IT6411 (45W, -15V-0V/0-15 V, ±5A, Output Resolution 1mV/0.1mA, 1-Ch Bipolar DC Power Supply)

Brand: ITECH
Model Series: IT6400 Series

About Product

The ITECH IT6400 Series Bipolar DC Power Supplies are designed and built to deliver reliable and stable DC power.  The IT6400 Series offer 3 models in selection as to IT6411, IT6412 and IT6432. The IT6412 is dual-channel power source, channel 1 is for instrument power source and channel 2 is for battery charging performance test. Both IT6411 and IT6432 are the single channel type of IT6412 and they can realize all the functions of channel 1. The IT6400 Series have ultrafast transient time less than 50μs. Its new designed speed shift mode achieves voltage/current fast rising and without overshoot. Meanwhile, the waveform display function let the test be visible and simple. The unique bipolar voltage/current output makes IT6400 Series can be used as a bipolar power source or a bipolar electronic load. The battery simulating function is especially applicable for development and high speed production testing of portable, battery-operated products. With built-in USB and LAN interfaces, they can be used both on benchtop and systematical.  The IT6400 Series are high performance products; they are strong, smart and reliable DC power sources and battery/charger simulators in favorite for power testing solution and application.

Product Features

  • Display screen: 3” Color LCD display
  • Maximum output power of single channel up to 150W, output voltage max.±30V, output current max.±5A (IT6432)
  • Dual channel, bipolar, dual range output (IT6412)
  • High output voltage and current resolution: 1mV/0.1mA
  • High output voltage and current accuracy: ≤ 0.02% + 3mV/≤ 0.05% + 2mA in max
  • High voltage and current readback resolution: 1mV/100nA at 5mA range & 1mA at 5A range
  • High output voltage and current readback accuracy:
    • ≤ 0.02% + 2mV/≤ 0.05%+2μA at 5mA range & ≤ 0.05%+2mA at 5A range (IT6411, IT6412)
    • ≤ 0.02% + 3mV/≤ 0.05%+2μA at 5mA range & ≤ 0.05%+2mA at 5A range (IT6432)
  • Low ripples/low noise (20Hz-20MHz): ≤ 3mVp-p/1mVrms
  • Ultrafast transient response time < 50μs
  • Ultrafast voltage rising time up to 500μs
  • Current readback resolution up to 100nA
  • Built-in high accuracy Digital Voltmeter
  • Oscilloscope waveform display (DSO)
  • Relay out function achieves electrical isolation on terminals
  • Accurate battery simulation and applicable to portable battery power supplies test
  • LED test no overcharged current
  • List function achieves voltage/current output as programmed
  • Remote sense: The remote sense interface to compensate line voltage, increase output accuracy
  • Protection function: OVP, OCP, OTP
  • Provide free remote control software (IT9000-PV6400) with strong function saving secondary development time
  • Versatile interface:  LAN and USB are provided as standard, GPIB as option

Product Functions

  • Bipolar output: The IT6400 Series high speed linear DC source provide bipolar output, maximum output voltage of single channel up to ±30V and maximum output current up to ±5A.  The IT6412 is a dual-channel bipolar DC power source and it is available for easy-shifting dual range output with each channel. One set of IT6412 can finish mobile and charger test independently. With multifunctional and high performance, the IT6400 Series make diversified testing requests available
  • Oscilloscope waveform display function: The IT6400 Series provide waveform display function based on sampled data (See photo section)
  • Battery simulating function: With the unique current bipolar design and 0~1 Ω variable output impedance, the IT6400 Series are applicable to types of portable battery charge-discharge tests. Simulating the battery charge-discharge features and assist with other tests are also reliable. One equipment, diversified applications (See photo section)
  • Ultrafast transient time < 50μs: The IT6400 have ultrafast transient ability, the transient time for recovering to 50mV is less than 50μs when 50%-100% loaded. New designed speed shift mode achieving voltage/current high speed rising waveform without overshoot, supports stable power supply, and ensures the security, especially for LED test (See photo section)
  • Screenshots function: The IT6400 Series provide screenshots function to facilitate customer data analysis. Press screenshots on front panel, the display graphic will be saved in inserted USB storage disk, easy for your reanalysis on data and waveform. The USB interface on front panel makes the data saving on time and easily (See photo section)
  • DVM test function: Abundant electrical basic measuring functions are available on IT6400 Series. High accuracy Digital Voltmeter (DVM) is built in each channel with readback resolution up to 1mV. The measured data will be visible on specified channel screen. The changes of voltage waveform measured by DVM can be observed by oscilloscope display function (See photo section)
  • List mode: This allows user to create a sequence of steps, store it into the power supply’s non-volatile memory and execute it.  The input parameters for generating a list include the name of the list file, the input steps (no more than 150 steps), the step time (the minimum is 100ms) and the value of each step (See photo section)
  • Remote sense can be used to compensate for voltage (up to1V) due to resistance from test leads connected to your device under test (DUT), thus providing more accurate output voltage. The power supply is initially setup to local sense mode by default (See photo section)

Product Application

  • Testing of portable battery-powered products such as smartphones and wireless chipsets, bluetooth headsets, tablet computers, digital cameras, GPS receivers, RFIC power amplifiers and intelligent wearable devices
  • Automotive electronics test solution such as testing of cigarette lighter via operating high accuracy current measurement
  • Solar and photovoltaic inverter test solution
  • Mobile power pack test
  • Battery protection board test
  • Battery test solution
  • LED lighting and driver test solution
  • Power amplifier test
  • DC/DC converter test
  • Power supply test solution

Standard Accessories

  1. LAN Interface
  2. USB Interface
  3. USB Cable
  4. CD (Operation Manual & Communication Protocol Manual)
  5. Power Cable

Product Options

  1. GPIB Interface

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