5307 (DC to 10MHz Differential Amplifier)

Brand: NF
Model Series: 5307 Series

About Product

The NF 5307 Differential Amplifier is a general-purpose low-noise differential amplifier featuring a bandwidth of DC to 10MHz, a maximum gain of 1000 and a noise level of 4nV/√Hz. In addition to the wide band range, the 5307 has superior pulse response with very little overshoot and ringing. A 1MHz low-pass filter can be inserted if necessary and the frequency band can be controlled to 1MHz while maintaining the desire pulse response. The 5307 can select either the differential input or single-ended input. When the differential input is used, a high common mode voltage of ±10V and a large CMRR of 120dB are obtained and complete protection from excessive input is provided by the input protector. The single-ended input is available to cancel the DC offset up to ±5V and to select the reverse or the non-reverse amplitude mode. As the input impedance is 1MΩ, the probe for the oscilloscope can be used. If the internal short plug in the unit is changed, the input impedance is changeable to 100MΩ and the CMRR deterioration with the unbalance of the single source impedance can be minimized. The output impedance is 50Ω and the 5307 can drive a 50Ω load to ±5V (the full power bandwidth is DC to 3MHz) and stabilized operations are possible even under capacity load conditions. The wide range function necessary for the amplifier and the accumulated performance for the 5307 use a wide-range general purpose preamplifier and a wide-range for the differential amplifier.

Product Features

  • Wide bandwidth: DC to 10MHz
  • High gain: 10 to 1000 times for a 50Ω load and 20 to 2000 times for no-load, in 1-2-5 sequence
  • Basic gain accuracy: Within ±3%
  • Basic gain stability: Within ±200ppm/°C
  • Differential input or single-ended input, selectable
  • High CMRR: 120dB or higher (DC to 1kHz)
  • High common mode voltage: ±10V
  • Low noise: 4nV/√Hz  typical (1kHz)
  • Low drift: 8µV/°C
  • Low distortion factor: 02% max

Product Functions

  • Internal DC cancellation circuit
    • The DC component at single-ended input can be cancelled up to a maximum of ±5V converted to input level by the internal offset function
  • Internal band control filter
    • A low noise level can be attained due to the band control. The filter that is used has superior pulse correspondence since it is a phase linear type
  • Input protection function
    • The input is protected for excess voltages of up to ±50V by the input protector
    • The input protector operates at ±10.5V and is automatically restored after approximately 5 seconds

Product Application

  • Amplification of signals

Standard Accessories

  1. BNC-BNC Signal Cable, 1m
  2. Fuse
  3. Operation Manual
  4. Power Cable

Product Options

  • None

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