EPO36000M (Multi-phase, 36kVA AC Power Source)

Brand: NF
Model Series: EPO Series

About Product

The NF EPO Series AC Power Source is a line of epoch-making power supplies, using new method of power amplifier unit. They provide high efficiency (approx.76%) unimaginable with previous products while being even more light weight and compact. These epoch-making AC/DC power supplies feature further improvements to standard features such as the flexibility, high output stability and powerful supplies of electric power that NF power supplies are known for. The EPO Series AC Power Sources are widely used from Production and Inspection Lines to R&D.

Product Features

  • System lineup: The EPO Series is divided into 3 systems according to phase and respond to a variety of uses
    • EPO2000X (Single-phase 2kVA)
      • EPO2000X is the basic unit of EPO Series as it can be used as a master or a booster
      • Up to 3 units of the same type can be linked together
      • The EPO2000X allows phase mode selectable output, making it easy to build a 4kVA Single-phase / Single-phase 3-wire system with two units or a 6kVA Single-phase / Three-phase system with three units
      • Phase mode selectable (Single-phase/Three-phase/Single-phase 3-wire)
      • The EPO2000X is a flexible unit that can accommodate the re-fabrication common on production lines
    • Single-phase system
      • This line-up includes 2kVA-12kVA systems. The 4kVA unit comes in M-sized (787.5mm tall) and the 8kVA-12kVA units come in L-sized (1,365.5mm tall), all in slim cabinet styles
        • EPO2000S: 2kVA
        • EPO4000S: 4kVA, M-sized Cabinet
        • EPO8000S: 8kVA, L-sized Cabinet
        • EPO10000S: 10kVA, L-sized Cabinet
        • EPO12000S: 12kVA, L-sized Cabinet
    • Phase mode selectable systems (Single-phase / Three-phase / Single-phase 3-wire)
      • This line-up includes 6kVA-36kVA systems. These products can be used in Single-phase, Three-phase and Single-phase 3-wire mode. They come loaded with functions not missed by those who want to use them in various ways as a single power supply. Each system is housed in a sleek, well-organized cabinet
        • EPO6000M: 6kVA, M-sized Cabinet
        • EPO12000M: 12kVA, L-sized Cabinet
        • EPO18000M: 18kVA, M-sized Cabinet x 3 Sets
        • EPO24000M: 24kVA, L-sized Cabinet x 2 Sets
        • EPO36000M: 36kVA, L-sized Cabinet x 3 Sets
  • Equipped for a wide range of output voltages and output frequencies
    • Wide range of output voltage and frequency can offer versatile applications such as frequency converter for domestic, voltage change for overseas equipment and also to testing aircraft and vessel’s appliance
      • Output voltage 100V range: 0V to 150.0V (Resolution 0.1V)
      • Output voltage 200V range: 0V to 150.0V (Resolution 0.1V)
      • In Three-phase and Single-phase 3-wire modes, settings can be made by phase voltage or line voltage (Resolution 0.2V)
      • Output frequency range: 0Hz to 550.0Hz (Resolution 0.1Hz)
    • DC output
      • Permits 0V to +424V output voltage (Resolution 0.1V), +9A maximum current (at 2kVA), and 900VA maximum power (at 2kVA) DC output. A single unit can be used as an AC power supply or as a DC power supply
      • Appropriate for DC/DC converter testing
  • High efficiency with low input current
    • Achieves 76% power efficiency, reducing running costs. Plus, we’ve reduced input current to a mere 14A (at 200V) and even further reduced harmonics current. Suppresses futile power consumption and heat generation, and contributes to business cost reductions (See photo section)
  • Maximum output peak current
    • The capacitor input type rectifier loads used by many electronic devices tend to consume large current in pulses, as shown in the illustration below. For this reason, you need an AC power supply capable of supplying large current instantaneously. The EPO Series can put out up to four times the rated value (RMS) maximum peak current (See photo section)
  • Stabilization and improvement of waveform
    • The EPO Series improve a voltage of various power line environments and also increase the withstanding level of a discontinuance, a distortion and an instantaneous voltage drop of line voltage. The EPO Series provide stable output and low distortion of waveform (See photo section)
  • Inrush current
    • For each unit’s 20Arms maximum output current, the EPO Series can supply up to 2.8 times 57Arms (80Apk) of inrush current. The EPO Series addresses the need for power supplies with large rated output current for handling large loads of inrush current, such as during motor start-up. With the EPO Series, it is easy to increase the output capacity for system startups of motors (See photo section)
  • Compact and light weight: 448mm (W) x 176mm (H) x 651mm (D), 25kg at 2kVA

Product Functions

  • Output current during low power factor load
    • Load power factor is guaranteed at 0-1 (lead, delay). Provides 100% rated current even during power factor 0, so there’s no problem running fluorescent lights, switching regulator, and so forth
    • High stability mode secures the performance of L, C load
  • Measurement function
    • Free from external measuring instruments
    • AC: Voltage (RMS, Peak), current (RMS, Peak), effective power, volt-ampere, power factor, peak current holding (phase voltage and line voltage can be displayed in Three-phase mode and Single-phase 3-wire mode)
    • DC: Voltage, current, electrical power, peak current holding
  • Failure diagnosis function
    • These power supplies conduct their own failure diagnoses checks during power start-up. If a problem is detected during start-up, a warning message is displayed and the flow of electricity to main electrical parts is cut off to prevent the problem from spreading
  • Protection function
    • Built-in 7 system protection function safeguards load and power supply from such problems as output short circuits, over current ambient temperature rises, and line voltage drops. Momentarily limits output in the case of temporary over current. Automatically recover to normal output after the problem has been corrected
    • Check items: Output current, output voltage, input voltage abnormality of power amplifier, over-current of power amplifier, overheat of internal heat sink, operation stop of DC power supply and operation stop of power amplifier
  • Memory function
    • This function can memorize (store) and easily recall 10 panels of setting status such as output voltage, frequency, etc. And also it can recall quickly frequent used setting through preset keys
  • External ten-key Input
    • Easy and convenient for setting change and inspection work. By connecting the ten-key pad to the front panel, you can input numeric values through a ten-key pad as well as by the dial. It can also be used as a “Recall panel” for recalling settings programmed in memory, making it convenient for inspection operations on production lines and so forth
  • Line synchronization output
    • Provides AC output which is synchronized power supply line frequency by line synchronization output function
  • Limiter function
    • Maximum output voltages as well as maximum and minimum frequencies can be preset with the limiter function
  • Start phase setting function
    • Start phase at Output ON can be set to 90° units through input phase setting function. Comes in handy when evaluating in rush current on equipment under test
  • Key lock function
    • Equipped with key lock functions which allow you to nullify panel key operation
  • Buzzer
    • Warning buzzer notifies you of erroneous operation and overload protection status

Product Application

The EPO Series provides a reliable power line environment and thus allows for manufacturing and measuring operations free of voltage fluctuation factors and increases reproducibility of test data

  • As a CVCF (Constant Voltage Constant Frequency) power supply for production and inspection lines (See photo section)
  • As a VVVF (Variable Voltage Variable Frequency) power supply for variable voltage transformer and motor generator
  • As a power supply for motor-driven devices like vacuum cleaners and air conditioner
  • A power supply for anechoic chambers and shield rooms
  • A machine power supply for aging
  • A power supply for taking precision measurements of waiting power and power consumption during operation
  • A power supply for taking power measurements of air conditioning devices such as calorimeters
  • A power supply for incorporating measuring and testing systems
  • A power supply for stabilization during leakage current measurements
  • A power supply for providing specified voltage to non-Japanese lines

Standard Accessories

  1. Flathead Screwdriver for Input/Output Wiring
  2. Operation Manual
  3. Power Cable


Product Options

  1. PA-001-0274: Remote Sensing (Single-phase)
  2. PA-001-1132: Remote Sensing (Phase mode Selectable)
  3. PA-001-0273: Waveform Monitor Output
  4. PC-007-0799: Simple Operation Ten-Key
  5. PA-001-0279: System Cable for Linking Two or Three EPO2000X
  6. PA-001-0276: Power Input Cable for Linking Two or Three EPO2000X
  7. PA-001-0275: 5m Power Input Cablefor EPO4000S and EPO6000M
  8. PA-001-1067: 3pcs 5m Power Input Cable for EPO18000M
  9. PA-001-1068: 2pcs 5m Power Input Cable for EPO24000M
  10. PA-001-1069: 3pcs 5m Power Input Cable for EPO36000M
  11. PA-001-0559: VCT14/3C Power Input Cable
  12. PA-001-0561: VCT38/3C Power Input Cable
  13. 4481: Power Inlet Unit for 6kVA
  14. 4482: Outlet Unit for 6kVA

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