DP060GD (Single-phase 3-wire, 6kVA Programmable AC Power Source)

Brand: NF
Model Series: DP Series

About Product

The NF DP Series Programmable AC Power Sources are designed and built to deliver high-quality and high-precision AC power.  The DP Series have been used for power-supply environment testing such as immunity testing of electronic components and the DP Series pursue high quality, high reliability, high stability, excellent performance and multifunction required on AC Power Sources while meeting the unique needs of each customer. The DP Series are powerful and reliable AC Sources. They are strong and smart and are the AC Power Sources for the future.

Product Features

  • Display screen: 7” Color TFT LCD display
  • System Lineup
    • You can select the optimal power supply from a broad range of options, from single-phase 1.5 kVA to a maximum of three-phase 36kVA
    • The lineup includes Single-phase, Single-phase 3-wire, Three-phase and Multi-phase (Single-phase, Single-phase 3-wire, or Three-phase selectable) models. A multi-phase system (Single-phase 3-wire/Three-phase) can be configured by connecting multiple units of the same Single-phase model
    • Output voltage configuration
      • Single-phase: 5kVA, 3kVA, 4.5kVA, 6kVA, 7.5kVA, 9kVA, 10.5kVA, 12kVA
      • Single-phase 3-wire: 3kVA, 6kVA, 9kVA, 12kVA.  The maximum output configuration is 24kVA for two sets of Single-phase 3-wire model
      • Three-phase: 5kVA, 9kVA.  The maximum output configuration is 36kVA for three sets of Single-phase models
      • Multi-phase: 5kVA, 9kVA.  Single-phase/Single-phase 3-wire/Three-phase switchable
  • The DP Series achieve stable output with low distortion and operates stably with high-capacity capacitor loads for a variety of output modes and a wide output range
    • AC/DC modes:AC, AC + DC, DC
    • AC output configurations
      • AC output voltage 100V range: 0V to 155.0V (Resolution 0.1V)
      • AC output voltage 200V range: 0V to 310.0V (Resolution 0.1V)
      • Frequency
        • AC: 40Hz to 550Hz (Resolution 0.1Hz)
        • AC + DC: 1Hz to 550Hz (Resolution 0.1Hz)
    • DC output configuration
      • DC output voltage
        • -220V to +220V (Resolution 0.1V)
        • -440V to +440V (Resolution 0.1V)
    • Output voltage fluctuation
      • Within ±0.15V (75V to150V)/within ±0.30V (150V to 300V)(DC, 45 Hz to 65 Hz if output current is varied from 0% to 100% of maximum current)
    • Maximum peak current
      • Four times the maximum current (RMS value) in correspondence to acapacitor input rectified load with a crest factor of 4
    • Waveform distortion rate:5% max
  • Voltage, frequency and other values can be recalled up to the screen with a single key
  • Power unit energization setting
    • An eco-friendly AC power source is designed to protect the environment by saving energy
    • In the DP Series, the power section is modularized in 1.5 kVA units. Power units can be set ON or OFF to suit the load capacity. This enables efficient operation whilereducing power consumption. Even if a unit got trouble, the troubled unit can beturned OFF using “Power unit energization setting” and operation can continueusing the other units
  • High efficiency of 77%
    • High efficiency is achieved together with multi-functionality by using power control technology
  • Display of CO2 Emissions
    • The measurement function is equipped with a CO2 emissions display function tosupport the customer’s efforts to control CO2 emissions
  • External signal input
    • SYNC: Synchronizes the frequency of internal signal source with external signal
    • VCA: Controls output voltage setting with DC signal
    • EXT: Amplifies external signal, used as power amplifier (Option)
    • ADD: Adds external signal source to internal signal source (Option)
  • Monitor output (switching of voltage or current)
  • Output setting at power-on
  • Output relay control
  • Output On/Off phase setting
  • Versatile interfaces: RS232 and USBare provided as standard, GPIB optional
  • USB memory
    • Data can be written into and read from memory without connecting a PC. This is convenient when sharing basic parameter settings among multiple units, or when reading data created with control software
  • Compact and lightweight

Product Functions

  • Measurement function
    • In addition to voltage, current and power, the DP Series optionally supports measurement of load power factor, crest factor, and up to 40th order harmonic current. In addition, the series supports measures to control CO2 by displaying CO2 emissions during operation
    • Measurement items
      • Voltage:RMS value, average DC value, peak value
      • Current:RMS value, average DC value, peak value, peak hold value
      • Power: Active power, apparent power, reactive power (Option)
      • Harmonic current: Up to 40th order (Option)
      • Load power factor (Option)
      • Crest factor (Option)
      • Sync frequency
      • CO2 emissions
  • Simple operation
    • Panel operation is a breeze using the large, easy-to-read display. The design stresses improved ease-of-use and work efficiency for users, with features such as a function for selecting three decided measurement items and displaying them enlarged, and remote operation using a remote controller (See photo section)
  • Current limiter function
    • Output current limits can be set with peak value and RMS value. With peak value setting, both positive and negative current values can be set. It is possible to continue output current limitation after limit operation using a setting, or to turn output off after continuing the limited state for a set time. When evaluating a prototype, this is useful for protection in case there is an abnormal current due to abnormal operation of the load
      • Setting: Positive/negative peak current value and RMS current value
      • Limiter operation: Self-recovery (continuous) or output off.  Possible to designate the time to continue the limited state until output off (1s to 10s, resolution 1s)
  • Protection function
    • The DP Series have a built-in protection function for protecting the power supply itself if a problem occurs due to issues such as output overvoltage or overcurrent, power unit trouble, internal control problems in areas such as the operation panel or communication, a rise in ambient temperature, or a drop in AC line voltage. If a problem occurs, it is displayed on the panel and output is turned off. This is used together with the current limiter function for protection against overcurrent, and it is possible to select either self-recovery after elimination of the problem, or output off after a designated time
  • Set range limit function
    • This prevents load malfunction due to mis-operation or other problems by limiting the setting range for the output voltage upper limit and the frequency upper and lower limits
  • Remote sensing/AGC/Auto Cal
    • There are cases where a voltage drop occurs at the load end due to wiring. The DP Series is equipped with functions to always supply the set voltage
  • Remote sensing
    • Switches the voltage detection point used for measurement and output voltage correction to either output terminal or sensing input terminal. Output is corrected by using this together with AGC and Auto Cal
  • AGC (Automatic Gain Control) (Option)
    • This function performs continuous correction to ensure a match between the RMS values of the detection point voltage and the output voltage setting. Correction is performed automatically to maintain the same value as the setting value, even if the load fluctuates
  • Autocal (Auto Calibration)
    • Each time Auto Cal is turned on, this function measures the detection point voltage and performs correction to ensure that the output voltage RMS value is equal to the voltage setting value
  • Memory functions
    • Save/load settings from nonvolatile memory. Basic settings (30), sequences (5), simulation (5), arbitrary waveforms (16), Clipped sine waves (3)
      • Note: Figures in parentheses indicate the number of memories
  • Sequence function (Option)
    • Parameters such as frequency, voltage and time can be programmed and sequentiallyoutputted. Settings are made using the panel, remote controller (sold separately) or included control software. Long, complex outputpatterns can be easily programmed using this software (See photo section)
      • Number of steps: M 255 (in 1 sequence)
      • Setting items:Step time, output range, AC/DC mode, DC voltage, AC voltage, frequency, waveform, start phase, stop phase, phase angle, step termination, jump count
      • Sequence control:Start, stop, hold, resume, branch 1, branch 2
      • Number of memories:5 (Non-volatile) (Option)
  • AC line simulation function (Option)
    • Simulates a problem in the power supply line such as power failure, voltage rise, voltage drop, sudden phase changes, or sudden frequency change, thereby enabling all types of power supply fluctuation testing such as prototype evaluation and product inspection. Settings are made with the panel, remote controller (sold separately) or included control software (See photo section)
      • Number of steps:6 (Initial, Normal 1, Transition 1, Abnormality, Transition 2, Normal 2)
      • Setting items: Step time, output range, AC voltage, frequency, start phase, stop phase, trigger output
      • Waveform:Sine wave
      • Number of memories: 5 (Non-volatile)
  • Clippedsine wave
    • The peak clipped sine wave can be output. Setting can be done using the crest factor (CF) or clip rate (percent of the peak value)
      • CF setting range:10 to 1.41 (with RMS correction)
      • Clip rate setting range:0% to 100.0%
      • Number of memories:3 (Non-volatile)
  • Arbitrary waveform
    • Arbitrary waveform output is possible. The arbitrary waveforms can be easily created using the included control software, and can be saved in the internal unit memory via an external interface or USB memory (See photo section)
      • Amplitude resolution: 16-bit
      • Waveform length:4096 Words
      • Number of memories:16 (Non-volatile)
  • Control software
    • Enables control of basic parameters for output via a PC, including data logging, and creating/editing of sequence, simulation and arbitrary waveforms (See photo section)
  • Key lock function
    • Equipped with key lock functions which allow you to nullify panel key operation
  • Buzzer
    • Warning buzzer notifies you of erroneous operation and overload protection status

Product Application

  • Generation of AC signals
  • As a power supply for motor-driven devices like vacuum cleaners and air conditioner
  • A power supply for anechoic chambers and shield rooms
  • A power supply for taking precision measurements of waiting power and power consumption during operation
  • A power supply for taking power measurements of air conditioning devices such as calorimeters
  • A power supply for incorporating measuring and testing systems
  • A power supply for stabilization during leakage current measurements
  • A power supply for providing specified voltage to non-Japanese lines

Standard Accessories

  1. RS232 Interface
  2. USB Interface
  3. Clamp Core
  4. Application Software
  5. LabView Driver (Supports LabView Version 8.6 or higher)
  6. Instruction Manual
  7. Power Cable

Product Options

  1. DP008: Remote Controller
  2. PA-001-1720: System Cable (1P3W)
  3. PA-001-1721: System Cable (3P4W)
  4. PA-001-1722: AGC and Measurement Extensions
  5. PA-001-1723: Sequence and Simulation
  6. PA-001-1724: External Signal Input (No Optional for DP/G Type)
  7. PA-001-1725: GPIB Interface
  8. PA-001-1736: Replacement Air Filter (Grill 1)
  9. PA-001-1737: Replacement Air Filter (Grill 2)
  10. Rack-Mount Adapter (Inch/mm): By Enquiry

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