ODP3032 (0-30V*2, 0-3A*2, Fixed 5V/3A, Output resolution 1mV/1mA, Two Independent Controllable Channels Programmable DC Power Supply)

Brand: Owon
Model Series: ODP Series

About Product

The OWON ODP Series Programmable DC Power Supplies are designed and built to deliver reliable and stable DC power.  The ODP Series offer either a two independent controllable channels or one controllable channel in selection. They are strong and smart and are good and affordable DC power supplies in favorite.

Product Features

  • Display screen: 9” Color high resolution LCD display
  • Maximum output resolution: 1mV/1mA
  • Low ripples/low noise: <300μVrms/2mVpp
  • Up to 100 group timers
  • Up to 10 group preset system configurations
  • Over-voltage/over-current protection
  • Auto-cooling system
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Versatile interface:  USB and RS232 are provided as standard

Product Functions

  • Supply of up to 30V/3A DC signal
  • Protection function from output OVP/OCP
  • SCPI and Labview supported

Product Application

  • Generation of DC signals
  • General detection in R&D laboratory
  • QC test
  • Industrial production automation test
  • Automobile and electronic circuit test power-supplying
  • Education/teaching experimentation
  • Electronic components test, aging test
  • To monitor the real-time status of power system via remote control
  • To monitor battery charging curve

Standard Accessories

  1. RS232 Interface
  2. USB Interface
  3. USB Cable
  4. Fuse
  5. CD-Rom
  6. Instruction Manual
  7. Power Cable

Product Options

  1. Nil

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