DG-8000 (6-channel Delay Pattern Generator)

Brand: Iwatsu
Model Series: DG-8000 Series

About Product

The Iwatsu DG-8000 Delay Pattern Generator easily generates pulses for six independent channels, as well as complicated pulses required for testing inverters.

Video demo URL : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEzJOLCsmhI

Video demo URL : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uGODhRE-dc

Product Features

  • Display screen: 7″ Color LCD display
  • Seamless change on frequency, pulse width and other settings during oscillation
  • Tracking function as parameters can be changed simultaneously for each channel
  • Operation pattern control (DG-802) enables continuous operation testing
  • Synchronization of multiple generators (DG-602)enables three DG-8000 6-channel Delay Pattern Generators (18 channels) to synchronously output data

Product Functions

  • Setting parameters and output examples of 6 channel independent pulse output
    • Basic mode
      • Pulses can be easily generated by specifying any dependency, delay value, and width value for each of 6CH. The output level can also be individually specified for each CH (See photo section)
    • Tracking function
      • The pulse width, delay time, and other settings can be changed simultaneously for any combination of CH. Output example when the pulse width of channels 1 to 3 is changed simultaneously (See photo section)
  • Signal generation method and output examples of the inverter option
    • Single-phase bipolar output in the Inverter mode (See photo section)
      • Pulses can be easily generated by specifying the carrier frequency (Fc), modulation signal frequency (FM)and modulation depth (the rate of the modulation signal amplitude to the carrier amplitude) (See photo section)
    • 3-phase 2-level in the Inverter mode
      • Pulses can be easily generated by specifying the carrier frequency (Fc), modulation signal frequency (Fm) and modulation period (the rateof the modulation signal amplitude to the carrier amplitude) (See photo section)
  • Gap control to prevent the high and low side switches of devices from being turned on simultaneously
    • If the phase U and X devices in the above illustration are turned on at the same time, they short-circuit, causing danger and damage. The DG-8000 gap time control function automatically generates the specified dead time as shown in the illustration. Even if the frequency or cycle changes, the dead time remains constant. The gap time can be changed even during oscillation. It is also possible to turn devices on at the same time by specifying a negative value (See photo section)
  • Generation of PWW Signals
    • The inverter and PPG option (DG-801) enables you to output control signals for the buck chopper, single-phase unipolar, single-phase bipolar, and 3-phase 2-level. The modulation frequency and modulation depth can be changed even during oscillation. This is convenient for testing inverters because it is possible to obtain output to which pulse width modulation created from the inner sine wave and triangle wave is applied (See photo section)
  • Independent control of the time axis and vertical axis
    • The parameters related to the time axis and those related to the vertical axis are separately controlled. These parameters can be changed manually or by using remote commands (See photo section)
  • Variable control of the PWM signal frequency
    • The operation pattern option (DG-802) is convenient for continuous operation testing because it enables variable control of the frequency and modulation depth (in the inverter mode only). The patterns for such control are controlled using predetermined arbitrary waveforms. These waveforms can be created using the waveform creation application (which is available free of charge) (See photo section)
  • Support of ORed output on channel 1
    • Channel 1 has an ORed output function, which logically adds up to 6 sets of double pulses, making twelve pulses of specified channels, and outputs the result

Product Application

  • Continuous operation test of solenoid and other elements that control electromagnetic valves (See photo section)
    • The external modulation option (DG-601) enables external control of the following functions
      • Modulation of the pulse width and delay in the basic mode
      • Control of the modulation depth in the inverter mode
      • Control of the frequency and modulation depth for operation patterns
  • Parallel operation of three generators to support output from 18 channels
    • The optional Quick Synchronization Function (DG-602) quickly enables up to 3 DG-8000 Delay Pattern Generators to synchronously operate by connecting BNC cables to the rear panel. If one of the generators goes down, the remaining two generators also shut down their output as a failsafe when this function is used (See photo section)


Standard Accessories

  1. Cord Strap
  2. Quick Manual (English Version)
  3. Instruction Manual (CD)
  4. Instruction Manual (Extract)
  5. Power Cable

Product Options

  1. DG-801: Inverter / PPG Modes
  2. DG-802: Operation Pattern Function
  3. DG-601: External Modulation Function
  4. DG-602: QuickSynchronization Function

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