power Analyzers™ (VPAs) may be configured for three phase measurements or input/output efficiency tests so there is no need to interconnect separate units in order to make synchronous or non-synchronous group power measurements
  • Not a “one size fits all” with the extra purchase cost, operating cost and reduction in performance that entails – you only have to pay for of the capabilities and performance you want
    • Up to four power measurement channel cards each of four different channel card types in any combination in a single PA900
      • S: Provides 0.1% accuracy, 1MHz class bandwidth and 22-bit sampling
      • A: Provides world class 0.03% accuracy, 1MHz class bandwidth and 24-bit sampling
      • L: Same as the A type but optimized for lower voltage applications such as AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies
      • W: Provides 0.1% accuracy, 5MHz class bandwidth and 22-bit sampling
    • Each channel card type is available with one of three current input options in any combination in a single PA900
      • D: Dual Shunt (up to 20Arms continuous and 150Apk inrush measurable, 250Apk withstand) in a single input terminal pair with resolution down to 0.1μA – no need to change terminals
      • H: High Current (up to 30Arms continuous and 200Apk inrush measurable, 300Apk withstand) with resolution down to 10μA
      • X: External Current Transducer or Shunt Input (up to 15Vrms) with resolution down to 0.1μV
    • Optional MT type motor channel provides analog or digital speed, direction and torque inputs for mechanical measurements
  • Versatile screens: Power Data Screen, Custom Data Screen, Harmonic Bar Chart Screen, Spectrum Analysis Screen, Scope View Screen, Vector Screen, History Screen, Cycle View Screen, Standby Power Screen
  • Standby Power Screen allows EN50564-2011 compliant low power measurements without the need for a computer
  • All configured measurements are always performed, no need to reconfigure for specific results
  • Measurement resolution: 22-bit for S & W type Channel Cards, 24-bit for A type
  • Effective sampling rate for analysis of periodic signals within a measurement period is 384MSPS
  • Highest precision measurements with industry leading noise-floor and linearity and up to 100 readings per second with no reduction in accuracy (up to 500/sec with reduced accuracy with W type channels)
  • Extremely wide dynamic range allows signals with crest factors to over 100:1 to be measured with full accuracy without having to reconfigure, and allows range-less operation (within each shunt) providing truly gapless measurements with varying signals
  • Harmonic and spectrum analysis of voltage, current and power on all four channels for frequencies up to 435kHz (W type channel) or 115kHz (S, L or A type channels). Harmonic analysis of up to 500 harmonics (Option H500) or 100 harmonics (standard)
  • Front Panel USB Drive Interface for portable flash drives or hard disc drives
    • Data log to a file in CSV or binary formats at up to 500 per second
    • Export a tabulation of historically saved data – needs no prior knowledge of the data to be recorded
    • Save an image of the screen – great for engineering record keeping
    • Import and export configurations – great for sharing a configuration between units or having your own configuration
    • Import and export harmonics limits – makes it easy to switch between different harmonics requirements
    • Export CSV format tabulations of measurement results, harmonics, spectrum, or scope waveforms – makes generating your own reports easy without mistakes
  • Internal non-volatile memory of over 2Gbyte size for high speed data logging at rates up to 500 per second
  • Built-in Data Logger: Logs up to 16 selectable data results to USB thumb drive.   Intervals from 10ms to 100 hours with optional time/date stamps
  • VPA efficiency grouping: Power totals for IN, MIDDEL and OUT efficiency groups, the power loss between any pair of groups and the percentage efficiency between any pair of groups
  • Measurements in each VPA are fully configured in a single screen at the touch of the screen, no hunting around for the configuration setting you need. Each may be configured as Nx1ø (1 to 4ch), 2ø3w (2ch), 3ø3w (2ch), 3ø3w (3ch) or 3ø4w (3ch) and each VPA has totally independent measurement configuration
  • Connectivity: Ethernet, High Speed Serial and USB (client) or optional GPIB control interfaces
  • Safety: CE Mark certified to EN61010 with certified conformance to CAT I, II, III and IV mains applications
  • Country of Origin: Made in the USA

Product Functions

  • Each virtual power analyzer may be configured as having one of the following synchronizations to the other virtual power analyzers
    • Totally asynchronous to the other virtual power analyzers in all aspects
    • Fully synchronous to another virtual power analyzer (identical sampling, measurement period and fundamental frequency)
    • Totally asynchronous to the other virtual power analyzers but using the fundamental frequency established in another virtual power analyzer
  • Virtual power analyzer wiring
    • Each virtual power analyzer may be configured for the following multi-channel wiring configuration (depending on the number of channels assigned to the virtual power analyzer)
      • General (1 to 4 channels), 2ø3w (2 channels), 3ø3w (2 channels), 3ø3w (3 channels) and 3ø4w (3 channels. Total power (W, VA, VAR, and PF) and mean voltage and current results are available in addition to the results for each individual channel. Also, measurements of the inter-phase voltages (A-B, A-C and B-C) and the Efficiency Grouping (IN, MIDDLE and OUT)
  • Front panel results screens
    • Power Data Screen
      • This displays V, A, W, VA, VAR and PF data for any selected channel or group of channels known as a Virtual Power Analyzer™ (VPA). Up to three different VPAs can exist in in a single PA900. In addition to the primary data, peak readings, phase, CF and other parameters are also available. Integrateddata results (WHr) can also be controlled and viewed from the Power Data Screen (See photo section)
    • Custom Data Screen
      • For users with unique data requirements, Custom Data Screens can be built with a spreadsheet application and downloaded to the PA900 Series via interface or USB drive (See photo section)
    • Harmonics Screen
      • To meet advanced power harmonics requirements, the PA900 Series displays up to 500 harmonics even at aviation power frequencies. The chart can be set to show linear, relative linear, logarithmic or relative logarithmic amplitudes. Additionally, eight harmonics can be selected for numeric display of amplitude and phase by touching the harmonic bar of interest. The user may also import harmonic limits, which when enabled will show out of tolerance harmonics in red above the limit line (See photo section)
    • Scope Screen
      • Scope View offers waveform acquisition and analysis similar to a digital scope. Up to six signals can be displayed, each havinguser selectable scaling, offset and color. Time-base, trigger and trigger position are all user selectable. However, with amplitude accuracies as high as 0.03% – you are unlikely to find any other scope with this high level of precision (See photo section)
      • Cycle View represents a single cycle of the voltage and or current periodic waveforms. The waveforms in photo section represent a full 10V square wave in blue and a 50:1 zoomed in view in red. Since the user sets amplitude and scaling – the result is an almost unlimited ability to amplitude zoom to expose fine detail. The sampling is forced to be asynchronous to higher order harmonics which leads to an effective sampling rate of 384MSPS (See photo section)
    • Vector View
      • A polar chart graphically displays the fundamental voltage and current vectors for the selected channel or VPA. For multiphase VPAs, the inter-phase voltages andnon-measured neutral phase vectors are displayed. The user may enable the display of and select the color of each vector up to a maximum of 10 (See photo section)
    • History Screen
      • The PA900 Series automatically maintains a continuous historical record of all non-harmonic measurement results and selected harmonics. Up to four user-selectable parameters can be graphically displayed using the History screen. The user can display the entire recorded period up to 397 days or zoom in as far as 1/64th of the total span. This provides an almost unlimited ability to amplitude zoom and includes a cursor which may be moved throughout the period with a touch of the screen (See photo section)
    • Standby Power Screen
      • The STBY POWER Screen gives you the ability to configure, start/stop, and view the results of low power measurements in accordance with EN50564:2011 para. 5.3.2, which is the recommended method for all low power measurements. The STBY POWER screen can be selected for view from any of the Main Data Screens by pressing the STBY POWER button. The PA900 Series has the ability to perform low power measurements independently in each VPA, so a single PA900 Series can perform up to 3 independent low power measurements. You select which VPA is being configured, controlled and viewed by using the VPA button (the leftmost across the top of the screen) (See photo section)
  • Modular design means flexibility
    • The PA900 uses a modular design approach to provide the performance you need at a price that meets your budget. A single PA900 mainframe holds up to 4 Channels of power measurement in any combination of three different Channel types
      • The S type Channel card provides economical, high performance power measurement with a basic 0.1% accuracy, 1MHz class bandwidth, 22-bit sampling and a 1000Vrms maximum continuous voltage input
      • The A type ultra-precision Channel card offers a two year accuracy rating of 0.03% of reading, 1MHz class bandwidth, 24-bit sampling and a 1000Vrms maximum continuous voltage input
      • The L type Channel is same as the A type but optimized for <150V voltage applications such as AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies
      • The W type Wideband Channel card performs precision power measurements on the toughest real world waveforms and provides 0.1% accuracy, 5MHz class bandwidth, 22-bit sampling and a 600Vrms maximum continuous voltage input
  • Availability of 3 different current input options on Channel cards
    • The D Current Input option uses an auto-ranging Dual Shunt system to deliver precision current measurement from as low as 0.1mA resolution on the 1A range up to 20Arms on the high range
    • The H Current Input option operates up to 30Arms continuous and 200Apk inrush with resolution down to 10µA for higher current measurements, also capable of being used with a current output CT
    • The X Current Input option is designed to provide optimum compatibility with a wide range of external shunts and current transducers. External voltage output CT or Shunt Input (20µV to 15Vrms) with resolution down to 0.1µV.Vitrek makes it easy for you to configure a harmonic power analyzer that is perfect for your application
  • Mechanical channel
    • Optionally CH4 can be a mechanical MT type channel. This provides analog (DC voltage) or digital speed, direction and torque inputs for the measurement of mechanical motor or generator data

Product Application

  • AC to DC power supplies (single or multiple outputs)
  • DC to DC power supplies (single or multiple outputs)
  • DC or fixed frequency AC supplied variable or fixed speed motor drives
  • Power transformers (single or multi-phase)
  • Lighting ballasts (most types)
  • Standby or backup power supplies (AC or DC)
  • Photovoltaic power generators (DC-in; DC- or AC-out)
  • Mechanical motor/generator applications

Standard Accessories

  1. USB Interface
  2. LAN Interface
  3. RS232 Interface
  4. H500: Increases Capability up to 500 Harmonics
  5. EN: Adds Built-in EN61000 Compliance Computations
  6. MU: Multi-unit Connectivity
  7. NIST Calibration Certificate Without Data for All Channels
  8. Each Channel Card Includes Four Color Coded, Heavy Duty 1.5m Alligator to Sheathed Banana Test Leads
  9. CD Operation Manual
  10. Power Cable

Product Options

  1. SD: Standard Dual Current Channel Card
  2. SH: Standard High Current Channel Card
  3. SX: Standard External Current Channel Card
  4. AD: High Accuracy Dual Shunt Channel Card
  5. AH: High Accuracy High Current Channel Card
  6. AX: High Accuracy External Current Channel Card
  7. LD: Low Voltage Hi Accuracy Dual Shunt Channel Card
  8. LH: Low Voltage Hi Accuracy High Current Channel Card
  9. LX: Low Voltage Hi Accuracy External Current Channel Card
  10. WD: Wideband Dual Current Channel Card
  11. WH: Wideband High Current Channel Card
  12. WX: Wideband External Current Channel Card
  13. MT: Motor Transducer Channel Card
  14. LPA-1: Universal Load Power Adaptor
  15. HC-7X: Hard Carrying/Shipping Case with Die Cut Foam
  16. RM-7: 4U (7”H) 19” W Rack Mount Kit
  17. GP-900: GPIB Interface in lieu of Standard Ethernet, Serial and USB
  18. ISO-CALN-C1: Channel Card ISO 17025 Cal with Data (With Purchase)

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