HVA4321 (±10kVpeak, ±10mApeak, 500V/µs High Voltage AC/DC Power Amplifier)

Brand: NF
Model Series: HVA Series

About Product

The NF HVA4321 High Voltage Power Amplifier is a constant voltage / constant current amplifier which realizes high speed response of slew rate 500V/µs and is capable of ±10kVpk / ±10mApk. As HVA4321 has a DC bias signal source, it can be used as a DC power supply that is individually capable of high voltage output. Since external AC signal and DC signal input are allowed, it can also be used as an amplifier capable of high voltage output.

Product Features

  • High output voltage: ±10kVpeak
  • Output current: ±10mApeak
  • High slew rate: 500V/µs
  • Constant Voltage / Constant Current Amplifier
    • The HVA4321 can be used as a constant voltage amplifier or a constant current amplifier. It can also be set as a constant voltage amplifier for DC signal and a constant current amplifier for AC signal
  • Built-in DC bias signal source
  • With external signal input terminals

Product Functions

  • Two types of current mode
    • In the constant current amplifier, two types of modes are available. The total mode that gives the set current output from the amplifier and the load mode that gives correct current set to the load by compensating the current leaking from stray capacitance of a wire along the path
  • Output limiter function
    • Output voltage limiter and output current limiter functions are available
  • Step response waveform adjusting function
    • For a step signal, fine adjustment of the response waveform can be made
  • Correct monitor output
    • Output voltage and output current can be correctly monitored. The voltage monitor gain is 1/1000 and the current monitor gain is 1V/10mA
  • Visual display of high voltage output
    • During high voltage output, the LED around the output connector lights and the revolution changes depending on the output voltage level
  • Remote control
    • Signals can be turned ON/OFF with an external control signal

Product Application

  • High-voltage power amplification
  • Development of high speed copy machine and printer

Standard Accessories

  1. A600B80 High Voltage Cable, 2m
  2. Ground Cable
  3. Fuse
  4. Operation Manual
  5. Power Cable

Product Options

  • None

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