954i (20Vrms to 6kVrms AC, 50V to 11kV DC, 4TΩ IR, 100µΩ to 149kΩ LR, 0.1Arms to 40Arms Ground Bond Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer)

Brand: Vitrek
Model Series: 950i Series

About Product

The Vitrek 950i Series Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzers are ultra-high performance hipot testers which combine high output power, wide range of AC & DC voltage outputs and extremely low leakage current measurement. A 4-wire Milliohmmeter with dynamic range up to 100kΩ and an overlapping Tera-ohm class Insulation Resistance function are added. The 950i Series are also available with 40 Amp Ground Bond test capability. The 6.5kV DC models offer 50mA of source current for DC hipot, providing the power needed to rapidly charge and discharge challenging DUTs. Models are also available with DC hipot up to 11kV and 15kV. Most models offer 50mA of sourcing for AC hipot, but for heavier AC loads the 950i Series can be configured to source up to 100mA or even as much as 200mA. For higher AC hipot voltages, up to 10kV can be internally generated and all models are available with an external 30kV AC hipot option. The 950i Series have the ability to directly control up to four 64-channel HV scanners and this is up to 256 test points.  With the use of Vitrek’s QuickTest Pro Software, up to 640 test points can be expanded. The Vitrek 950i Series are safety tested per EN 61010-1 and EMC Compliant to EN61326-1.

Product Features

  • Highest level of operator safety
    • GFI high speed shut down for earth ground leakage faults, SFI™ Safety Fault Interlock
      • High speed shut down for interruption of safety interlock, TLSS™ Test Lead Safety Sense – Clamps DUT chassis near ground by continuously verifying proper connection of test leads prior to and during HV testing. Recessed start switch prevents inadvertent actuation
  • High power output
    • Better drive capability and increased test throughput. With up to 50mA of current sourcing for DC hipot the 950i Series get heavy duty jobs done fast – available 100mA & 200mA AC drive tackles even the toughest sourcing requirements
  • Wide range of built-in voltage capabilities
    • Choose from 6.5kV DC, 11kV DC or 15kV DC and 6kV AC, 10kV AC or up to 30kVrms AC with external option
  • The fastest hipot testers available
    • High output power combined with Dual Coldfire® microprocessors and Dual DSPs to provide Ramp rates up to 50kV/s, dwell times as low as 20ms and overall test times as fast as 3ms in optional Flash mode
  • Expansive test sequence memory holds up to 100 tests with up to 100 steps per test. Tests can be selected via front panel, Ethernet, RS232, Digital I/O or with optional GPIB
  • Ground Bond test capability (952i, 954i, 959i)
    • Output currents from 100mA to 40Amps RMS and test times from 20ms to 1000s or longer
  • High voltage scanner control
    • Up to 256 points switching capability with available Vitrek 964i HV Scanners. Route voltages up to 15kV and currents up to 40A for multi-point hipot and ground bond tests
  • Dual Dimensional / Test Specific / Broadband Arc Detection
    • Where lesser testers allow an user to set a single, global, amplitude only arc limit – the technologically advanced 950i Series utilizes time & amplitude based arc limits and uniquely applies them to each desired test
  • Pico-amp leakage measurement insures that even the lowest leakage current levels are accurately detected and Tera-ohm range IR readings are stable and precise
  • Test specific fixture & cable compensation by automatically calibrating out the offset errors caused by lead resistance, fixture capacitance and leakage
  • Multi-mode IR
    • Insulation Resistance values up to one Tera-ohm can be obtained with precision in your choice of 3 IR test modes – End On Time, End On Pass or End On Fail
  • 400Hz AC voltage withstand testing provides aviation frequency specific test results for a more effective analysis of dielectric properties on avionic components
  • Pulse mode (Flash) test with Option PMT-1 (951i, 952i, 953i, 954i)
  • Line leakage current & voltage measurement (951i, 952i, 953i, 954i, 955i)
  • Versatile interfaces: LAN, RS232, Digital I/O, USB Printer & Scanner Control and VICL (Vitrek Hipot Control) are provided as standard, GPIB optional
  • Safety tested per EN 61010-1, EMC compliant to EN 61326-1
  • Country of Origin:  USA

Product Functions

  • Functional capabilities of 950i Series (See photo section)
  • The 950i Series combine high output power, with a wide range of AC & DC voltage outputs and extremely low leakage current measurement, together with 40A Ground Bond capability
  • 4-wire Millohmmeter Function provides fast, accurate 5 digit resistance measurements with resolution down to 100µΩ and range up to 100kΩ
  • Built-in phase angle measurement allows the measurement and display of both resistive (in-phase) leakage current and reactive (out-of-phase) leakage current caused by capacitive coupling
  • Multi-dwell functionality permits dwells at different voltage levels without having to return to zero between test steps – dramatically simplifying advanced analysis of dielectric properties
  • Ramp High/Dwell Low Current Limits permit the user to set separate limits for the ramp and dwell providing faster ramp times and lower leakage test limits
  • Continuously variable IR test voltage
    • Unlike most IR testers which limit you to 3 or 4 discrete test voltages, the 950i Series allows you to select the test voltage you need. Starting as low as 20V all the way to 6.5kV, 11kV or 15kV DC
  • Solar panel testing simplified
    • Designed with PV testing in mind, the 950i Series uses pico-amp resolution to detect minute defects in solar cells
  • QTPro II – 950 QuickTest Pro II Test Automation Software
    • User does not need to write software to use the 950i Series with a computer
    • Can control testing using very complex switching systems when used with Vitrek 964i Switch Matrix units
    • Easy to use fully graphical interface on a Windows based computer
    • Multi-level user login, enabling the configuration of tests to be locked except for certain users
    • Company wide use of test sequences using the company network
    • Test sequences can be downloaded into the 950i Series and run without the computer
    • Test results recorded on a computer or on the company network
    • Computer generated multi-level test reports
    • Compatibility with a wide range of Windows versions (Windows XP through Windows 8 as a Desktop Application)
  • Hipot multiple test points can be made possible when using 950i Series with 964i QTPro II – 950 QuickTest Pro II Test Automation Software

Product Application

  • Electrical safety testing
  • Solar panel testing
  • Analysis of dielectric properties on avionic components

Standard Accessories

  1. LAN Interface
  2. RS232 Interface
  3. VICL Interface
  4. Digital I/O Interface
  5. USB Host Printer Port
  6. Alligator Test Leads
  7. NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate (Without Data)
  8. Operation Manual
  9. Power Cable


Product Options

  1. QTE-9:  QT Enterprise Software Package for 98X and 95X
  2. QTPro II-950: QuickTest Pro II Test Automation Software
  3. GPIB-9: GPIB Interface
  4. 500VA: 500VA Output Option (951i, 953i, 957i)
  5. AC-2: 200mA, 2kV AC Max Output Option
  6. AC-30: 30kV AC External Option
  7. RPOO-95: Rear Panel Only Output Terminals
  8. HSS-1: High Side Current Measurement (for Grounded Loads)
  9. PMT-1: Pulse Mode / High Speed Flash Test Option (951i, 952i, 953i, 954i)
  10. ISO-CALN-95X:  ISO 17025 Accredited Cal Cert (With Purchase)
  11. TL-UP1: Universal Power Receptacle Hipot Test Adaptor
  12. TL-UP2: Universal Power Receptacle Hipot & GB Test Adaptor
  13. TL-UP3: Universal Power Receptacle GB only Test Adaptor
  14. TL-IEC1: IEC 320 C13 Power Socket Hipot Test Lead Set
  15. TL-IEC2: IEC 320 C13 Power Socket Hipot & GB Test Lead Set
  16. TL-IEC3: IEC 320 C13 Power Socket GB only Test Lead Set
  17. TL-115-1: NEMA 5-15 Power Socket Hipot Test Lead Set
  18. TL-115-2: NEMA 5-15 Power Socket Hipot & GB Test Lead Set
  19. TL-TP1: HV Retractable Tip Test Pistol Test Lead, 6ft
  20. TL-109: 5kV HV Pencil Probe Test Lead Set, 4ft
  21. TL-209: Standard HV Alligator Clip Test Lead, 4ft
  22. TL-30: Heavy Duty HV Alligator Test Lead Set, 4ft
  23. K-1: 4-wire Kelvin Low Resistance Measurement Lead Set (10A Max)
  24. K-2R: 4-wire, 2 Clip 40A Ground Bond Test Lead Set, 4ft
  25. RM-1: Rack Mount Kit
  26. RSS-95: Remote Start Switch
  27. RFS-95: Remote Start Foot Switch
  28. USB-1: USB A to B Cable, 6ft (950i/4700 to printer or V7X/PA900 to PC)
  29. USB-2: USB A to RS232 (Serial) Adapter Cable (Requires RS-2)
  30. RS-2: Female to Female Null Modem RS323 (Serial) Cable, 6ft
  31. GP-1: Shielded GPIB (IEEE-488) Cable, 1m

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