V76 (10Vrms to 2.5kVrms AC, 20V to 2.75kV DC, 150kΩ to 450GΩ IR, 0.001Ω to 60kΩ LR Hipot Tester with Built-in 24-channel High Voltage Scanner)

Brand: Vitrek
Model Series: V7X Series

About Product

Vitrek has incorporated advanced, high speed DSP technology into the V7X Series to bring the fast and capable feature rich electrical safety testers available. The compact & economical Vitrek V7X Series Hipot Testers combine with easy-to-use color touch screen set the standard for price/performance ratio. Choose from six low cost V7X Series offering AC/DC Hipot to 5kV, IR to 450GΩ, Ground Bond up to 30Arms, Continuity and Built-in HV Switching.  USB, RS232, Digital I/O and HV Scanner (V76) control port all come standard. For leakage current measurement, the V7X Series deliver rock-solid resolution down to 100nA. For high voltage cable and component testing, choose V76 with 24 channels of built-in high voltage switching.  With the versatile V76, an user can test hipot or IR for any combination of up to eight test points and an user can measure low resistance (from 0.001Ω to 60kΩ) on up to eight conductors.  For requirements exceeding eight points, the V7X Series can control up to four Vitrek 964i 64-channel HV Switching Systems – providing up to 256-channel of hipot test capability. Vitrek V7X Series meets UL, CSA, TUV and IEC hipot requirements and CE Safety Mark Certified to EN61010.

Product Features

  • Display screen: 3″ 480 x 272 Color LCD Touch Screen display
  • Simple, fast, accurate, accurate, reliable and automatic multi-point hipot testing all make the switch to Vitrek V7X Series
  • DSP measurement: 40,000 samples per second for output control and parameter measurement
  • 6 functionalities can be chosen from AC/DC Hipot, IR, Ground Bond, Continuity & Built-in Switching
  • 5kV AC/DC Hipot, 20mA max source current
  • Ground Bond 1Arms to 30Arms (42Apk), 100µΩ resolution (V74, V79)
  • 100nA leakage current resolution
  • Continuously variable Insulation Resistance 20V to 5kV, 450GΩ max
  • Multi-point hipot is possible as the V7X Series can control up to 4 units of Vitrek 964i 64-channel HV Switching Systems by providing up to 256-channel of hipot test capability
  • Multi-mode IR with Steady/Rising Pass mode
  • Test memory stores up to 999 steps and 60 test sequences
  • Internal self-test fully exercises output and verifies current accuracy
  • Pre-programmed daily verification test with optional PVD test load
  • 150µs safety shutdown
  • Ramped discharge capability
  • Selectable ARC Detection 1mArms to 20mArms
  • Versatile interfaces: USB 2.0, Serial/RS232, Digital I/O are provided as standard
  • Meeting UL, CSA, TUV and IEC Safety Standards and CE Safety Mark Certified to EN61010
  • Compact, lightweight, fan-free, fast (100ms min test time) and accurate
  • Country of Origin: Made in the USA

Product Functions

  • Functional capabilities (See photo section)
  • QTPro 7: QuickTest Software for V7X Series
    • The user does not need to write software to use the V7X with a computer
    • Can control testing using very complex switching systems when used with Vitrek 964i Switch Matrix units
    • Easy to use fully graphical interface on a Windows based computer
    • Multi-level user login, enabling the configuration of tests to be locked except for certain users
    • Company wide use of test sequences using the company network
    • Test sequences can be downloaded into the V7X and run without the computer
    • Test results recorded on a computer or on the company network
    • Computer generated multi-level test reports
    • Compatibility with a wide range of Windows versions (Windows XP through Windows 8 as a Desktop Application)
    • Upwards Compatibility to other Vitrek products
    • Easy upgrade for users with Vitrek V7X Series and QTPro-7 Software

Product Application

  • Electrical safety testing

Standard Accessories

  1. USB Interface
  2. RS232 Interface
  3. Digital I/O Interface
  4. Scanner Control Port (V70, V71, V73, V74, V79)
  5. Built-in 24-channel High Voltage Scanner (V76)
  6. Alligator Test Leads for Hipot and Continuity Units (TL-209)
  7. 4-Wire Alligator Test Leads for GB Units (K-2R)
  8. V7X-230V Factory set 230V Line Operation (At Time of Order)
  9. QT Pro V Utility Software
  10. QT Pro Test Automation Software (Evaluation Version, Free for 45 Days)
  11. ANSI/NCSL Z540 NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate with Data)
  12. CD Operation Manual
  13. Power Cable

Product Options

  1. ISO-CALN-V7X1: ISO 17025 Accredited Cal Cert (With Purchase)
  2. QT Pro 7: QuickTest Software for V7X Series
  3. AVPD-7X: Daily Hipot Performance Verification Device
  4. AVPD-74: Daily Hipot & GB Performance Verification Device
  5. AVPD-79: Daily GB Performance Verification Device
  6. TL-UP1: Universal Power Receptacle Hipot Test Adaptor
  7. TL-UP2: Universal Power Receptacle Hipot & GB Test Adaptor
  8. TL-UP3: Universal Power Receptacle GB Only Test Adaptor
  9. TL-IEC1: IEC 320 C13 Power Socket Hipot Test Lead Set
  10. TL-IEC2: IEC 320 C13 Power Socket Hipot & GB Test Lead Set
  11. TL-IEC3 IEC 320 C13 Power Socket GB Only Test Lead Set
  12. TL-115-1: 115V Receptacle Hipot Test Adaptor
  13. TL-115-2: 115V Receptacle Hipot & GB Test Adaptor
  14. TL-TP1: HV Retractable Tip Test Pistol Test Lead, 6ft
  15. TL-109: 5kV HV Pencil Probe Test Lead Set, 4ft
  16. TL-209: Additional HV/Continuity Test Lead set, 4ft
  17. TL-30: Heavy Duty HV Alligator Test Lead Set, 4ft
  18. K-1: 4-wire Kelvin Low Resistance Measurement Lead Set (10A Max)
  19. K-2R: Additional Ground Bond Lead Set, 4ft
  20. HVW-7: High Voltage Warning Light (Uses V7X DIO Port)
  21. RSS-7: Remote Start Switch (Uses V7X DIO Port)
  22. RSF-7: Remote Start Footswitch (Uses V7X DIO Port)
  23. DIO-X2: Digital I/O Splitter
  24. HC-7X: Hard Carrying Case with Die cut Foam
  25. RM-7: 7” x 19” Rack Mount Kit
  26. RPOO-7: Rear Panel Output Only Terminals
  27. USB-1: USB A to B Cable, 6ft (95X/4700 to Printer or V7X/PA900 to PC)
  28. RS-2: Female to Female Null Modem RS323 (Serial) Cable, 6ft

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