PSM1700 (10µHz to 1MHz, 100Vpk, Basic Gain Accuracy 0.02dB, Basic Phase Accuracy 0.02° Phase Sensitive Multimeter)

Brand: N4L
Model Series: PSM1700 Series

About Product

Utilizing the latest DSP and FPGA technology to optimize the use of innovative analogue hardware, many measurements functions can be derived with great precision from the basic elements of true RMS voltage on two measurement channels plus the phase angle between them. It is from this fundamental relationship between independent voltages and their relative phase angle that the phrase “Phase Sensitive Multimeter” was derived and this is also the key to the unique combination of performance versatility and value provided by the PSM range. The N4L PSM1700 Phase Sensitive Multimeter is a comprehensive DFT and true RMS analysis instrument for R&D and production test applications. Specifically aimed at a range of high performance gain/phase analysis applications, amongst which include switched mode power supply feedback loop stability analysis and general frequency response analysis of filters. It has a clear, bright graphics display showing real time values or graphs or tables. It can be operated completely by remote control over RS232 or LAN as an option. The PSM1700 provides not only just conventional frequency response measurements but can also be combined with an Impedance Analysis Interface (IAI) or a LCR Active Head to form a high accuracy 1MHz Impedance Analyzer/LCR Meter. It is designed to give optimum performance, speed of measurement and convenience, providing sophisticated measurement capability in a cost effective and easy to use bench top instrument.


Product Features

 Frequency range: 10µHz to 1MHz
 Gain accuracy at < 1kHz: 0.02 dB
 Phase accuracy at < 1 kHz: 0.02°
 Floating differential inputs: 100Vpk
 Loop response analysis
 Versatility: Frequency Response Analyzer, Impedance Analyzer, Vector Voltmeter / Phase Angle Voltmeter, Harmonic Analyzer, RMS Voltmeter
 RS232 interface is provided as standard

Product Functions

 Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA)
–  Incorporating a digital signal generator, two differential auto-ranging voltmeters, auto-scale frequency plots and intuitive setup stored into non-volatile memory; the PSM1700 brings accurate and simple to operate frequency response analysis within the grasp of many who could not previously consider an FRA. FRA result can be shown in the front panel display too (See photo section)
 Vector Voltmeter
–  Unique to the VVM mode is a null meter display that provides the feel of traditional analogue instruments while maintaining the precision of a 6 digit phase display and 1milli-degree phase resolution. A high stability signal generator with direct digital synthesis, true RMS sensing voltmeters and the Discrete Fourier analysis combine to provide phase measurement accuracy beyond any comparable product (See photo section)
 LCR Meter
–  Whether using an external shunt, a LCR Active Head (10µHz to 5MHz) or the Impedance Analyzer Interface (10µHz to 35MHz), the LCR mode provides all impedance parameters quickly and accurately either at single frequencies or over a user defined frequency sweep. LCR result can be shown in the front panel display too (See photo section)
 RMS Voltmeter
–  In addition to providing the raw data from which all other functions are derived, each channel can be used directly for applications requiring precision RMS measurement. Unlike many voltmeters, AC and DC components are quantified separately and dBm, peak, CF and surge values are displayed. Both units utilize independent differential circuits permitting simultaneous analysis of two points at a different potential. For example, the input and output on voltage converter or two windings on a transformer
 Harmonic Analyzer
–  The Harmonic Analyzer mode simultaneously measures individual harmonic components and total harmonic distortion values on both measurement channels. Discrete Fourier Transform algorithms permit fundamental harmonic components to be quantified accurately even in the presence of noise and distortion (See photo section)
 Power Meter
–  The combination of true RMS measurement channels, precision phase analysis, high speed computation and a versatile graphic display provide an ideal solution to many applications that involve rapid changes in power. Power result can be shown in the front panel display too (See photo section)
 PC control, data capture and file Storage
–  The optional PSMComm2 Software provides control of all primary PSM functions with graphical or tabular data presentation, dual cursor measurements, an automatic gain phase margin function plus print, copy, save to file and firmware download. The CommVIEW PC software is supplied as standard, provides script file instrument control, result storage in .txt format and firmware download (See photo section)

Product Application

 Power supply gain and phase analysis
 Power supply feedback loop analysis
 Electro-mechanical control loop analysis
 Electronic filter design and test
 Speaker and amplifier test
 Mechanical vibration analysis
 Electrochemical materials analysis
 Current transformer testing
 Phase meter calibration
 Component testing
 Electrochemistry
 Circuit impedance analysis
 Resonance testing
 Power profile testing
 SMPS standby analysis
 Distortion analysis
 PFC testing

Standard Accessories

A. RS232 Interface
B. Probe: 2pcs
C. Connection Cable: Output Leads
D. Software: CommVIEW
E. Documentation: User Manual, Calibration Certificate
F. Power Cable

Product Options

A. PSMComm2 PC Software: PSM Functions, Graphs, Tables, Save and Print
B. Option L: LAN Interface
C. Option G: GPIB (IEEE488) Interface
D. LCR1 Active Head + Kelvin Lead Set: DC to 1MHz
E. LCR Active Head Kelvin Lead Set: LCR Active Head Kelvin Test Leads
F. IAI Impedance Analyzer Interface + Kelvin Lead Set: DC to 1MHz
G. IAI Kelvin Fixture: Axial and Radial Component Connection
H. Standard Injection Transformer: 10Hz to 200kHz
I. HF Injection Transformer: 500Hz to 35MHz
J. HV Injection Transformer: 5Hz to 15MHz, 600V Cat II Isolation
K. Low Frequency Injection Module: DC-100kHz
L. BATT470m Package-100V: 100V DC Rated EIS Impedance Measurement Shunt + 2 x ESF10m Filters
M. BATT470m Package-200V: 200V DC Rated EIS Impedance Measurement Shunt + 2 x ESF10m Filters
N. USB to 9-Pin RS232 Serial Converter: USB to 9-Pin RS232 Serial Converter
O. PSMsoft PC Software: LabView Executable with PSM + Nyquist and Simulation
P. FRA Dataplot PC Software: FRA Control/Mulitgraph + DB Storage and 5-Sheet o/p
Q. PSM/PPA Soft Carry Case: PSM/PPA Soft Carry Case
R. Spare User Manual: Spare User Manual
S. Rack Panel: 19″ Rack Fascia Panel
T. IAI Rack Panel: 19″ Rack Fascia Panel for use with IAI
U. PSM2 Power Meter Adaptor: 10A Rating with Inbuilt Isolation, 10Hz to 1kHz
V. TA107 Transimpedance Amplifier: DC to 100kHz, 5pA to 500nA, 10MVolts per Amp Gain Transimpedance Amplifier
W. TTF35 Telecom Test Fixture: DC to 35MHz ADSL & VDSL Filter Attenuation Test Fixture
X. TT-HV 250 High Voltage Probe (Passive): 2.5kVpk, 100:1
Y. HF010m: 10mΩ, 20Arms, 1MHz Current Shunt (Supplied with Safety BNC to BNC Connector)
Z. HF100m: 100mΩ, 6Arms, 1MHz Current Shunt (Supplied with Safety BNC to BNC Connector)
AA. HF470m: 470mΩ, 3Arms, 1MHz Current Shunt (Supplied with Safety BNC to BNC Connector)
BB. HF01A: 1Ω, 1Arms, 1MHz Current Shunt (Supplied with Safety BNC to BNC Connector)

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