4521A (±200V, 16.7Arms Power Booster for 4520A)

Brand: NF
Model Series: 4500 Series

About Product

The NF 4500 Series Precision Power Amplifiers are DC amplifiers which output ±200V and cover the frequency range from DC to 20kHz while the 4521A Power Booster offers ±200V output voltage and 16.7Arms output current. The 4500 Series Precision Power Amplifiers are available for a constant current output and a remote sensing. It is appropriate for power environments testing by non-sinusoidal waveform like instantaneous break of half wave.

Product Features

  • Wide rage: DC to 20kHz
  • High output voltage: ±200V
    • Rated output power & basic maximum output power
    • 4502: 250VA & 313VA
    • 4505: 500VA & 625VA
    • 4510: 1kVA & 1.25kVA
  • 4520A: 2kVA & 2.5kVA
    • Rated output current
      • DC mode
      • 4502: ±1.9A
      • 4505: ±3.8A
      • 4510: ±7.5A
      • 4520A: ±15.0A
    • AC mode
      • 4502: 1Arms
      • 4505: 2Arms
      • 4510: 3Arms
      • 4520A: 7Arms
  • Four modes of DC (CC/CV) and AC (CV/CC)
  • Gain
    • CV mode: 100V/V
    • CC mode
      • 4502: 5A/V
      • 4505: 3A/V
      • 4510: 6A/V
      • 4520A: 12A/V
  • Output type: Balanced, single-ended possibly, isolated between input and output
  • Output voltage can be boosted up by serial connection
  • The 4521A boosts the output power (current) of the 4520A

Product Functions

  • Remote sensing: Possible in the CV and DC mode (DC to 1kHz)
  • Output offset voltage/current: Adjustable to zero
  • Combining 4521A Power Booster with the 4520A enables power expansion. Up to four 4521 units can be connected to a single 4520A

Product Application

  • Ideal and precise for output amplification
  • Power environments testing

Standard Accessories

  1. Control Cable (4521A)
  2. Booster Cable (4521A)
  3. Fuse
  4. Operation Manual
  5. Power Cable

Product Options

  • None

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