SA-220F5 (1kHz to 80MHz, Voltage Gain 46dB, Input Impedance 1MΩ, Single-ended Low Noise FET Amplifier)

Brand: NF
Model Series: SA Series

About Product

The NF SA Series Low Noise Preamplifiers are preamplifiers for submicro-signal detection, which have been developed to assure noise reduction never before accomplished. 7 types of SA series amplifiers, which vary by a frequency range, input form, and input impedance, are available. The SA Series are used to foster versatility as sensor head amplifiers or preamplifier for sensitivity improvement and noise reduction in analyzers and measurement instruments.

Product Features

  • Wide frequency range: DC to 100MHz
  • Input form: Single-ended or differential
  • Noise figure
    • 6dB (SA-230F5)
    • 10dB (SA-430F5)
  • Voltage gain
    • 40dB (SA-200F3, SA-230F5)
    • 46dB (SA-220F5, SA-400F3, SA-420F5, SA-421F5, SA-430F5)

Product Functions

  • Input voltage noise density of SA Series (See photo section)
  • Output noise of SA Series (See photo section)
  • Transient response of SA Series (See photo section)
  • Noise figure of SA Series
  • For measuring of small signal

Product Application

  • Superconducting device in quantum computers
  • MCT (Mercury Cadmium Tellurium) sensor for infrared detection
  • Squid sensor for micro-magnet detection
  • High-temperature superconducting Josephson device for microwave detection
  • Electromagnetic sensor for MRI systems
  • Photodetector such as a photo-multiplier and photo-transistor
  • Improving sensitivity of lock-in amplifiers

Standard Accessories

  1. Instruction Manual

Product Options

  1. SA915: Power Supply

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