IT8615 (1800W, 50-420V/0-20A, Measurement Resolution 10mV/1mA, 7” LCD Display, 1-Ch High Accuracy and High Performance AC/DC Electronic Load)

Brand: ITECH
Model Series: IT8615 Series

About Product

The ITECH IT8615 Series AC/DC Electronic Load is a single channel, high accuracy and high performance AC/DC electronic load with 7” LCD display screen. The IT8615 Series is composed of 1 model, namely IT8615. At 3U height, it is very compact for the 1800W/420V/20A load capability with high measurement resolution 10mV/1mA. The AC frequency is adjustable from 45Hz to 450Hz. The unique oscilloscope display function provides insight into the voltage and current input waveform. It is equipped with measurement modes for different parameters such as inrush current, peak value, effective value, and PF (power factor).  The voltage harmonics of as high as 50th order can be measured directly. The IT8615 provides a very comprehensive analysis on DUT performance. The product is equipped with standard USB, GPIB and LAN and external 0-10V analog control interfaces for reliable and fast control.  The IT8615 is the perfect solution for testing UPS, inverters, AC power supplies and relevant AC electronic components.

Product Features

  • Display screen: 7” LCD display
  • Maximum load power of single channel up to 1800W, load voltage 420V and load current 20A
  • Modes of operation
    • AC electronic load: CC, CR, CP
    • DC electronic load: CV, CC, CR, CP
  • CV mode
    • Range: 0-600V
      • Resolution: 10mV
      • Accuracy: 1% + 0.1%FS
  • CC mode
    • Range: 1-20A
      • Resolution: 2mA
      • Accuracy: ± (0.1% + 0.2%FS)
  • CR mode
    • Range: 3Ω-2.5kΩ
      • Resolution: 16 bit
      • Accuracy: 2% + 0.01S
      • Note: S is the resistance readback range and known as  1/[1/R+(1/R)*0.01%+0.08],1/[1/R-(1/R)*0.01%-0.08]
  • CP mode
    • Range: 1800W
      • Resolution: 4W
      • Accuracy: 5% + 0.5%FS
  • High measurement resolution in load ratings
    • Voltage: 10mV
    • Current: 1mA
  • High measurement accuracy in load ratings
    • Voltage: 1% + 0.1%FS
    • Current: 1% + 0.2%FS in max
  • Short circuit simulation
  • Convenient data entry via knob and rapidly rotary encoder input
  • Measurement contents and display Vrms, Vpk, Vdc, Irms, Ipk, Idc, frequency, CF, PF, VA and W
  • Harmonic analysis for up to 50 harmonic orders
  • Harmonic analysis function and able to measure voltage and current harmonics
  • Memory capacity: 10 groups, for save and recall
  • Protection function: OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP and UVP
  • Height: 3U
  • Provide free remote control software (IT9000-PV8600) with strong function saving secondary development time
  • Versatile interfaces: USB, GPIB, LAN and external 0-10V analog control interface come as standard

Product Functions

  • Powerful harmonic measuring and analysis function: The IT8615 Series can be able to completely measure and analyze for harmonics of as high as 50 harmonic orders (See photo section)
  • DSO function: The IT8615 Series provides oscilloscope display function, which can display the input voltage and current waveform of the DUT.  Under the harmonic measurement mode, the analysis result of the percentage of different harmonics can be displayed in the bar diagram.  The innovative display mode provides a powerful new user experience (See photo section)
  • The IT8615 Series has CC, CR and CP operation modes. In CC and CP operation modes, PF or CF or both are available for programming. Power factor range is 0~1 lead or lag, CF setting range is 1.414~5.  Besides CF and PF, the IT8615 Series also has various settings modes for choice to realize actual current simulation (See photo section)
  • Parallel/3-phase control: The IT8615 Series provides parallel, 3-phase and 3-phase parallel functions for 3-phase and high-power applications (See photo section)
  • Display multiple parameters simultaneously: The IT8615 Series provides 7” LCD display screen, a graphical interface display to user.   Multiple parameters can be displayed simultaneously, together with diversified display modes for choice, such as waveform, histogram and list (See photo section)

Product Application

  • Automotive electronics test solution
  • Solar and photovoltaic inverter test solution
  • LED lighting and driver test solution
  • Battery test solution
  • Power supply test solution including UPS testing
  • Frequency transformer testing solution
  • Generator test solution
  • AC power source test solution
  • Electronic components test solution

Standard Accessories

  1. LAN Interface
  2. GPIB Interface
  3. USB Interface
  4. USB Cable
  5. External 0-10V Analog Control Interface
  6. Calibration Report
  7. CD (Operation Manual & Communication Protocol Manual)
  8. Power Cable

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