L Series

Brand: T&M
Model Series: L Series

About Product

Current Viewing Resistors (CVRs) are rugged high frequency resistors designed to sustain the very high peak power and current inputs generated by capacitor banks, pulse generator systems, and steady state current loads.

Product Features

Inline CVR’s are particularly useful in circuits where insertion of the CVR between current source and load is necessary.  They are designed to minimize impedance mismatch when utilized in the 50-ohm systems.  Either end of the inline CVR may be used as the input.  However, reversal of designated input and output will produce a polarity reversal of the monitored signal.  Note that in the orientation shown the CVR output signal is in phase with the input current.    Performance of the inline CVR is independent of its location in the source to the load cable.  If, however, the CVR is not used at the load, two precautions must be observed.  First, the transit time of the connecting cable will produce a delay between the CVR output and the current at the load.  This delay is normally about 1.5 nsec. per foot of cable.  Second, if voltage across the load is also monitored, inductance will in general produce a potential difference between the voltage divider and the CVR grounds.  The resulting current flow in the outer conductors of the oscilloscope signal cables may produce waveform distortions.  This distortion is seldom evident in the current waveform, but oscillations in the voltage waveform are probable.

Product Functions

  • CVR geometry: rectangular or tubular, as determined by the shape of the conductor connecting to the CVR input.
  • Choose your output connector: BNC (standard), SMA, TNC, N, etc.
  • Determine the resistance value, energy or power the CVR will need to dissipate.
  • Consider the CVR response characteristics you require: bandpass and risetime.
  • Consider the dimensions, and performance specifications of the CVRs.

Product Application

  • SCR current measurements
  • Current control of automatic welders
  • Measure output of automotive alternators
  • Fault current detection to determine bearing wear of stem turbine generators
  • EBW testing
  • Current detection in detonation systems
  • Three-phase fault testing in power transmission substations
  • Fault detection in modulators
  • Measurement of laser system currents
  • Chopper current control in electric cars
  • Circuit breaker testing

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