DM-8000H (Multi-channel Isolation Measurement System Main Unit)

Brand: Iwatsu
Model Series: DM-8000H Series

About Product

The Iwatsu DM-8000H Series Multi-channel Isolation Measurement System is the best and ideal solution for high voltage isolation measurement.

Product Features

  • Composition units
    • DM-610 (Acquisition Control Card)
    • DM-600 (Transceiver Card (Optical x 2))
    • DM-620 (Transceiver Card (Optical x 1, Metal x 1))
    • DM-630 (Transceiver Card (Metal x 2))
    • DM-900 (Isolation Unit (500kpoints), Insulation Case Included)
    • DM-900L (Isolation Unit (16Mpoints), Insulation Case Included)
    • DM-910 (Isolation Unit (High Resolution, 500kpoints), Insulation Case Included)
    • DM-910L (Isolation Unit (High Resolution, 16Mpoints), Insulation Case Included)
    • DM-400 (Acquisition Unit (500k points), Non-isolation Type Driven by AC Power Only)
    • DM-400L (Acquisition Unit (16Mpoints), Non-isolation Type Driven by AC Power Only)
  • Frequency bandwidth:DC to 500MHz
  • The input block, control block and display block are isolated with optical fiber cables(DM-900/L,DM-910/L)
  • Simultaneous multi-channel measurement of many channels of different reference potentials(2 to 24 channels) (DM-900/L, DM-400/L)
  • Long-life battery drive (The system can be driven by three batteries for about 12 hours)(DM-900/L, DM-910/L)
  • Measurement using long memory (DM-900/L, DM-910/L, DM-400/L)
  • Simultaneous measurements of the inverter’s switching waveform and ON-voltage (DM-910/L)
  • Supports synchronous measurements with the non-isolated unit (DM-400/L)
  • LAN interface is provided as standard (DM-8000H)
  • DM800 IS Viewer Software is provided as standard

Product Functions

  • Up to 24 channels at a high voltage and wide bandwidth 500MHz can be simultaneously measured (See photo section)
  • Multi-channel floating measurements (simultaneous measurement example of the upper and lower arms of a 3-phase inverter)
  • IGBT gate voltage measurements in the high-side switch of a single-phase inverter (one unit of DM-900/L, DM-910/L) (See photo section)
  • IGBT Vce voltage measurements in the high-side switch of a single-phase inverter (four units of DM-900/L, DM-910/L) (See photo section)
  • IGBT Vce voltage & Ic current measurements of 3-phase, 2-level inverter (twelve units of DM-900/L, DM-910/L) (See photo section)

Product Application

  • IGBT voltage measurement
  • Test and measurement of semiconductor power devices such as IGBT, MOSFET in R&D and Production
  • R& D and production testing of PWM inverter
  • Evaluation of UPS used in lift, railway and industrial field
  • Evaluation of inverter drive circuit for electric vehicle
  • Testing of inrush voltage for power supply of switching device and circuit breaker
  • Multi-channel high voltage isolation measurement
  • Testing of high voltage transformer for consumer electronic product such as air-conditioner
  • Multi-channel floating measurement of 3-phase inverter

Standard Accessories

  1. CDROM Software for DM800 IS Viewer
  2. LAN Interface
  3. LAN Cable
  4. Operation Manual
  5. Power Cable

Product Options

  1. DM-002: Optical Fiber Cable S (2m), Without Guard
  2. DM-004: Optical Fiber Cable S (5m), Without Guard
  3. DM-005: Optical Fiber Cable (5m)
  4. DM-006: Optical Fiber Cable (10m)
  5. DM-007: Optical Fiber Cable (20m)
  6. DM-008: Optical Fiber Cable (50m)
  7. DM-009: Optical Fiber Cable (100m)
  8. DM-010: Optical Fiber Cable (200m) [Custom Order]
  9. DM-105: Acquisition Cable (2m)
  10. DM-106: Acquisition Cable (5m)
  11. DM-551: Battery Pack
  12. DM-553: Battery Pack (3pcs/Set)

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