BP4610 (±60V, ±10A (30Ap-p) Bipolar DC Power Supply)

Brand: NF
Model Series: BP Series

About Product

The NF BP Series Bipolar DC Power Supply contains built-in sequential signal source and sequence function for full programmable output pattern and wide range output area good for inductive and capacitive loads. As the power supply for testing vehicle electrical and electronic components, motor, solenoid and large capacitors and as the electronic load for testing power supplies and batteries, the BP Series are widely used in various applications.

Product Features

  • Large LCD screen operation panel with backlight provided
  • High output voltage: ±60V (Can be shiftedto -5V to +115V and -115V to +5 V, depending on limiter setting)
  • High output current
    • BP4610: ±10A (30Ap-p)
    • BP4620: ±20A (60Ap-p)
  • Wide bandwidth: DC to 150kHz (CV)
  • Built-in 255-step sequential signal source
  • Voltage/current output for four quadrants
  • Constant Voltage (CV) / Constant Current (CC) operation selectable
  • Sequence function
  • Response calibration function
  • Voltage/Current limiter, measurement display function
  • USB interface and external analogue input
  • Available with Sequence Editing Software (Option BP0421E)

Product Functions

  • Fully equipped specification providing high voltage, high current, high speed and constant current operation
    • High voltage required in testing 12V/24V/42V vehicle electrical and electronic components, high current necessary for large parts, high speed required in driving actuators, and furthermore, constant current operation effective in driving solenoids with low impedance. With enriched specification satisfying all such requirements, the BP Series respond to the needs in development of devices and device testing
  • Wide-ranging output area
    • Bipolar power source capable of handling positive/negative voltage and sink/source current. The BP Series can output in four quadrants and is capable of handling two directions of current, which are source (supply) and sink (absorption) current, let alone positive/negative voltage. From devices that generate back electromotive force such as solenoids, capacitive load such as electrolytic capacitor, and even to piezoelectric material charged with electromotive force and power sources and batteries such as fuel cells, you can connect BP4610 to devices and systems that cannot be driven with normal DC power supply with a sense of security (See photo section)
  • Universal output pattern
    • The built-in sequential signal source allows to use sweep and arbitrary waveforms. The BP Series come with the built-in sequential signal source. For example, by programming a series of voltage change pattern used in voltage fluctuation test on electrical and electronic components, the test can be done in a single operation since the output changes in order according to the procedure. When setting a sequence, you can use DC, sine wave, and square wave provided in the system and arbitrary waveform (16 types) loaded via USB interface. Maximum of 255 steps (minimum 0.1ms per step) can be set and waveform, level, duration, and continuous/sweep can be selected for each step.  Furthermore, you can specify repetition of sequence for 1 to 999 times (or continuous). In addition, the BP Series provide branch operation in which the external trigger input moves the sequence to a specified step, the function to stop the sequence, and the function to hold the operation (See photo section)
  • Sequence function
    • When using an internal signal source, the output parameters (output voltage, current, output frequency) can be sequentially changed or swept, and by programming output changes beforehand, outputs with specific patterns can be supplied
  • Measuring function
    • This function is used to measure and display the output voltage and current (DC value and peak-to-peak value for each)
  • Optimum response for each load
    • The BP Series have response calibration function that allows to individually optimize transient response characteristic in square wave output or sudden output change. Transient response for load with complicated impedance characteristic such as electromagnetic components with inductance (coil component) or capacitance (capacitor component) differs among loads. The BP Series have response calibration function with which users can adjust response characteristic according to the load (See photo section)
  • Sequence Editing Software (Option BP0421E) (See photo section)
    • Creating, editing and saving sequence data
    • Transferring sequence data to the BP Series
    • Transferring arbitrary wave data to the BP Series
    • Previewing sequence data
    • Controlling the sequence run to the BP Series
    • Displaying the progress of the currently running sequence on the monitor
  • Voltage/Current limiter effective in preventing load failure
  • AC/DC voltage/current measurement display for monitoring output state
  • USB interface easily connectable with PC
  • External analogue input that can be used even for oscillators and record signal
  • Output ON/OFF function
    • During output on/off switching, the output level (output voltage during CV, output current during CC) is lowered to 0 and then the output relay opening/closing is performed to minimize contact arc
  • Monitor output
    • The monitor ratio for the voltage is 1/100th of the output voltage and the monitor ratio for the current is 1V/10A, both in phase
  • Store/recall memory, external control input/output, and key lock
  • Worldwide-compatible power input of 90V to 250V (BP4610)

Product Application

  • For power supply voltage fluctuation test on 12V/24V/ 42V vehicle electrical and electronic components
    • With BP Series, you can perform power supply voltage fluctuation test on various vehicle electrical and electronic components. You can program a certain pattern in advance using the sequence function of the power supply. The power supply handles the test on 42V components let alone 12V/24V components (See photo section)
  • As a constant current power supply for generating magnetic field
    • In electromagnetic field test, constant current needs to be supplied to the coil for stable generation of constant magnetic field. BP Series can output Constant Current (CC) to keep the current running through the coil constant and generate stable magnetic field (See photo section)
  • As a constant current power supply for capacitor ripple test
    • Using this power supply, you can perform ripple test on the units using capacitor(s) such as inverters. The Constant Current (CC) of BP Series allows you to perform test with stable operation. You can also program output patterns using the sequence function (See photo section)
  • As a constant current power supply for plating
    • The BP Series can be used as a constant current power supply for plating various electronic materials. Using the Constant Current (CC) output of BP Series, you can always supply constant and stable current. You can also program output patterns using the sequence function (See photo section)

Standard Accessories

  1. USB Interface
  2. Operation Manual
  3. Power Cable

Product Options

  1. BP0421E: Sequence Editing Software

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