IT6723G (850W, 600V/5A, Output Resolution 100mV/10mA, 1-Ch High Voltage Programmable DC Power Supply with RS232, USB and GPIB Interfaces)

Brand: ITECH
Model Series: IT6700H Series

About Product

The ITECH IT6700H Series High Voltage Programmable DC Power Supplies are single output programmable DC power supplies which are designed and built to deliver reliable and stable DC power. The IT6700H Series are composed of 17 models with high resolution 10mV/10mA in max, adjustable output timer function, supporting panel list programming procedures, OVP/OCP/OTP protection functions and switching control output design, all providing the greatest test convenience. With built-in RS232, USB and GPIB interfaces (RS232 and USB interfaces for IT6722A), they can be used both on benchtop and systematical.  The IT6700H Series are high performance products; they are strong, smart and reliable DC power sources in favorite for multi-purpose power testing solution and application.

Product Features

  • Display screen: VFD display
  • Maximum output power of single channel up to 3000W, in configuration of
    • Output voltage 160V and output current 40A (IT6726B)
    • Output voltage 32V and output current 220A (IT6726C)
    • Output voltage 600V and output current 10A (IT6726G)
    • Output voltage 300V and output current 20A (IT6726H)
    • Output voltage 1200V and output current 5A (IT6726V)
  • High output voltage and current resolution
    • 10mV/10mA (IT6722, IT6722A, IT6723, IT6723C, IT6724, IT6724C, IT6726C)
    • 100mV/10mA (IT6723B, IT6723G, IT6723H, IT6724B, IT6724G, IT6724H, IT6726B, IT6726G, IT6726H, IT6726V)
  • High output voltage and current accuracy
    • ≤ 0.01% + 10mV/≤ 0.1% + 10mA (IT6722, IT6722A)
    • ≤ 0.03% + 10mV/≤ 0.1% + 60mA (IT6723C, IT6724C)
    • ≤ 0.03% + 20mV/≤ 0.1% + 40mA (IT6723, IT6724)
    • ≤03%+30mV/≤0.2%+100mA (IT6726C)
    • ≤ 0.03% + 200mV/≤ 0.1% + 20mA (IT6723H, IT6723G,IT6724G, IT6724H, IT6726G, IT6726H)
    • ≤ 0.03% + 200mV/≤ 0.1% + 40mA (IT6726B)
    • ≤ 0.04% + 200mV/≤ 0.1% + 20mA (IT6726V)
    • ≤ 0.03% + 100mV/≤ 0.1% + 20mA (IT6723B, IT6724B)
  • High voltage and current readback resolution
    • 10mV/10mA (IT6722, IT6722A, IT6723, IT6723C, IT6724, IT6724C,IT6726C)
    • 100mV/10mA (IT6723B, IT6232G, IT6723H, IT6724B, IT6724G, IT6724H, IT6726B, IT6726G, IT6726H, IT6726V)
  • High output voltage and current readback accuracy
    • ≤ 0.01% + 10mV/≤ 0.1% + 10mA (IT6722, IT6722A)
    • ≤ 0.03% + 20mV/≤ 0.1% + 40mA (IT6723, IT6724,)
    • ≤ 0.03% + 20mV/≤ 0.1% + 60mA (IT6723C, IT6724C)
    • ≤0.03%+30mV /≤0.2%+100mA (IT6726C)
    • ≤ 0.03% + 200mV/≤ 0.1% + 20mA (IT6723H, IT6724G,IT6723G,IT6724H, IT6726G, IT6726H)
    • ≤0.03% + 200mV/≤ 0.1% + 40mA (IT6726B)
    • ≤ 0.04% + 200mV/≤ 0.1% + 20mA (IT6726V)
    • ≤ 0.03% + 200mV/≤ 0.1% + 20mA (IT6723B, IT6724B)
  • Low ripples/low noise
    • ≤ 50mVp-p (IT6722, IT6722A)
    • ≤ 100mVp-p (IT6723, IT6723C, IT6724, IT6724C)
    • ≤ 150mVp-p (IT6723B, IT6724B)
    • ≤ 200mVp-p (IT6726C)
    • ≤ 250mVp-p (IT6723H, IT6724H, IT6726B)
    • ≤ 300mVp-p (IT6723G, IT6724G)
    • ≤ 500mVp-p (IT6726H, IT6726G)
    • ≤ 600mVp-p (IT6726V)
  • Luminous LED key
  • Convenient data entry via knob or numerical key pad
  • Use cursor adjusting step value
  • Output programmed voltage and current
  • Output on/off control
  • List mode: Capable output wave based on edit voltage/current with time variations
  • On time output function with time range 1s – 99999s
  • Intelligent fan control, energy conservation and noise reduction
  • Remote sense interface to compensate line voltage, increase output accuracy
  • Memory capacity
    • 63 groups, for save and recall (IT6726G, IT6726H)
    • 72 groups, for save and recall (IT6722, IT6722A, IT6723, IT6723B, IT6723C, IT6723G, IT6723H, IT6724, IT6724B, IT6724C, IT6724G, IT6724H, IT6726B,IT6726C, IT6726V)
  • Hold during power off memory function
  • Protection function: OVP, OCP and OTP for all models
  • Provided with screw hole in facilitating the rack mount capability (IT6726B, IT6726C, IT6726G, IT6726H, IT6726V)
  • Provide free remote control software (IT9000-PV6700) with strong function saving secondary development time
  • Versatile interface
    • RS232 and USB are provided as standard (IT6722A)
    • RS232, USB and GPIB are provided as standard (IT6722, IT6723, IT6723B, IT6723C, IT6723G, IT6723H, IT6724, IT6724B, IT6724C, IT6724G, IT6724H, IT6726B, IT6726C, IT6726G, IT6726H, IT6726V)

Product Functions

  • List mode: This allows user to create a sequence of steps, store it into the power supply’s non-volatile memory and execute it.  The input parameters for generating a list include the name of the list file, the input steps (no more than 150 steps), the step time (the minimum is 100ms) and the value of each step (See photo section)
  • Remote sense can be used to compensate for voltage (up to1V) due to resistance from test leads connected to your device under test (DUT), thus providing more accurate output voltage. The power supply is initially setup to local sense mode by default (See photo section)
  • Batteries fluctuation simulation tests: The IT6700H Series can simulate the voltage and current fluctuation during the process of the batteries charge or discharge, widely used in batteries fluctuation simulation tests, battery chargers, high-voltage ultra-fast diodes, electrolytic capacitors, electromechanical control field, ATE testing system and other industries which have testing requirements on high voltage, low current DC power supplies simulation (See photo section)
  • SCPI supported

Product Application

  • Automotive electronics test solution such as testing of cigarette lighter via operating high accuracy current measurement
  • Electric vehicle test solution
  • Solar and photovoltaic inverter test solution
  • LED lighting and driver test solution such as LED light bar test in lighting test,restraining start-up surge current function, and matching with OSC to observe waveform
  • IF/VF electrical parameter test for LED spot measurement machine and integrating sphere on such as to restrain surge of current
  • Battery test solution
  • Power supply test solution

Standard Accessories

  1. RS232 Interface
  2. GPIB Interface (IT6700H Series Except IT6722A)
  3. USB Interface
  4. USB Cable
  5. Calibration Certificate
  6. CD (Operation Manual & Communication Protocol Manual)
  7. Power Cable

Product Options

  1. IT-E151: 19” Rack Mount Kit (IT6722, IT6722A, IT6723, IT6723B, IT6723C, IT6723H, IT6723G, IT6724, IT6724B, IT6724C, IT6724H, IT6724G)

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