As-130 (4kVrms (One End)/6kVrms (Both Ends), 20mArms CCFL Characteristics Tester)

Brand: NF
Model Series: As-100 Series

About Product

Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) continues to grow as light sources for LCD backlights and the demand for higher brightness, longer life, longer length and higher quality continues to rise.  At the same time, it is important to measure voltage and current of CCFLs more stably and with higher accuracy during the electric determination that determines the performance of the CCFLs. The NF As-100 Series CCFL Characteristics Testers are thus designed and built to test the electrical characteristics of the CCFLs used in the LCD and LCD TV backlights. The system consists of a main unit (includes the power supply section that drives the CCFL and a measurement section which contains a voltammeter) and a test bench. You can choose from three models available, according to the type of your CCFL. Every model makes use of precise power supply technologies and  measurement technologies that the NF Corporation has accumulated over the years, allowing you to perform excellent and stable tests and measurements with high accuracy and high reproducibility.

Product Features

  • General tester that consists of a CCFL test bench and a main unit containing a power supply section and a measurement section
  • The power supply section of the main unit outputs up to 6000Vrms and 20mArms. The measurement section measures output voltage (Vo), lamp voltage (V), and lamp current (I) with a measurement accuracy of ±3%
  • Equipped with a CV (constant voltage) mode and a CC (constant current) mode for driving CCFLs, supporting automated sequential testing using sets of tests selected by the user
  • Equipped with a Vds mode that measures the lighting start voltage and discharge time log
  • The CCFL test bench is designed taking high voltage and high frequency into consideration, so that the electrical influence on CCFLs will be minimized
  • The CCFL test bench being apart from the main unit allows CCFL characteristic tests to be performed in a constant-temperature bath at -25°C*2 to +105°C
  • The CCFL test bench can be made to accept both straight and bent lamps
  • Equipped with an external inverter input terminal, Vo, V, and Ican also be measured by actually driving an inverter to light CCFLs
  • GPIB interface and Accessory Kit are provided as standard

Product Functions

  • CCFL Characteristic (V-I Characteristics) measurement (See photo section)
  • CV and CC (constant current) modes available for driving CCFLs
  • Vds mode available for lighting start voltage and discharge time log measurement
  • Equipped with an external inverter input terminal, Vo, V, and Ican also be measured by actually driving an inverter to light CCFLs
  • Shock Guard Function is on as the high voltage output is cut off when the CCFL test bench cover is opened

Product Application

  • Testing and measuring electrical characteristics of various CCFL
  • LCD test solution
    • The size of LCD displays is getting larger and higher brightness, and efficiency and quality are required as well. NF provides various kinds of test equipment that are essential to R&D and production line use. The As-100 Series CCFL Characteristics Tester supports the evolution of LCD technology (See photo section)

Standard Accessories

  1. GPIB Interface
  2. Accessory Kit (CCFL Clip Terminals, 3m Connection Cable between Main Unit and CCFL Test Bench, Test Bench High Voltage Cable)
  3. Operation Manual
  4. Power Cable

Product Options

  • None

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