As-161-60/60 (DC to 150kHz, -1A5V to +60V, ±60A AC, 30A DC High Speed Bipolar Amplifier)

型号系列: As-161 [系列]


The NF As-161 Series High Speed Bipolar Amplifiers are suitably used for testing vehicle electrical and electronic components and conduct various EMC tests and power simulation tests on vehicle electrical and electronic components when connected to a testing waveform generator. The As-161 Series handle ISO, standards of various countries, and tests of automobile manufacturers.  In addition, this system handles not only the tests for current battery 12V/24V, but also the tests for 42V in-vehicle power that has been recently moving toward being in practice and standardized.


  • High speed and broadband: DC to 100kHz / DC to 150kHz
  • High output voltage: -15V to +60 V/ -10V to +30V
  • High current: 30Apeak / 60Apeak / 120Apeak / 240Apeak
  • Stable constant voltage operation against input capacitor which equipped with power input part of vehicle electrical and electronic components
  • Adjustable slew rate limit of 5 levels
  • Possible to get a clean waveform of few overshoot and ringing
  • Available for 42V vehicle electrical and electronic components testing software As-161-01 (Option)


  • Supply of broadband, high speed and high-power output voltage
  • Slew rate limit function
    • By using a push-button switch, 5 positions of slew rate are selectable: 1V/µs, 0.3V/µs, 1V/µs, 3V/µs and OFF
  • Remote ON/OFF function
    • Remote ON/OFF function is available via a connector for remote control arranged on the rear panel
  • Gain switching
    • The following gains can be set using the push-button on the front panel: x2, x5, x10 and x20
  • DC addition function
    • The 10-turn potentiometer on the front panel can add the DC from -15Vdc to +60Vdc
  • DC offset fine control
    • The semi-fixed resistor equipped on the front panel can fine adjust the DC offset


  • Components testing
  • Testing of electrical and electronic components such as car audio, air conditioner and power steering
  • EMC and power simulation tests on vehicle electrical and electronic components
  • 12V/24V battery testing


  1. Remote ON/OFF Control Connector
  2. Operation Manual
  3. Power Cable


  1. As-161-01: 42V Vehicle Electrical and Electronic Components Testing Software





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